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  • 09/18 15:57:08 Bruno: are you saying that if I go back and watch episodes from when I was a kid, only Big Bird interacts with Snuffalupagus (sp)?
  • 09/18 15:57:37 Alphonso: I believe there was an https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr._Snuffleupagus
  • 09/18 15:57:49 Alphonso: Yep until season 17
  • 09/18 15:58:40 Alphonso: I believe it was in regards to SS helping children report abuse or something, it's not stated in the wiki though
  • 09/18 15:59:01 Tobias: Now see I probably would have been still watching it at that point but I guess possibly did not see that episode, everything I had internalized about Sesame Street was that he was imaginary.
  • 09/18 15:59:27 Alphonso: That was a trivia question one night
  • 09/18 15:59:29 Bruno: I _never_ had a sense he was imaginary. wow.
  • 09/18 15:59:45 Alphonso: Some dude knew what happen in every damn episode of the show
  • 09/18 15:59:52 Bruno: world view: shaken.
  • 09/18 16:00:32 Alphonso: http://mentalfloss.com/article/71281/oral-histo...
  • 09/18 16:00:59 Alphonso: >So it went for 14 years, until the show’s producers began to hear of a growing concern among viewers: In the wake of news reports about child abuse cases, Big Bird’s implausible eyewitness testimony about his oversized friend might have real-life consequences. If adults were ignoring Sesame Street's biggest star, would kids feel like they wouldn't be heard, either?
  • 09/18 16:03:15 Tobias: Which seems like… not a bad principle, although also, like, I wonder how much of that was related to the McMartin case that wasn’t even a real thing that happened.
  • 09/19 10:28:02 Holly: https://blog.cloudflare.com/distributed-web-gat...
  • 09/21 14:24:44 Bruno: Image File [click to view]
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