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  • 07/19 09:52:58 Anjelica: No. He spent too much time in front of the monitor, and that small mistake cost him dearly.
  • 07/19 09:55:54 Anjelica: Oh no
  • 07/19 09:55:56 Anjelica: NO NO NO
  • 07/19 09:55:59 Anjelica: There was more than one
  • 07/19 09:58:02 Jade: and now you need cats to clean up the geckos
  • 07/19 09:58:21 Anjelica: And then rabid dogs to clean up the cats
  • 07/19 10:29:06 Tabetha: and then horses to clean up the dogs
  • 07/19 10:29:11 Tabetha: according to that nursery rhyme
  • 07/19 14:10:28 Angeline: wait aren't you one of the folks who can have movies on while working? it seems weird to me if one could not be distracted by video and yet be bothered by a fly
  • 07/19 14:11:53 Angeline: i guess a movie doesn't randomly fly in front of the screen on which you're working
  • 07/19 14:43:46 Roxann: grr systems which don't update their projections, even after the projected time period has past
  • 07/19 17:41:13 Nila: Today I got told, by someone who was mad because his chips were left out of his delivery, that if I worked at a company that actually embraced continuous improvement like Toyota, I’d understand why Jimmy Johns not having a feedback button in its app means the company is probably going out of business
  • 07/19 17:57:15 Angeline: people who are too lazy to dial the phone are generally also too lazy to sustain a boycott
  • 07/19 18:17:10 Roxann: how do you resolve that issue? Are you empowered to refund the chips?
  • 07/19 18:18:18 Roxann: my specific gripe: Image File [click to view] (I'm in Northeast WI so Hodgkins, IL isn't close). Our UPS driver has already dropped off for today, this package isn't coming today. Why keep implying that it is?
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