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  • 07/02 17:55:19 Marla: I’m experimenting with coc.nvim. Wow heart_eyes
  • 07/02 17:55:37 Marla: I’ve used it most of the day and was able to drop 8 plugins https://github.com/nicknisi/dotfiles/commit/efd...
  • 07/03 23:45:15 Geraldine: Wow, dumping ale huh
  • 07/04 07:17:48 Marla: I’m experimenting with dropping it! ALE is an LSP client but so far coc does everything I’d use ALE for and more
  • 07/04 07:18:42 Marla: I’m also running a nightly version of Neovim to give me floating windows, which are amazing heart_eyes
  • 07/04 14:34:41 Geraldine: huh, I would have expected that to be possible already
  • 07/04 14:35:26 Geraldine: glad I jumped on board the neovim train, it's nice to see movement in a project
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