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  • 09/04 12:20:54 Melinda: Question for react folks - I'd like to build a component that launches a Google OAuth popup window, records the results, and then keeps them around to make authenticated calls later. I imagine the component itself will get unmounted pretty quickly. I'd also like this to be pretty agnostic to whatever state management is being used, so I don't want it to automatically fire off redux actions, e.g. Is there a nice way to keep that state around and accessible even after the component's been unmounted?
  • 09/04 12:37:52 Gia: Yes - pass in setters for the state as props.
  • 09/04 12:38:08 Gia: That way it doesn't matter what state management the parent component uses. slightly_smiling_face
  • 09/04 12:47:04 Melinda: OK, that makes sense
  • 09/04 12:47:06 Melinda: Thanks!
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