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  • 03/08 14:51:50 Kortney: Will make consuming enums from an api a lot more flexible
  • 03/08 14:54:15 Kristal: Big fight over that in the #holy-war channel of the iOS Developers slack grimacing
  • 03/08 14:55:50 Kortney: Haha im sure
  • 03/08 15:05:52 Madalene: Now I need to hunt down the ios developers slack smile
  • 03/08 15:06:32 Madalene: I'm personally waiting for an async/await system along the lines of https://gist.github.com/lattner/429b90709182482...
  • 03/09 19:41:46 Kortney: Yeah agreed ashley! I saw they added result in swift 5. Feels like a start. Im not sure if they need language level features for that yet
  • 03/09 19:42:10 Kortney: And id be fine if its a 3rd party solution and not in the standard library
  • 03/09 19:42:29 Kortney: Im in ios developers hq. not sure if theres another one
  • 03/10 13:16:29 Micheal: http://ios-developers.slack.com
  • 03/10 23:10:41 Kortney: :+1: thats the one!
  • 03/11 10:21:51 Madalene: Yeah for sure! I def have my own implementation of result hanging out in a lot of projects so I'm glad to be able to remove it
  • 03/11 10:27:05 Madalene: Either of you know how to get an invite to that slack?
  • 03/11 10:41:58 Micheal: https://ios-developers.io
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