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  • 11/13 14:54:28 Paulette: @Carli WordPress cronjobs are kind of unreliable. If you want reliability, use a Server Cronjob. The reason is that wp_cron() relies on a user to visit the site. Then WordPress check the database to see if what crons it needs to run based on a timestamp, if the time met or past, it runs the event
  • 11/13 14:55:18 Katelyn: OOOOH WP cron
  • 11/13 14:55:20 Katelyn: laughing
  • 11/13 14:55:21 Paulette: So if you need a really reliable cronjob, don't use wp_cron. If you need a sorta-reliable cron for lets say, deleting old posts, `wp_cron()` is fine
  • 11/13 14:58:09 Paulette: WordPress cron functions are referred to as "Events" - you can read more about setting them and clearing them through here -> https://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/...
  • 11/13 15:19:12 Carli: i am aware of the site visit caveat - but our site is heavily trafficked enough it's not a big deal
  • 11/13 15:19:56 Carli: it's kind of a weird scenario. we're saving some user data in the transients table temporarily and sending to a CRM every 1 hour. they want to be able to check on the hour
  • 11/13 15:20:50 Carli: i wasn't sure if maybe WP randomly "refreshes" cron jobs every now and then and changes the scheduling
  • 11/13 15:21:20 Carli: you make a good point though. i need better than sorta-reliable
  • 11/13 15:38:16 Paulette: Well, yes/no. You usually set cronjobs to run every X hour. WordPress 'refreshes' after the cron is run and sets the new timestamp when it _should_ run again, that's the "refresh" so it's not necessarily random but right after the cron is run, which may be well after the expected runtime.
  • 11/13 15:38:31 Paulette: But yeah, if you need something precise, wpcron isn't the way to go.
  • 11/14 09:37:35 Paulette: WordPress 4.9 scheduled to release 5PM Central -> https://wordpress.org/news/2017/11/wordpress-4-...
  • 11/14 13:23:21 Paulette: Anddd it's being delayed to clear up some bugs. They'll release another core blog about it sometime today.
  • 11/15 11:45:36 Carli: I just found out you can do things like flush rewrites with a single command https://developer.wordpress.org/cli/commands/re... using the WP CLI. pretty cool stuff. anyone here use it as part of your workflow? what features do you find most useful?
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