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  • 05/24 13:12:22 Gia: I think we could have a whole discussion about software and the whole "It's not life or death" so why are you so strict about how well you do your work
  • 05/24 13:12:33 Gia: Which grinds my gears hearing that
  • 05/24 13:13:09 Gia: We "should" expect the same level of work as someone that is building software for an airplane when building software that displays cat photos
  • 05/24 13:14:12 Delois: > Which means the light is always on. The device must be listening or the wake word won’t work. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17145543 The level of willful blindness is high in this discussion.
  • 05/24 13:14:47 Gia:
  • 05/24 13:16:07 Gia: You know Hackernews is full of the willfully blind
  • 05/24 13:17:22 Carey: >>>Long ago, on Svalbard, when you were a young witch of forty-three, your mother took your unscarred wrists in her hands, and spoke: Vidrun, born of the sea-wind through the spruce Vidrun, green-tinged offshoot of my bough, joy and burden of my life Vidrun, fierce and clever, may our clan’s wisdom be yours: Never read Hacker News
  • 05/24 13:17:41 Delois: hahahhahaa
  • 05/24 13:17:48 Gia: HAHAHAHA
  • 05/24 13:17:51 Carey: (source: https://aphyr.com/posts/341-hexing-the-technica...)
  • 05/24 13:18:02 Delois: oh, nice. I missed that one
  • 05/24 13:24:18 Joann: “Are you serious” and “seriously” enrage me so much
  • 05/24 13:24:33 Joann: I feel your pain @Lashawna
  • 05/24 13:27:23 Lashawna: I used to get so annoyed now I'm just like shocked if it doesn't happen which is rare as it always happens
  • 05/25 09:47:16 Temika: http://motherfuckingwebsite.com/
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