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  • 03/20 12:19:18 Simona: most of my day the laptop is closed and I’m using an external keyboard, though
  • 03/20 12:21:33 Rea: touch bar sounds interesting for media editing, but for everything else there's keyboard shortcuts
  • 03/20 12:22:31 Rea: I can ignore it but the keyboard is way more important
  • 03/20 12:23:57 Simona: For a company that is so anal about design, it bothers me that they apparently don’t care about uniformity when it comes to keyboards. For example, not being able to have an external keyboard with Touch Bar or TouchID, or even being able to have it for a non-laptop.
  • 03/20 12:24:21 Simona: Or being able to have the same keyboard at all
  • 03/20 12:24:51 Simona: I’d be most productive if the external Apple keyboard I used was the exact same as the one on the laptop
  • 03/20 12:25:07 Bethann: @Bethann uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: troll
  • 03/20 12:26:39 Inge: Phfaw, you people with a need to have tactile input devices. Brain implants, kids, that’s Apple’s next move, iBrains coming soon to an Apple Store near you.
  • 03/20 12:37:25 Rea: You know what, I didn't hate the puck mouse, once I figured out a two-finger grip
  • 03/20 13:05:44 Waneta: hmm ya I don't know guys, I still haven't bound any PUBG buttons to my mouse.... confused
  • 03/20 13:06:10 Waneta: https://twitter.com/deafferret/status/975209316...
  • 03/20 13:07:25 Aubrey:
  • 03/21 14:52:13 Matthew: https://vapingdaily.com/
  • 03/21 17:34:40 Bethann: this is why we can't have nice things https://webkit.org/blog/8146/protecting-against...
  • 03/21 19:52:00 Waneta: ^ ooo finally I have something to blame for my lack of nice things!!
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