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  • 12/15 11:36:19 Dennis: oh, I totally did
  • 12/15 11:36:28 Dennis: it’s just the most anxiety producing thing, because nobody f#$%ing gets it.
  • 12/15 11:36:43 Martine: It doesn’t help that everything surrounding it is intentionally made confusing.
  • 12/15 11:37:04 Dennis: “you already hate your ISP and cell provider right? they charge you extra for stuff you don’t need. they don’t always deliver on all their promises. this makes it manifold worse.”
  • 12/15 11:37:47 Dennis: “comcast hate netflix right? they “stole” their viewer base. well, now they have the literal ability to charge you extra just for watching netflix, while prioritizing their “approved” channels.
  • 12/15 11:37:53 Dennis: it’s all garbage and I want it to die in a fire
  • 12/15 11:38:00 Dennis: this makes me so sad and angry and frustrated.
  • 12/15 11:39:59 Casandra: Does he use a streaming service? (netflix/hulu) what if <his isp> struck a deal with <other streaming provider> to prioritize their stream over <his streaming provider>'s stream. you type way faster than me.
  • 12/15 11:40:07 Dennis: hahahaha
  • 12/15 11:40:15 Dennis: yeah I totally already threw all those arguments at him
  • 12/15 11:40:44 Dennis: and he’s a reasonable person; he’ll get it. it’s just terrifying that *after the fact* people are still like… scratching their heads
  • 12/15 11:41:23 Casandra: well, good luck and keep up the good fight!
  • 12/15 18:17:49 Lindsay: i dunno, it's not like the FCC classification was keeping telcos from raising rates.
  • 12/15 18:19:22 Lindsay: if there really do end up being fast and slow lanes, then I hope that leads to a renaissance of small and lean web development. For which we are overdue IMHO.
  • 12/15 18:19:54 Lindsay: what we need is real competition.
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