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  • 08/03 18:23:11 Clint: so may be different in other states
  • 08/03 18:24:59 Alvina: This is about how older Wichita devs have described the situation to me
  • 08/03 18:28:19 Clint: yeah
  • 08/03 18:29:13 Clint: KC, Omaha, and Denver really hold the closest sizable ruby communities for someone in KS
  • 08/03 18:29:57 Clint: we lucked out when Rails conf came to KC a few years back
  • 08/03 18:30:01 Clint: that was cool
  • 08/03 18:32:14 Clint: my team and I use to always go to rocky mountain ruby in boulder, co
  • 08/03 18:32:19 Clint: but it basically died out
  • 08/03 18:32:35 Clint: I think there was one year of a local ruby conf in KC but hasnt been since
  • 08/03 18:34:50 Clint: so if any of you in here are thinking of organizing a midwest ruby conf, I bet you get a lot of support!
  • 08/03 18:34:52 Clint: do it
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