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  • 05/22 13:04:04 Maurice: Yeah...we got the hardy handshake thanks
  • 05/22 13:04:18 Maurice: and then were looked at like heathens when we asked for just a day off
  • 05/22 13:04:24 Maurice: Which I then was sick
  • 05/22 14:52:14 Neal:
    $ launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.notificationcenterui.plist
    /System/Library/LaunchAgents/com.apple.notificationcenterui.plist: Operation not permitted while System Integrity Protection is engaged
  • 05/23 09:27:36 Mabel: I used to do that but realized that I can just disable them in a few apps and it's fine
  • 05/23 12:11:12 Venus: If I hear "don't worry about the accessibility" one more time I'm going to quit.
  • 05/23 12:18:38 Shanel: how about DON’T WORRY ABOUT MY FIST IN YOUR FACE punch
  • 05/23 12:23:00 Venus: It's insane that the only way I can get people to give it even a second thought is to remind them that they could face legal trouble. They have no concept that people with disabilities are actually full human beings.
  • 05/23 12:27:56 Neal: tbf, secops often gets this treatment too, when building infrastructure. Which is equally astonishing to me.
  • 05/23 12:45:26 Maurice: Hold up I thought the cloud was secure
  • 05/23 12:45:27 Mellisa: What specifically don’t they care about? Is it shitty design, sloppy code, or both
  • 05/23 12:46:21 Neal: feature delivery?
  • 05/23 12:46:49 Mellisa: @Maurice If you have a helicopter, you can snatch the data right out of the clouds troll
  • 05/23 13:02:59 Maurice: HAHAH
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