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  • 05/21 12:04:42 Inge: @Pam hey I flipped my Thursday attendence to "No" to make room. I've got a minor medical procedure that morning so hoping (but not sure) I'd feel OK to attend. I don't want to block any definite Yess slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/21 12:05:05 Inge: is there going to be a live stream / recording? I'd love to see it
  • 05/21 12:05:35 Inge: I'm a HUGE sucker for lightning talks -- it's my favorite format
  • 05/21 12:08:00 Pam: I ended up upping the attendance number so if you feel better by all means come and you know not all 33 people will show up anyway. slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/21 12:08:45 Pam: I could see if @Hyman would be willing to record!
  • 05/21 12:12:40 Inge: We'll see how the morning goes slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/21 12:37:38 Pam: I'll be recording with Ryan's equipment it'll be up on http://techomaha.com I'll let you know when!
  • 05/24 10:56:00 Pam: Hope all is going well with your procedure Jay!
  • 05/24 11:44:11 Inge: ha, got cancelled (pushed back a few months)
  • 05/24 12:11:02 Pam: Glad it wasn't a serious procedure then!
  • 05/24 20:31:37 Karla: Can someone post the URL from the meeting tonight @Pam? Thanks!
  • 05/24 20:47:04 Pam: Here you go : http://goo.gl/NJr2Hx
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