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  • 03/29 15:29:05 Tasia: My fiance has a corporate challenge event that afternoon
  • 03/29 15:29:22 Angeles: tell her to skip it and come hang out with me instead
  • 03/29 15:29:26 Angeles: I’m sure she’ll oblige /s
  • 03/29 15:30:01 Jacqui: My office is hosting a first friday's event on the 5th upside_down_face
  • 03/29 15:30:10 Angeles: Fiancée unless Kels is a guy xD
  • 03/29 15:31:02 Tasia: So we are going to HomeBase?
  • 03/29 15:42:24 Jacqui: :man-shrugging: Come on down lol
  • 03/29 15:48:01 Jacqui: lol if anyone does seriously want to join, lmk and I'll see what I can do about invites.
  • 03/29 15:48:01 Alica: Perhaps you would like to invite someone to this Slack? That's easy https://midwestdevchat.com/ Have a great day!
  • 04/01 08:41:10 Angeles: Alright, so Scott won’t be able to get down to Geek Night until around 7pm if we were to do it on the 5th, does that time work for everyone or do we need to push it back to Saturday/next Friday?
  • 04/01 09:03:31 Corey: either way works for me
  • 04/01 09:07:05 Angeles: I’m fine with doing it a little bit later or just doing it after work and having Scott and Kelsye show up late haha doesn’t bother me. Also anyone have any ideas of what we want to do/
  • 04/02 09:40:03 Angeles: Who all is planning on coming if we were to have it on Friday the 5th? GIMME A UNICORN
  • 04/05 10:02:58 Corey: Sorry I have to take my unicorn back, my neighbor is having a gathering
  • 04/05 10:26:13 Angeles: Alright looks like we’re not doing it today
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