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  • 09/19 16:07:02 Erinn: Here's some shit right here https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/a-public-relat...
  • 09/21 09:05:59 Judie: ugh https://www.wired.com/story/john-deere-farmers-...
  • 09/21 09:10:04 Judie: point_up not a court case, but an agreement between the California Farm Bureau and equipment dealers not to push for farmers' right to: • Reset immobilizer systems or other security-related electronic modules • Reprogram electronic control units or engine control units • Change equipment or engine settings that affect emissions or safety compliance • Download or access the source code of any proprietary embedded software or code
  • 09/21 09:34:44 Francisco: John Deere has been a real dick this last decade
  • 09/21 09:35:06 Francisco: Wired has done some good reporting on it. I believe first learned about it in this article https://www.wired.com/2015/02/new-high-tech-far...
  • 09/21 10:08:40 Loreta: that's ridiculous. I heard from a farmer this year that they sell the ipad-like control unit for thousands of dollars, and then if you want additional features (auto turn-around, etc.) they'll charge another couple grand just to turn those on, but it's the same control unit & software
  • 09/21 10:09:24 Lashonda: "You know who really needs to get screwed over? The farmers." -John Deere
  • 09/21 10:10:02 Loreta: exactly
  • 09/21 10:10:55 Lashonda: The problem is that farmers are such an easy target. They HAVE to have tools to do their job, and it's not like they can just quit and go work somewhere else.
  • 09/21 10:11:07 Erinn: Yep
  • 09/21 10:11:27 Erinn: Best friend is a rancher and they are trying not to buy new equipment because of this ridiculous shit
  • 09/21 10:11:41 Erinn: We've built some cool stuff though hacking stuff together
  • 09/21 10:12:06 Erinn: We are trying to build a gate system that will allow him to open and close gates without getting out of the truck or tractor
  • 09/21 10:18:50 Loreta: sounds pretty rad
  • 09/21 10:19:30 Loreta: yeah, the equipment costs are insane. get a huge loan for some specialized piece of equipment that may or may not make you any more money or your job that much easier
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