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  • 10/11 14:04:45 Cristobal: Oh interesting
  • 10/11 14:05:21 Cristobal: Oh so you are really wanting something deeper. Oh
  • 10/11 14:05:29 Georgann: slightly_smiling_face
  • 10/11 14:06:34 Cristobal: Well okay. Haha maybe it's time you read this.
  • 10/11 14:06:45 Cristobal: http://medium.com/webpack/contributors-guide
  • 10/11 14:07:15 Cristobal: There's a phase in every plugin authors life where they are about to dive deep. This may be one of those times, and I wrote this series for just that.
  • 10/11 14:09:02 Enda: im worried that my situation might take me to similar depths. any chance there is a simpler solution for this one?: https://midwestdevchat.slack.com/archives/C1F91...
  • 10/11 14:13:29 Georgann: @Cristobal does webpack offer any sort of fallback to the environments `require` when `target: 'node'` is used?
  • 10/11 14:15:09 Georgann: With nexe I can include arbitrary files which can be required...
  • 10/11 15:24:28 Cristobal: What specifically do you mean? Have an example?
  • 10/11 16:19:08 Enda: this is an example of the manifest that i was referring to, used with `glue`: https://github.com/greenkeeper-keeper/reference...
  • 10/13 11:05:31 Enda: @Cristobal since my case probably isnt very common, what is the best place to ask for help digging deeper? github? stack overflow? somewhere else? this isnt incredibly pressing for me, but it would be great to have a better idea of where i should start the process of digging deeper
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