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  • 09/20 16:44:05 Nannie: my Syntastic is throwing an error every time I save my `.vue` component files, which contain an html snippet in `<template>` tags…
  • 09/20 16:52:09 Nannie: so… this, until I make a custom component…
  • 09/20 16:52:12 Nannie: `let g:syntastic_html_tidy_empty_tags = ['template']`
  • 09/20 16:52:25 Nannie: apparently, this array is going to be as long as my list of custom elements.
  • 09/20 16:52:39 Nannie: I wonder if I can set a list of tags per-project so I don’t clutter up my global .vimrc
  • 09/22 10:07:43 Noma: I disable syntax checking for html files for similar reasons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 09/22 10:11:29 Nannie: fair
  • 09/22 10:11:51 Nannie: in the mixed-medium `*.vue` files I tend to miss quotes and such
  • 09/22 10:12:02 Nannie: like I’ll form an attr and forget either an opening or closing quote
  • 09/22 10:12:17 Nannie: it’s not a huge deal, and easy to figure out, but it has caused me some grief, which is why I want a linter in the first place
  • 09/22 10:12:32 Nannie: one less energy-sink ya know?
  • 09/22 10:12:50 Nannie: that `empty_tags` option for tidy seems to be working though
  • 09/22 10:13:32 Nannie: basically only my custom elements give errors now… I added a small list of tag names I’d likely repeat
  • 09/22 10:13:44 Nannie: still need to figure out a per-project setting for that, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 09/22 10:36:19 Noma: @Nannie good luck! slightly_smiling_face
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