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  • 12/14 22:35:55 Alishia: I’ll wait until at least morning before I go off in this channel but meanwhile I’ll just have a quiet crisis
  • 12/15 08:09:50 Alfonso: ugh I want to not be in this channel but I can’t leave
  • 12/15 08:10:16 Alfonso: I had an opportunity to go to a 1am showing and I declined because my wife gave me the “If you see the new Star Wars without me I’ll maybe murder you in your sleep” look when I asked if I could go without her… confused
  • 12/15 08:49:36 Alishia: *totally ditched my husband to see Star Wars* cold_sweat
  • 12/15 08:49:50 Alishia: Maybe mute it until you've seen it?
  • 12/15 08:49:52 Alfonso: lol
  • 12/15 08:50:13 Alfonso: yeah probably best. cheers all. I’m happy you got to see a (maybe good maybe slightly less good) movie about stars and wars.
  • 12/15 08:51:23 Alishia: I said mute though? tired_face
  • 12/15 08:51:34 Alishia: Well anyway
  • 12/15 08:52:13 Alishia: I still don't know how I feel. Like, I loved it I guess? But I'm not buzzing with theories and the urge to chat about it like I was with VII.
  • 12/15 08:52:48 Alishia: The ending was pretty...conclusive.
  • 12/15 08:54:31 Alishia: I've heard some people say they liked the ending because it left them hopeful but I'm kinda pessimistic because like, 90%+ of the rebels are dead I think?? And none of the allies cared enough to help???
  • 12/15 08:55:02 Alishia: This may be reflective of my current mental state about real society and that I'm pessimistic about that as well.
  • 12/15 09:15:25 Alishia: And by the ending was "conclusive", I mean it doesn't feel like there are any mysteries hanging to theorize about (e.g. Rey's parents).
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