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  • 04/06 09:35:25 Mandy: What are the odds of a happy hour happening tonight? I’ll be downtown for a work thing at UpDown that’ll be over in the 4:30-5:00 timeframe. I’m almost never downtown at this day of the week / time, so thought I’d throw it out there.
  • 04/06 09:35:48 Mandy: And of course, the happy hour wouldn’t necessarily need to be at UpDown
  • 04/06 09:37:04 Claudio: click the unicorn and we might be able to work something out
  • 04/06 09:37:44 Stacia: haha
  • 04/06 09:37:49 Stacia: I cannot make it tonight
  • 04/06 09:44:12 Thomasena: you should have it here and let me know how it is https://twitter.com/KCMarriottDT/status/9819699...
  • 04/06 09:47:47 Mandy: I have been faithfully clicking the unicorns to build up my internet points
  • 04/06 12:31:49 Felicia: @Mandy I have been faithfully making the unicorn gifs to build up my internet points smile
  • 04/06 12:32:47 Mandy: Right on! I’m still not sure what the points are good for, but it’s best to have them just in case, ha
  • 04/06 12:37:09 Felicia: Exactly.... I'm hoping I can turn them in for a coffee or something at some point
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