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  • 12/11 16:05:32 Dolly: I did! There’s a pretty good change I’ll be there tomorrow, too
  • 12/11 16:05:40 Dolly: i’ll bring it
  • 12/11 16:05:47 Dolly: spoiler: buy it slightly_smiling_face
  • 12/11 16:06:05 Ricarda: Yay!
  • 12/11 16:07:55 Ricarda: Yeah, I’ve basically never played any smash bros game before, somehow. But am interested in trying it out
  • 12/11 16:42:25 Damian: I'm still looking for a game that I can play with a farflung remote engineering team - like the equivalent of the foosball table at the office. Could Smash bros be it? Is it possible to play online with a limited set of people?
  • 12/11 16:43:43 Benjamin: ^^ same. my company christmas party is playing games all afternoon and i'm the only one out of state
  • 12/11 16:47:36 Dolly: yeah! you can play up to 8 people at once!
  • 12/11 16:51:25 Daphine: @Damian check out Super Impossible Road, too (for Windows and macOS)
  • 12/11 16:51:54 Daphine: https://store.steampowered.com/app/444670/SUPER...
  • 12/11 16:52:11 Daphine: It's good wacky fun local, I'll bet it would be good while in voice chat
  • 12/11 16:54:16 Damian: I do like the idea of something on the computer... I can't assume everyone's got a switch (I don't)
  • 12/11 16:54:37 Damian: Though our linux based brethren and sisthren (sp?) will be left out stuck_out_tongue
  • 12/11 17:28:49 Denyse: WINE it up?
  • 12/11 17:46:09 Damian:
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