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  • 03/27 12:54:33 Lakeshia: Another branch-prediction-related vulnerability discovered: http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~nael/pubs/asplos18.pdf
  • 04/02 13:21:52 Daphne: Reporting a PCI violation seems nearly impossible.
  • 04/02 13:22:09 Daphne: The best I can find is calling your card provider and telling them of the incident.
  • 04/02 13:24:09 Carman: who enforces PCI, what body mandates it?
  • 04/02 13:32:14 Daphne: It appears it's all the credit card companies. So your best bet is to fill out a contact-us page on the card site.
  • 04/02 13:32:18 Daphne: e.g. visa or mastercard.
  • 04/02 13:33:15 Carman: that doesn’t make sense. Isn’t PCI a government law?
  • 04/02 13:33:45 Carman: Sorry, not doubting you, just interested to know. I assumed it is law.
  • 04/02 13:34:02 Daphne: It's not a law, I've come to find out.
  • 04/02 13:34:10 Carman: TIL
  • 04/02 13:36:03 Daphne: Which makes me think that HIPAA means a lot more than PCI, since one is a law, and the other is a standard agreed by companies.
  • 04/19 14:30:58 Lakeshia: https://medium.com/intrinsic/javascript-prototy...
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