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  • 10/15 12:38:38 Daryl: I was a little worried about going "full" remote a couple of years ago
  • 10/15 12:39:02 Daryl: I was worried I'd feel disconnected from my team
  • 10/15 12:39:22 Daryl: but I feel MORE connected to this team than any others I've worked with
  • 10/15 12:39:48 Francis: that's great! it's really about whether the environment supports distributed team members
  • 10/15 12:40:00 Daryl: we code and slack all day, and if something starts "going off the rails" we hop on a conference call
  • 10/15 12:40:38 Daryl: it definitely took some "training the organization"
  • 10/15 12:40:54 Daryl: when you schedule a meeting, always add a zoom link for remote folks
  • 10/15 12:41:00 Daryl: that sort of thing
  • 10/15 12:41:53 Francis: You know that zoom link is how I ended up in this damn meeting this morning where I heard that shit. haha. They are moving the office and invited staff to a meeting where this was discussed.
  • 10/15 13:02:24 Ahmed: Kevin Berry moved from Omaha to Boston to take a dev management role. He said the market there was very competitive, people were giving lots of relocation money to get people to move there
  • 10/15 13:07:15 Francis: I believe that.
  • 10/15 13:08:25 Francis: It's expensive to live there compared to here. They'd have a hard time talking me into it.
  • 10/16 15:09:59 Ahmed: Should I just set up an #omaha-coworking channel for folks who want to broadcast/subscribe current working locations around town?
  • 10/16 15:10:22 Ahmed: Related: I'm at the Benson Aromas right now coffee
  • 10/16 15:16:18 Donella: eh. without all that chatter, this channel would be pretty much dead.
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