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  • 09/08 18:19:45 Chante: Anyone who knows more about Xcode and Swift than me be willing to Skype or Google Hangout on a Fri,Sat, or Sun for like 5 minutes on one of those days that I could ask a question or two
  • 09/20 09:52:05 Leonie: https://swift.org/blog/swift-4-0-released/
  • 09/21 16:11:31 Griselda: christ Apple! Clojure is only on version 1.9, Python on version 3, and Ruby version 2! … I think you’re inflating your version numbers.
  • 09/21 16:11:47 Griselda: oh .. apple ain’t afraid of breaking backwards compatibility. smile
  • 09/21 16:12:23 Griselda: also, lol serialization– your data isn’t “readable”?
  • 09/21 16:23:30 Leonie: just because _your_ code is data. sheesh.
  • 09/21 16:23:55 Leonie: stuck_out_tongue
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