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  • 08/05 14:45:09 Dwana: Is it the point to follow the rituals and abide by the doctrine to achieve the best outcome in death, or do the rituals and doctrine enable you to live _your best life_? I’d say the former by a long shot, but that is from the perspective of someone who doesn’t abide by any ritual aside from eating the occasional hot dog on Fridays.
  • 08/05 14:47:12 Buster: slack needs a golden apple emoji
  • 08/05 14:49:17 Buster: You do have a point. Most religions seem to have a disproportionate focus on the afterlife, to the detriment of people's ability/desire to change their current circumstances.
  • 08/05 14:50:09 Buster: OTOH, for the longest time (and even today in many places), people didn't have any ability to change their circumstances, regardless of religion.
  • 08/05 14:50:35 Buster: So maybe for many, it's more of a way of dealing with an intolerable situation.
  • 08/05 15:42:23 Kaila: "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." --Karl Marx
  • 08/05 15:43:40 Dwana:
  • 08/05 15:44:05 Buster: I used to say "television is the opiate of the masses."
  • 08/05 15:44:47 Buster: This kid is pretty funny when he's not going off on awkward personal rants about his breakups
  • 08/05 15:53:26 Dwana: I did not know he was a _thing_. I just revel in the opportunity to point out that side hugs are funny
  • 08/05 16:16:56 Buster: Every now and then the Babylon Bee has an article about side hugs, but I think I missed the joke, lol
  • 08/05 16:24:03 Dwana: I remember when it first became a thing, but I honestly can’t recall if it was ever seriously taught or if it was always a goofy meme.
  • 08/06 14:27:27 Buster: We have warheads now that can wipe out a swath of land quite a bit larger than a single city.
  • 08/06 14:28:37 Kaila: #winning
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