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  • 07/09 15:02:04 Darcy: Any thoughts on vue vs blazor? They seem strangely similar however blazor is WASM..
  • 07/11 07:20:25 Alejandra: I'm excited for blazor, hoping wasm doesn't turn out to be a nasty thing.
  • 07/11 09:01:49 Darcy: Agreed. I like c# so I was excited to start blazor then I'm reading along and I'm like well that's just v-for, that's just v-if
  • 07/11 09:02:46 Darcy: Not that I'm pro JS or against JS...ya know right tool for the job. But I'm just not quite seeing wasm's place yet
  • 07/11 09:03:30 Darcy: I mean ya running c# or c++ client side would be great but I suppose wasm is more for large SPAs?
  • 07/11 09:42:41 Alejandra: well, where I work we have c# guys who couldn't js their way out of a paper bag. So I'm looking forward to crossing that chasm.
  • 07/11 10:17:13 Darcy: rolling_on_the_floor_laughingrolling_on_the_floor_laughing
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