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  • 10/03 10:56:44 Johnna: https://medium.com/tandemly/im-breaking-up-with...
  • 10/03 10:59:05 Luana: @Johnna this talk was also _great_ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcVAq3YFiuc
  • 10/03 11:06:33 Lisabeth: ha
  • 10/03 11:06:56 Lisabeth: we use both of these patterns, but I think I prefer MJ’s
  • 10/03 11:07:25 Lisabeth: mostly because we have some majorly nested HOCs, and I’m like wtf do all of these do??? cry
  • 10/03 11:08:23 Lisabeth: not sure if “majorly nested” is a thing, lol, but `a(b(c(d(e(Component)))))` gun
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