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  • 08/15 08:30:51 Launa:
    "We were not in the Kansas City Business Journal [Fast 50 ranking] last week … because we didn't know about it. We didn't apply for it. So as weird as it seems [to be on the Inc. 5000 list and not one that's local] a lot of it is — you've just got to actually apply for these things," he said, offering advice to fellow founders growing startups in Kansas City.
    Translation: The KC Biz Journal just prints what people submit to them and don’t do any real journalistic work? I don’t know if he’s trolling them on purpose or doesn’t know he’s sticking his foot in his mouth but I suspect the KC Biz Journal might just decide “to journalize” him now. slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/15 09:37:01 Merideth: “in KC”
  • 08/15 09:56:36 Toby: He's not smart enough to troll
  • 08/15 10:06:22 Merideth: They seem to have a 4 person marketing team. They’re probably cunning enough to.
  • 08/15 10:08:36 Launa: The same is said of Trump.
  • 08/15 10:08:45 Launa: Tump Twitter Watson LinkedIn
  • 08/16 08:16:39 Carola: Oh no. Now a biz journal article, too.
  • 08/16 08:23:41 Launa: I would ask for a link but KC Biz Journal doesn’t let you read online without ~protection money~ payment.
  • 08/16 08:24:16 Toby: Or you could use incognito browsing window
  • 08/16 08:28:12 Launa: I wonder if turning on my VPN and accessing from Switzerland would help?
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