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  • 03/18 11:36:26 Nakisha: A/s/l ?
  • 03/18 11:36:43 Nakisha: Oops wrong channel
  • 03/18 11:45:43 Toshiko: I mean…it _is_ random.
  • 03/21 10:57:19 Theron: Solid opening line https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/201... > It is a truth universally acknowledged among virologists that a single virus, carrying a full set of genes, must be in want of a cell.
  • 03/22 08:59:02 Teresa: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/03/20/...
  • 03/22 08:59:41 Teresa: I don't know if anyone in this slack enjoys Rick Steves as much as I do, but this article actually does justice for what Rick has been able to do with his tv show on PBS
  • 03/22 09:13:30 Thurman: I really like Rick Steves, when my husband and I have planned out a couple Europe vacations, we have picked up his books. They were great for Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • 03/22 10:02:31 Teresa: He pretty much saved my sanity when I went through a rough time. I could always look forward to Thursday evenings spending it watching episodes of his show.
  • 03/22 15:17:08 Lera: https://gizmodo.com/this-amazing-algorithm-draw...
  • 03/22 22:12:35 Vita: The future is now. What a time to be alive. http://seoi.net/penint/
  • 03/22 22:13:16 Vita: point_up Probably nsfw
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