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  • 12/14 11:26:12 Merilyn: I would use `<prefix>-z` instead.
  • 12/14 11:26:33 Randall: yeah, I use that ALL the time
  • 12/14 11:26:48 Randall: but sometimes I fat finger when I’m trying to go to one pane or another within a numbered window
  • 12/14 11:27:04 Randall: and it ends up fullscreening instead of changing focus to the pane above the one I was in
  • 12/14 11:27:15 Randall: which is how I ended up in that situation to begin with, if that makes sense…
  • 12/14 11:28:06 Randall: I use `<prefix> z` quite a lot though. that’s really one of my favorite things
  • 12/14 11:28:42 Randall: it’s like `<ctrl>+w _` and `<ctrl>+w |` in vim, to maximize real-estate of the splits
  • 12/14 11:29:00 Randall: I wish there was a max-all, like the opposite of `<ctrl>+w =`
  • 12/14 11:30:59 Randall: I wonder how I can bring back those disappeared panes though
  • 12/14 11:31:19 Randall: like, I had an instance of `node` and one of `vim` running
  • 12/14 11:31:23 Randall: where do those go?
  • 12/14 11:31:34 Randall: did they get killed? do they get backgrounded? how do I bring them back?
  • 12/14 11:32:20 Randall: also, is there a magic key combo that can make my crazy trump-loving HR lady stop talking about the 44th president and how he’s not even an american?
  • 12/14 11:32:36 Randall: f#$%ing seriously <#C04JD2N6U|sturm_und_drang>
  • 12/14 11:33:31 Kendrick: hostile work environments created by HR are the worst
  • *Usernames have been changed to protect the innocent.
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