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  • 07/12 13:33:33 Marylouise: I kind of hate having all apps in one browser. makes app-switching meaningless.
  • 07/12 13:36:00 Janel: This is the future: https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2018/02/06/...
  • 07/12 13:37:25 Janel: Hopefully Apple doesn't consider Marzipan a suitable replacement for that kind of solution
  • 07/12 13:38:21 Marylouise: Image File [click to view]
  • 07/12 13:48:33 Eleanor: I've been using Rambox (https://rambox.pro/) to manage my multiple web based communications interfaces.
  • 07/12 13:49:07 Eleanor: Gmail, Outlook, Hangouts, Wire, Discord, Slack, etc
  • 07/12 13:49:10 Marylouise: oh, nice Bone reference
  • 07/12 13:50:14 Eleanor: I also hate having my email and chat instances hidden under browser tabs, so this solves that problem for me.
  • 07/12 13:54:37 Aida: that's a lot of ways to be interrupted
  • 07/12 14:06:16 Eleanor: Mute is a good thing haha
  • 07/12 14:07:42 Marylouise: @Marylouise uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: this changes everything
  • 07/12 14:10:36 Aida: I never allow chat apps to make sounds either! slightly_smiling_face I like dedicated apps for things but if I'm muting anyway, I don't mind it buried in a stack of tabs (or as a pinned tab). That has the advantage of fewer icons in my app switcher, which I really like. (I even quit Finder just so that it drops out of the app switcher, lol)
  • 07/12 14:15:13 Aida: Rambox actually looks pretty neat, if only because i'd rather run one electron app than multiple
  • 07/12 14:16:07 Aida: I have stayed away from joining extra slack and discord instances just because I don't want more windows open... you say it works well?
  • 07/12 16:19:43 Moshe: About the closest I could get on system76, Oryx pro $5,080. GTX 1070 graphics option with a 15" 4K display, 8th gen i7 (4.1GHz 6 core) 32GB memory, 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD + 4TB second SSD. That NVMe drive reads at 3500MB/s writes at 2500MB/s. The conventional SSD reads at 550MB/s and writes at 530MB/s
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