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  • 07/09 10:49:20 Beckie: I'll admit I'm struggling to parse out what's going on in there, but here's what I'd look at, aside from reading/writing to a data store. 1) it looks like you have a lot of replacing and converting going on in there. Can you clean that up? Cqn you do it earlier or later, or anyplace where you're not doing it in this expensive method? 2) I'd take a hard look at pd.ewma() whatever that is. 3) I'd figure out the values and then build the dict with them in one shot. Probably not a performance boost, but it would be much more readable.
  • 07/09 22:17:30 Tammi: you were absolutely right. I rewrote these two functions using cython and numpy instead, and it dropped my time/iteration from .19 to .02 haha
  • 07/12 12:46:16 Marcellus: Guido retired today? https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-commit...
  • 07/12 13:28:22 Beckie: Yup
  • 07/12 18:22:18 Lou: He's had enough
  • 07/12 18:30:33 Beckie: It’s a bad deal. Lot of lessons for communities and engineers in general.
  • 07/12 21:24:55 Tammi: When I try to send an api request to buy something, I receive this error. "APIError(code=-1013): Filter failure: LOT_SIZE" How do I access this API response so that I can do something like this: if "LOT_SIZE" in e.message: do someting
  • 07/13 10:44:08 Marcellus: show the code you're using for API interaction? I have no idea what library(ies) you're using, could Google if I knew
  • 07/13 11:28:02 Tammi: @Tammi uploaded a file: https://midwestdevchat.slack.com/files/U8QRW8PM...
  • 07/13 17:34:18 Marcellus: hmm... this `Client` class -- is this an API library that the company released and you downloaded?
  • 07/13 17:50:54 Tammi: yup. It's part of the python-binance package which is a wrapper for the Binance Rest API
  • 07/13 18:03:17 Beckie: My WAG is that by putting the call in the whole loop, you’re blowing past their request cap
  • 07/13 18:05:56 Marcellus: So I'm guessing `e.response` is an inspectable object of some kind? https://github.com/sammchardy/python-binance/bl...
  • 07/15 14:40:27 Tammi: thanks. I figured it out.
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