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  • 10/18 11:17:33 Charmaine: (mostly because this isn’t the right channel for further discussion on this topic… <#C06M5KHNK|politics> maybe. don’t think we have an #economics channel)
  • 10/18 11:17:56 Brianne: yeah, this is the bitch about shit channel, so, you’re not entirely off-topic. smile
  • 10/18 11:18:47 Charmaine: Jay is the arbiter here, mostly I don’t want to cross him. I’ve yet to find out what happens when he’s angry and don’t care to. laughing
  • 10/18 11:30:34 Soraya: I just want to say one more thing about his, and that's "I'm very pleasently surprised someone else is interested in this stuff. :D"
  • 10/18 11:35:47 Charmaine: YEAH!
  • 10/18 11:36:09 Charmaine: Oh man, I’m happy to know that I’m not alone in it!
  • 10/18 11:36:43 Charmaine: I am really hoping that one day I will be able to move forward in starting my own cooperative. I just don’t really know where to begin. I’m not a business person — I’m an organizer and a programmer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 10/18 11:41:29 Rachelle: I'd rather work in fintech than consumer software. fintech has a reputation for paying people well for 40 hours a week, without trying to get you motivated by "passion"
  • 10/18 11:48:53 Charmaine: I’d rather go the completely opposite way and work in civics, if I had my druthers. data journalism and working with civic data get me going. nearly impossible to find work in that in other than large metropolitan areas though, as there’s no money in it.
  • 10/18 11:49:33 Charmaine: (again, back to the existential shit-storm that finance has laid upon folks simply wanting to do work in <other-than-finance>)
  • 10/18 11:49:41 Charmaine: shakes his fist at the sky
  • 10/18 11:50:07 Charmaine: can’t just be an end unto yourself, ya damn parasites.
  • 10/18 12:12:56 Rachelle: I dunno, I like providing value to people in businesses. And in that world, barring regulative interference, there's more money in solving problems people have
  • 10/18 12:13:07 Rachelle: I love capitalism but hate cronyism
  • 10/18 12:44:01 Luvenia: carry on. thumbsup:skin-tone-3:
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