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  • 01/11 08:32:47 Roy: Apple recently open-sourced SourceKit-LSP: https://github.com/apple/sourcekit-lsp
  • 01/11 08:33:06 Roy: This is for people who maintain VS Code, Emacs, and Vim plugins for writing Swift
  • 01/11 09:51:59 Brady: Saw that this morning, interesting to see where it goes
  • 01/11 09:53:29 Roy: What I really want to see is a semantic highlighting implementation now that Polychromatic is defunct
  • 01/11 09:54:03 Roy: it should (I hope?) be possible to get the LSP plugin for Emacs to talk to color-identifiers-mode
  • 01/11 09:54:50 Brady: Yeah, my understanding was that the initial implementation only supported a really small subset of the standard? Like autocomplete and jump to definition
  • 01/11 09:57:00 Roy: unsure
  • 01/11 09:57:41 Roy: ah yeah, there's a grid at the bottom
  • 01/11 09:58:14 Roy: Swift support, code completion, quick help, diagnostics, jump to definition, find references, and folding are supported. Document symbols not yet
  • 01/11 10:00:13 Brady: I'd also like to see it rolled out to the production compiler. Last I checked it could only be used if you build the beta version of the compiler on your own machine
  • 01/11 10:01:14 Roy: that's also still mentioned in the readme
  • 01/11 10:09:05 Brady: Ah, yeah. Just now got an opportunity to read the readme
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