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  • 06/12 15:10:10 Lynda: Is there a way (without editting WordPress core code) to change the email that is sent to a user when a password changes?
  • 06/12 15:10:50 Marquetta: I feel like #there’sATemplateForThat
  • 06/12 15:14:14 Kiana: I'm pretty sure I've fussed with it before...
  • 06/12 15:14:34 Lynda: Could I just put something like this in my functions file? https://core.trac.wordpress.org/browser/tags/4....
  • 06/12 15:14:42 Nickie: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/hooks...
  • 06/12 15:14:52 Lynda: obv without declaring it as a variable
  • 06/12 15:14:53 Nickie: ^ assuming there isn’t a template you could filter it.
  • 06/12 15:16:37 Nickie: Yeah, it seems like that filter is it.
  • 06/12 15:16:51 Nickie: I’d be surprised if there aren’t nice plugins to facilitate that out there.
  • 06/12 15:16:52 Lynda: Good call. I couldn’t find that in the docs with my normal searching techniques
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