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  • 11/27 10:46:36 Juan: I doubt you’re doing a simple 2 cases but you can also use `.is_a?` if you wanted true/false
  • 11/27 10:54:15 Christopher: >I doubt you're doing a simple 2 cases you are correct! lol
  • 11/27 10:57:38 Christopher: interesting. `===` is more confusing than i thought: https://stackoverflow.com/a/4467823
  • 11/27 10:59:20 Juan: https://medium.com/rubyinside/triple-equals-bla...
  • 11/27 10:59:39 Juan: you’ll love that article lol
  • 12/06 10:51:26 Christopher: I wish other languages had `unless` cry
  • 12/06 10:52:42 Christopher: `if (!( ... ))` is a little hard to read
  • 12/06 10:53:01 Christopher: (i guess i wish JS had `unless`)
  • 12/06 12:51:55 Lorita: yeah I _always_ miss it
  • 12/07 14:40:07 Edmund: I love `unless` in the backward(?) form
  • 12/07 14:40:36 Edmund:
    do_the_thing unless some_other_condition_met?
  • 12/07 14:40:40 Edmund: It reads so well
  • 12/07 15:00:16 Christopher: i love it in both forms (but, yeah, backwards is super nice). i would never have guessed it, but I thinking getting used to and using `unless` has made me a better programmer (maybe only a little bit, but still). It's amazing how such a simple feature slightly changed the way I think about conditionals. It _really is_ easier to think of certain things as `unless` as opposed to `if`
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