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  • 05/27 16:36:04 Rachelle: It has always been interesting to me how Python programmers tend to knock Ruby for “special cases”. That says a lot about the difference in perspective IMO
  • 06/03 15:15:31 Keith: Thinking of writing an experimental play about a conversation between two Rails devs called _Waiting for Nokogiri to Install_
  • 06/03 15:27:56 Keri: does the length of the play change every time?
  • 06/04 14:27:44 Jettie: I wonder if a PR to download prebuilt blobs where possible would be accepted. That's how `libv8` works ( https://github.com/cowboyd/libv8/blob/master/ex... ). Otherwise, we would all have to wait for V8 to compile too.
  • 06/04 14:30:54 Jettie: > This project spun off of therubyracer which depends on having a specific version of V8 to compile and run against. However, actually delivering that version reliably to all the different platforms proved to be a challenge to say the least. > > We got tired of waiting 5 minutes for V8 to compile every time we installed that gem.
  • 06/05 14:12:51 Rachelle: I still have PTSD from all of the horrible build failures I've experienced from `libv8` grimacing
  • 06/20 11:47:16 Rachelle: `ignored_columns` is a total footgun https://github.com/rails/rails/issues/34344
  • 06/20 11:52:07 Rick: So…yeah, strongly-typed brain here, that’s kindof how I expected it to work.
  • 06/20 11:55:00 Rick: `Vehicle.find()` could return something of any subtype, so why would you want to write code that assumes the returned instance will respond to a method only available on particular subclasses?
  • 06/20 11:57:00 Rick: Oh, I see. They expect Undefined, instead of Missing Attribute.
  • 06/20 11:57:34 Rick: Nvm…I wasn’t grasping the difference between the two errors.
  • 06/24 12:42:17 Rachelle: wave hey all, I made a thing. Maybe you'll find it useful https://github.com/alassek/activerecord-pg_enum
  • 06/24 13:39:13 Jettie: @Rachelle I'm really surprised that Postgres lets you add a value anywhere in the enum. Do you know if Postgres has to rewrite the data in the columns using it to do that?
  • 06/24 13:56:30 Rachelle: `enumsortorder` is a floating point, and they basically pick a number in between the two on either side
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