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  • 09/28 10:59:56 Dominick: Are you actually using the base16 colorscheme plugin in vim?
  • 09/28 11:00:44 Pamela: whoa
  • 09/28 11:01:03 Pamela: so, I just changed theme by running one of those `base16_<theme>` scripts
  • 09/28 11:01:04 Pamela: and now it works
  • 09/28 11:01:06 Pamela: wtf
  • 09/28 11:01:19 Pamela: and yeah, I am… I am using *your* setup (sans zsh)
  • 09/28 11:02:14 Dominick: something in the restore must’ve prevented that script from running ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 09/28 11:02:49 Pamela: yeah. v strange.
  • 09/28 11:03:11 Pamela: I did not think about actually running one of the theme scripts again
  • 09/28 11:03:14 Pamela: I will remember that next time
  • 09/28 11:03:18 Pamela: heart
  • 09/28 11:05:50 Dominick: Cool! Glad it’s working!
  • 09/28 11:05:57 Pamela: yeah! me too. thanks smile
  • 10/17 10:50:40 Lashandra: A friend of mine said "I have created a meeting for this Friday at 4:00pm to 4:30pm, where I'll hangout-repeat my Neovim + Perl Plugin lightning talk for the Toronto Perl mongers. The original was 5 minutes, without the time constraint I'll probably inflate to at least 10 minutes of yadah yadah. If you want to join the fun, let me know and I'll add you to the meeting. (sweth, you already raised your hand last time, so you're auto-added)"
  • 10/17 10:50:47 Lashandra: let me know if you want to be added
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