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  • 03/19 15:09:31 Paulina: I remember being mad when NCSA Mosaic started supporting images on www pages. They're going to ruin the Internet flooding it with stupid images!
  • 03/19 15:13:12 Thea:
  • 03/19 16:16:23 Jerrold: I got mad when myspace was invented because I knew it would lead to an influx of non-geeks on the internet.
  • 03/19 16:17:13 Annie: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_September
  • 03/19 16:20:50 Annie: lol! there's a news server at http://www.eternal-september.org. "Today is September 9331, 1993"
  • 03/19 16:28:26 Quinn: Billie Joe Armstrong must be well-rested by now
  • 03/19 16:29:10 Jerrold: Now the AOL folks have mostly migrated to Facebook, leaving a ghost town where usenet used to be.... the Real Geeks have all fled to mastadon and diaspora.
  • 03/19 16:35:50 Damaris: pfff, it's all about the darkweb now awesome
  • 03/20 16:35:08 Thea: wtf does this have to do with the netflix show? https://www.engadget.com/2019/03/20/stranger-th...
  • 03/20 16:36:09 Veta: Nothing and everything, Caleb.. Nothing and everything.
  • 03/21 12:15:17 Sheri: I mean… obviously the titles are the same.
  • 03/21 12:47:09 Elena: I just lost the game.
  • 03/21 13:16:34 Veta: What matters is that you tried though…. Right? Or losing game = failure in life. Hopefully the former.
  • 03/22 14:55:12 Paulina: ... we have a JIRA Project `PROBLM`... because... you know, there are problems sometimes... And `E` is a waste of space.
  • 03/22 14:55:23 Paulina: this is fine
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