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  • 04/17 12:10:37 Lincoln: cool, I'm gonna eat lunch and get out of PJs, haha...
  • 04/17 12:11:06 Vennie: yeah, that's my next hour sweat_smile
  • 04/17 13:37:08 Lincoln: @Vennie heading out now! Spielbound then?
  • 04/17 13:48:54 Vennie: Yup, just got here
  • 04/17 13:48:54 Vennie: Yup, just got here
  • 04/17 13:50:22 Janey: good ole eventual consistency
  • 04/17 14:04:57 Vennie: hah! The Slack iOS client was having some real trouble I think
  • 04/17 14:12:18 Mirian: It's always having troub;e
  • 04/17 15:28:27 Margherita: I work about a block from there
  • 04/17 15:28:48 Margherita: At Mutual of Omaha
  • 04/18 10:27:24 Lincoln: Accelerando peeps, I'm gonna be showing up late-ish because I had some work to take care of first thing this morning, but hopefully I'm in time to do lunch. persevere
  • 04/18 11:18:40 Vergie: Sounds good! I like that the reputation of Accelerando coworking is such that you should finish your work before showing up joy
  • 04/18 11:19:32 Jordan: Does Accelerando have dog meds and haircuts and people who want to vacuum my house? Sold!
  • 04/18 11:20:02 Vergie: Maybe caffeine would help doggo?
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