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  • 04/11 15:26:25 Keith: Don't forget that tonight, our own @Isabelle and @Ilse are presenting down the street at OpsCompass at the Omaha Ruby Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Omaha-Ruby-Meetup/events...
  • 04/17 10:30:01 Verna: whoaa. the ruby channels been cleared cry
  • 04/17 10:30:08 Verna: mwdc needs to become a non-profit
  • 04/17 10:30:33 Verna: (and get all the features of slack for free)
  • 04/17 10:31:37 Joel: it's just rubocop keeping the conversation body under 40 lines
  • 04/17 10:32:26 Verna: lol
  • 04/17 12:57:18 Isabelle: yeah slack is actually a shit platform for community-building. Discourse would be better
  • 04/17 13:39:52 Verna: what are the advantages of discourse over slack?
  • 04/17 17:50:42 Isabelle: your messages don't disappear
  • 04/18 10:01:13 Damian: the invite only nature of slack (don’t know if that’s different with discourse) kinda stinks too
  • 04/18 10:01:49 Damian: I realize we have a decent system here, but it means people can’t drop by when they’re in town for a conference or whatever without much more commitment
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