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  • 03/19 17:17:33 Yolonda: Did you know: Pathname overloads `#/`
    > Rails.root / "config" / "environments" / "development.rb"
  • 03/19 17:21:13 Shamika: :O
  • 04/11 16:04:00 Al: https://evilmartians.com/chronicles/rails-5-2-a...
  • 04/11 16:05:48 Al: some pretty decent new features with ActiveStorage, fixing the secrets confusion, adding what triggered SQL query in logs, and a global `Current` object
  • 04/13 09:40:18 Reed: If you are in the Madison, WI area we are doing pre-RailsConf workshop run through of the "PRPL on Rails workshop" Details: https://www.notion.so/MadRailers-PRPL-on-Rails-...
  • 04/13 20:55:31 Nyla: >adding what triggered SQL query in logs raised_hands:skin-tone-2:
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