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  • 11/02 11:11:40 Jacquetta: I've been reading a lot about hooks, but I'm not sure it's actual something exciting (even though a lot of people seem to think so)
  • 11/02 11:11:58 Jacquetta: Is anybody really excited for them, and if so, why?
  • 11/02 11:22:32 Earle: looks like it'll clean up a lot of duplicated stuff that I do in react for tying an input to state
  • 11/02 11:24:14 Earle: feels like a pretty decent "developer ergonomics" enhancement
  • 11/02 11:25:36 Earle: the effect pattern is kinda similar to the one in Microcosm (my go-to react flux library): http://code.viget.com/microcosm/api/effects.html
  • 11/02 11:34:31 Lilliana: I'm ecstatic about hooks
  • 11/02 11:34:38 Lilliana: I'm figuring out how to use them to replace redux
  • 11/02 11:34:52 Lilliana: I think I have something good -- will write a blog post soon
  • 11/02 15:23:14 Shirlee: when it first came out it was hard to see through all the hype. It felt to me like a lot of excitement just because it was something *new*. This from Dan was really helpful for me: https://medium.com/@dan_abramov/making-sense-of....
  • 11/03 19:02:40 Sheilah: Pumped for hooks. I’ve been try to avoid the HOC pattern and only use Render Props because that makes your code so much more direct and easier to reason about. Officially entirely ripped Redux out of the app I work on last night, pretty ecstatic about that.
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