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  • 06/07 12:48:29 Julene: > You’re one of 275,785 people pwned in the Linux Forums data breach. neutral_face Gotta love breaches on forums from 10 years ago…
  • 06/07 23:53:18 Sophie: reckt
  • 06/14 17:43:34 Vincenza: I’m planning to travel internationally in the next few months. I’m generally leery of customs, and have been considering getting a burner chromebook or else sorting out how to re-provision a factory-reset laptop once at a destination. Anyone worked on this problem? I have some vague ideas about how to approach it (munki, fabric, and such), but I can easily imagine sinking weeks of my free time into getting the details right, and possibly having to go without a properly configured primary computer during that time if I decide to try.
  • 06/14 18:18:48 Julene: I feel like there was a pretty good post about that from an iOS/Mac dev company a year or so ago thinking_face
  • 06/14 18:21:22 Julene: Ah, no, it was Basecamp. Linked by an AgileBits blog, https://blog.agilebits.com/2017/05/18/introduci...
  • 06/14 18:23:21 Julene: Probably nothing in there to help a ton. Can you do an encrypted thumb drive with your provisioning stuff and take a factory clean laptop with you, then decrypt and provision on site? Maybe keep VPN config on the stick too?
  • 06/14 18:36:04 Vincenza: Oh, that's not a bad middle ground..I use veracrypt, so a Time machine backup on an external usb3 crypted drive ought to work ok. And yeah, a VPN back to the house is a good call too.
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