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  • 07/19 12:44:42 Eula:
  • 07/19 12:45:44 Dahlia: `/obligatory xkcd sandwich`
  • 07/19 13:54:57 Laverna: https://twitter.com/RAYGUNshirts/status/1152281...
  • 07/19 13:56:09 Dahlia: oh ffs
  • 07/19 13:56:26 Laverna: Hopefully they make it to the KC Raygun store
  • 07/19 14:27:45 Lilliana: Yes!
  • 07/19 14:56:30 Val: I heard a rumor at one point they were considering a sequel
  • 07/19 15:52:11 Dahlia: Does this link for anyone? http://mixpanel.com/
  • 07/19 15:52:15 Dahlia: ah, thanks, Slack
  • 07/19 15:53:15 Dahlia: that’s pretty funny, because I was here: https://engineering.mixpanel.com/about/ But the ‘At Mixpanel’ that goes to their homepage can’t be reached. I guess because Pihole is blocking it.
  • 07/19 16:09:03 Mitzie: OMG i wish it that easy! more like throw new error('Cop Bad Attitude')
  • 07/19 16:11:32 Dahlia: unrelated, but… When you click a Slack thread, it opens a right-side window. But there’s also that Threads view in the left sidebar, which is full-width. Now say I want to read existing threads full-width. How do I do that? As far as I can tell, the full-width Threads view is only available on new replies.
  • 07/19 17:17:41 Mitzie: Say whhhhhaaaaaa... => https://www.cnet.com/news/bud-light-free-beer-f... male_zombiemale_zombiemale_zombiebeerbeerbeerbeer
  • 07/19 17:59:14 Joe: wow that's such a relevant brand engaging with its market on timely matters
  • 07/19 21:16:49 Pauline: I did. I was disappointed – I love Paul Bettany, but the movie was super forgettable
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