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  • 08/04 00:38:30 Mikki: this has always been the problem with SMS for 2FA, though. SMS is not a terribly secure system. As in, this isn't a new problem (even though this incident might be news). Not all 2FA are created equal, I suppose. It's also like using "your dad's middle name" as a back-up for "forgot password". If you're not using a password generator for those questions (or something like `correct battery staple`), it's a weak link.
  • 08/15 20:50:37 Mikki: You know those document upload sites that mortgage bankers use? Like, Rando Bank Corp’s HTTPS document dropbox thing. Are those in any provable way more secure or reliable than just emailing the banker the docs? Like, email might not be encrypted end-to-end, and I probably can’t guarantee that. But Rando Bank Corp’s website is also probably not 100% up on security best practices either.
  • 08/15 22:33:08 Emory: try to convince the to accept it through kbfs? https://keybase.io/docs/kbfs
  • 08/16 18:26:35 Mikki: Asking bankers to do security stuff is like an absurdist tragicomedy of errors.
  • 08/18 09:38:59 Mikki: Who in here would be considered a SME in computer security? I certainly don’t consider myself an industry-leading expert. Any recommendations, references? My sister is working on a grant-funded project and looking for experts who could review course material.
  • 08/18 09:40:57 Mikki: > We anticipate the standard course taking roughly 5-10 hours to review. We are offering a stipend [for the work] They are hoping to get reviewers lined up by this Monday.
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