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  • 02/17 11:03:50 Jill: https://buffer.com/state-of-remote-work-2019
  • 02/17 15:02:34 Ellamae: How representative is this of the workforce in general? I started in this channel b/c I was a remote worker. Now I go to an office, and I'm wondering how many people like me were included in the survey..
  • 02/17 15:02:49 Ellamae: ('Cause I'd like to be 100% remote again slightly_smiling_face )
  • 02/18 09:09:04 Rex: Thinking I'd head to Accelerando today
  • 02/18 09:26:09 Carie: 19% of workers reported lonliness? That’s one of the perks of remote work!
  • 02/18 09:26:17 Carie: Maybe I’m just a hermit though . . .
  • 02/18 09:27:21 Carie: I think distractions is the #1 problem with remote work for me. But it’s a double-edged sword for me, because I’m super ADHD, so if I don’t have distractions, I’ll find distractions anyway.
  • 02/18 09:27:48 Rex: If I wasn't married, I know loneliness would be one of the biggest things I'd have to worry about with remote work
  • 02/18 09:28:39 Rex: I'm pretty comfortable in my own head, but 3-4 days without hanging out with someone makes me pretty down
  • 02/18 09:28:47 Carie: In fairness, my wife also works from home, but she’s two floors above me, so we hardly ever see each other. We do chat on gchat all day though. I also chat with other friends on gchat too. Plus MWDC. So I guess that’s why I never really feel lonely?
  • 02/18 09:29:22 Rex: But even just hanging out in the evenings helps a lot
  • 02/18 09:29:27 Carie: Yeah, I’m pretty hermitous. I don’t think that’s word, but whatever. My wife went out of town for a week and took the baby, and it was fucking paradise (no offense to my wife and/or baby) to literally speak to nobody for a week. ha ha
  • 02/18 09:29:38 Rex: It doesn't get bad for me until after a few days without contact
  • 02/18 09:30:57 Carie: I’ve lived by myself quite a bit in my life, and I start to feel that way a little bit after a couple weeks. I love watching shows and movies and playing video games.
  • 02/18 09:31:06 Carie: In fact, I have a show or movie going while I’m working all day.
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