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  • 10/13 11:52:58 Berneice: Exclamation points render things EXTRA true.
  • 10/13 11:54:46 Berneice: As dumb rules go, I think Betteridge’s law holds up better than most, because journalists who have good sources will lead with a much more solid headline. “Yellowstone Supervolcano Will Kill Us All” would be something I might actually click on.
  • 10/13 11:56:48 Lyndon: > Yellowstone is bubbling. You won’t believe what happens next!”
  • 10/13 11:57:02 Lyndon: yeah, because you’ll be dead. As will us all. Worst clickbait ever.
  • 10/13 11:59:42 Berneice: I mean, if the apocalypse is imminent, I’d like to know if I can go home early.
  • 10/13 12:05:27 Valerie: https://youtu.be/RIz3klPET3o
  • 10/13 14:40:10 Shaquana: That’s amazing… and someone spent a LOT of time on that.
  • 10/16 09:40:46 Lynda: Image File [click to view]
  • 10/16 20:27:57 Chrissy: I like Postgres a lot so I made a little site that picks a random Postgres doc each day and redirects to it: https://dailypgdoc.com/
  • 10/17 12:28:36 Norene: *is really virus pretending to be AVG*
  • 10/18 11:51:37 Lynda: https://www.boredpanda.com/cute-hedgehog-azuki-...
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