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  • 08/09 14:11:38 Patsy: I need a hand on this. So I built a interactive prescription pdf for my client. What I want to do for this file is for the user to click on the link for it. Fill it out and when they submit the prescription. That prescription is email to just a certain email which they'll print out. Now here is the issue, I figured out where it goes on the website which is a wordpress website and we have a email. I just need a idea where I should go or look at to make this possible. IF this isn't possible to do this. I would need to be able recreate this form very similar to the pdf to do what I ask in the beginning as a webpage.
  • 08/09 18:57:21 Joette: HIPPA aside, you found where it’s storing in the database? Maybe you could use a wp-cron job to look for new entries and email them?
  • 08/10 11:16:25 Patsy: Umm... It shouldn't store in a database? It should be submitted straight to a email to the company is the main plan. So basically Doctor puts in info and the info get email to the company. I would like to be able to use the PDF I created for it cuz these docs are visual people.
  • 08/16 13:32:31 Shanon: What’s everybody using for a base template now? I’ve used Roots for a while now, but I’m wondering if there’s something else the cool kids are using
  • 08/16 13:36:01 Lyle: the cool kids use mine https://github.com/trevanhetzel/wp-theme-starter
  • 08/16 13:36:47 Lyle: jk, I’m the only one who uses mine. It’s opinionated for how I like to start building themes
  • 08/17 19:22:23 Catrina: ^ same
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