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  • 07/18 09:06:25 Yer: Anyone know a solid React freelancer looking for work (mostly full time hours the next 4-6 weeks) ?
  • 07/18 09:06:33 Yer: it would be remote work btw^
  • 07/18 09:06:58 Yer: my company is trying to fill some gaps and we need someone w/ solid html+css+ react experience
  • 07/19 15:55:26 Myrl: Can anyone recommend resources for testing React components? Most of my testing experience is either using something like Cypress or more granular unit testing. I'm wanting to do more testing of individual components, for example with a list view component I want to make sure it renders in the correct order given some JSON, etc.
  • 07/19 15:59:11 Deandre: React Storybook is pretty cool for manual testing
  • 07/19 16:01:53 Myrl: Sorry, should have been more specific. The project already has jest/enzyme included, so I'm just looking for maybe some good tutorials or something for getting started with writing tests for components
  • 07/19 16:04:50 Myrl: I think I found a decent post from http://Scotch.io
  • 07/19 21:21:50 Tracy: @Myrl what do you want to assert about the components?
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