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  • 07/19 10:46:52 Annabell: If I had a `-vvvvvvvvdammit` this whole thing would have been 20m, not 6+ hours
  • 07/19 10:47:33 Myrtle: wait until you try Ansible.
  • 07/19 10:47:46 Annabell: we ostensibly left Ansible for Docker slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/19 10:47:54 Annabell: ya, Ansible verbose mode is EPIC
  • 07/19 10:48:31 Lakenya: tbh im still a little confused on why you're trying to assert the whole dictionary object instead of breaking it up into smaller chunks to verify. it seems it would be easier to do that than mess with pytest internals
  • 07/19 10:49:19 Lakenya: my whole job is to test api's everyday and i don't think ive ever written a json object == expected json object assert directly grimacing
  • 07/19 10:49:23 Annabell: yes, we have 80K *other* lines of pytest that do that. In this case (long story) its an end-to-end test of an intentionally hyuuuuuuge JSON
  • 07/19 10:49:50 Annabell: and if pytest would let me tell it to treat me like an adult, I'd have no complaint
  • 07/19 10:51:42 Annabell: my plea for adulthood derives from the task I'm trying to do has nothing at all to do with pytest, I wanted to just tweak (~10) tests written years ago and get back to my real work
  • 07/19 10:52:35 Annabell: and I'm annoyed pytest features make me write my own pprint crap to get around their features, or override pytest itself slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/19 10:53:41 Annabell: I won't defend these tests --- 1300 lines of run-on JSON megapayload crap is really really hard to debug. pytest coddling me makes it worse.
  • 07/19 10:54:18 Annabell: ironically, the .py files are nicely formatted and make sense -- until a mismatch
  • 07/19 10:56:14 Annabell: Presumably everyone in here would vomit if they saw some of our more extreme `@pytest.mark.parametrize()` uses
  • 07/19 10:56:22 Annabell: they're.... woof.
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