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  • 10/11 16:01:08 Ariane: Andy good documentation available?
  • 10/11 16:01:19 Jacquelynn: what are you having an issue with?
  • 10/11 16:02:28 Antonia: i have taught Solomon nothing. His problems are his own. lol i give him clues
  • 10/11 16:04:16 Ariane: I can render the pdf on the browser. Now all I need is to save it to the s3 bucket. Then attach that on an email.
  • 10/11 16:05:07 Jacquelynn: sounds like you’ve got it lol
  • 10/11 16:05:49 Antonia: anyone here created a pdf and stored it for later using Rails?
  • 10/11 16:05:49 Ariane: lol... let me keep reading. Possibly I will find a clean way to do it.
  • 10/11 16:06:37 Jacquelynn: something along these likes: >>>render :pdf => ‘foo’, :save_to_file => Rails.root.join(‘public’, “foo.pdf”), :save_only => true
  • 10/11 16:07:43 Pablo: The other day I was thinking that it’s not too dissimilar from partials in views. It’s really mostly about readability and code organization.
  • 10/11 16:07:50 Jacquelynn: actually looks like someone already created a gist for it: https://gist.github.com/micahroberson/5988843
  • 10/11 16:09:38 Jacquelynn: *disclaimer* I have not tested nor reviewed that code lol
  • 10/11 16:11:10 Ariane: Thats pretty cool actually. Let me test it.
  • 10/11 16:12:46 Ariane: I will let you know what breaks and what doesnt.
  • 10/12 17:40:51 Angeline: Ruby also has the idea of an anonymous class. You can make one using `Class.new`. wink
  • 10/16 14:38:51 Ariane: We have these two functions responsible for sending receipt emails to a seller and a buyer. We have the system on heroku and for some reason when sending the email the functions timeout. Is there a better way to do it?
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