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  • 11/15 19:25:16 Teresia: ^^ I pretty much assume all Trump appointments are gross. $10K doesn't sound that bad given how my surprise bar is set 10 miles underground
  • 11/15 19:25:31 Teresia: ... above ground?
  • 11/15 19:26:14 Teresia: ^^ based on zero research, I've mostly tuned out since day 30 of this presidency
  • 11/15 19:26:48 Edmund: he's saying the $10k is too *low* slightly_smiling_face
  • 11/15 23:16:59 Rosalind: This seems fairly important. Can you share a reference for it?
  • 11/16 09:17:15 Edmund: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2018...
  • 11/16 09:17:49 Edmund: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/08/us/politics/...
  • 11/16 09:19:16 Claud: Is anyone surprised by this?
  • 11/16 09:28:28 Edmund: the last paragraph is the funny part. like this quaint little small-time scammer/sycophant is thrown into the deep end with all the big bankers for whom a few SEC penalties are just a cost of doing business
  • 11/16 09:29:38 Edmund: it's like Rookie of the Year except the kid can't pitch any faster than a normal kid
  • 11/16 09:31:01 Edmund: but if your point is that this is completely consistent with the current presidency where loyalty is all that matters... then... yes, that's a very good point.
  • 11/16 09:33:26 Claud: I haven't read the article but your summary almost made me spit out my coffee
  • 11/16 09:33:33 Claud: >it's like Rookie of the Year except the kid can't pitch any faster than a normal kid
  • 11/16 09:33:35 Claud: best line
  • 11/17 23:40:35 Roland: Where you see inconsistency, I see an elegant 2x2 quadrant of voter preferences slightly_smiling_face
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