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  • 06/14 13:41:27 Donald: set up a reminder to “perfrom the rites and discuss the Taco” in this channel at 9AM every Tuesday, Central Daylight Time.
  • 06/14 13:42:24 Donald: I'm sorry my fellow tacoites. I took on the leadership of <#CAXSZ26NP|taco-worship> and I've failed you for two weeks in a row now.
  • 06/14 13:45:49 Lovella: is totally having taco bell for lunch
  • 06/14 13:45:53 Lovella: working lunch?
  • 06/14 13:46:17 Lovella: ok fine I spent my actual lunch on the phone and playing music, and forgot to eat until 5 to 1, so I stopped at taco bell
  • 06/14 13:46:22 Lovella: I am totally grateful
  • 06/14 15:25:31 Retha: @Donald When you fail the aldelicious Taco, you fail yourself. Your penance is three hard-shells with extra guac and plate of nachos
  • 06/14 15:45:49 Adam: So…in between the day that this channel formed and today, I began watching The Handmaid’s Tale. And let me tell you, it’s weirding me out a little bit. I’m having dystopian visions of people walking down the streets, wearing robes that resemble tortillas, saying things to each other like “Under his ground beef” and “May the taco shell open”
  • 06/14 16:35:59 Retha: Yeah, that’s pretty much the world we are trying to build here at the Universal Church of Taco, but less somber. Image if Andrew W.K. wrote The Handsmaid’s Tale—oppressive with a healthy dose of fun and white denim jeans.
  • 06/19 09:00:29 Cary: Reminder: perfrom the rites and discuss the Taco.
  • 06/19 09:07:32 Donald: taco
  • 06/19 09:19:34 Adam: Brothers and Sisters of the Taco, a most important meeting of our order has been set for August 4th, in Council Bluffs, IA. The required tithe is $20, but for $100, the faithful will receive UNLIMITED taco lunch and UNLIMITED taco dinner. https://riversedgetacofest.com/
  • 06/19 12:53:18 Lovella: @Lovella uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry.
  • 06/19 12:53:41 Lovella: squanched from the reddits. thought it was appropriate here slightly_smiling_face
  • 06/19 12:53:43 Lovella: taco
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