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  • 10/16 20:14:51 Georgene: Aron's scaring me above slightly_smiling_face
  • 10/16 20:15:01 Randall: I super love lambda but my experience overall has been when I struggle with something, I _really_ struggle with it.
  • 10/16 20:15:15 Georgene: The Flask lab I did last week got me super excited
  • 10/16 20:15:47 Randall: It’s consistently been one of those things where everything is great and then when something breaks I am just totally lost for a long time
  • 10/16 20:15:57 Georgene: https://github.com/peterb154/flask_lambda_lab
  • 10/16 20:15:58 Randall: I also haven’t used it for anything mega serious, though.
  • 10/16 20:16:40 Randall: Just a lot of fun side stuff. Like Aaron said you can actually push up any dependency you want if you compile it against aws and pull every dependency you need out
  • 10/16 20:17:03 Georgene: ya, Flask does all the Pythony junk automagically
  • 10/16 20:17:13 Georgene: until I hit Aron's stuff above, apparently slightly_smiling_face
  • 10/16 20:17:23 Randall: I compiled PhantomJS against AWS Linux about a year ago and got it to run in lambdas, which took waaaaaay longer than it should have to figure out. Was also just for a fun silly thing.
  • 10/16 20:17:36 Georgene: @Jami+++++++ THANK YOU for those pointers. I suspect those will be super helpful
  • 10/16 20:18:18 Randall: Yeah — I actually distinctly remember being able to put both lambda’s and rds on the same VPC a while back so unless that changed I think you can actually do that. You just have to change RDS ingress settings in the vpc
  • 10/16 20:20:00 Georgene: hopefully maybe not as bad as I'm fearing. I spook easy wink
  • 10/16 20:21:31 Jami: The scariest part I had to deal with was understanding that I couldn't just use any python dependency. As it turned out, the one I really wanted to use (psycopg2) didn't work outta the box.
  • 10/16 20:21:50 Randall: ^^ yes
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