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  • 02/22 16:31:18 Eda: I'm pretty sure KCPL doesn't directly committee. They relay the request to the Nest company, and it pushes the event. But yeah, it was an agreement to get the Nest device for free.
  • 02/22 16:32:09 Eda: Directly *control
  • 02/22 16:32:13 Simonne: Here's my problem with "smart" whatever technology. Think of the most evil, intrusive thing you can think of that someone _might_ do with that tech. Then realize that someone else has already thought of that, and moved onto something even more evil, because it's his _job_ to think of this stuff all day.
  • 02/22 16:33:09 Simonne: It's built on the idea of taking control _away_ from me in the name of convenience.
  • 02/22 16:33:51 Aron: ahhh, didn't realize they'd expanded it to Nests. They offering a discount on your heating/cooling by letting them do that?
  • 02/22 16:36:03 Eda: uh, I don’t think so. Just a free Nest
  • 02/22 16:42:49 Letty: OPPD just sent me a survey about the various things they're planning on doing with regards to throttling your A/C during the summer... right now they have something where they'll just shut off your A/C unit directly during peak demand and give you a credit for it, but they were also talking about a program with the Nest to do something similar... it would precool your house in anticipation of the peak demand and then shut it off
  • 02/22 16:43:33 Letty: The survey had like 8 different configurations of parameters (credit amount, peak hours, which days, etc.) and asked me to choose which one I'd do based on that
  • 02/22 16:44:10 Letty: They weren't giving away a Nest for free exactly, but the best configuration they showed was a $100 upfront credit and then $30 / yr... I would buy a Nest for that
  • 02/22 16:48:22 Aron: very interesting @Letty
  • 02/23 07:28:28 Eda: Today the app tells me that it set Eco mode yesterday at that time “because no one was home”.
  • 02/23 07:31:15 Jaimie: It obviously thinks you're not a person @Eda
  • 02/23 07:33:34 Eda: or that my lifestyle is too sedentary. DON’T JUDGE ME, NEST
  • 02/23 07:58:43 Merna: i got a similar survey… they do have an existing nest program btw https://nest.com/energy-partners/oppd/
  • 02/23 07:59:13 Merna: sorry this is this oppd link https://www.oppd.com/residential/products-progr...
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