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  • 07/11 15:24:14 Halina: Or to ask a better question, how can we prevent that.
  • 07/11 15:24:43 Halina: Right now I’m not feeling like my yearly ACLU donation is sufficient participation.
  • 07/11 15:31:46 Halina: to me, the tweet I posted above recalls the Niemöller quotation. https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/artic...
  • 07/11 15:35:06 Deshawn: I'm in, if anyone has concrete action in mind. Or just a meeting to attend.
  • 07/11 15:42:29 Stacie: There is a vigil on Friday in Omaha: https://twitter.com/immigrantlc1/status/1148731...
  • 07/11 15:44:57 Halina: I suppose I _should_ start by asking the ACLU. I know local chapters are a thing. And while something like “take PTO and go down there” might _seem_ like a great idea, it’s often not helpful without relevant experience and knowledge (like trying to go to New Orleans to help with emergency response efforts, but not knowing first aid or responder protocols, etc.).
  • 07/15 09:53:01 Deshawn: @Stacie ack, just now saw that. My bad disappointed Please do continue to post such events
  • 07/15 09:53:11 Deshawn: Oh. So apparently Amazon workers are striking today and tomorrow. And Twitch is an Amazon product? So you might want to boycott Amazon, Twitch, others for 2 days? https://twitter.com/coffem0m/status/11491636008...
  • 07/15 20:54:31 Maye: https://twitter.com/lydiadepillis/status/115093...
  • 07/19 17:36:37 Kathi: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/19/upshot/trump...
  • 07/19 17:43:46 Halina: those graphs are pretty but lacking some key labels
  • 07/19 17:48:09 Mendy: This is pretty common-sense, yeah? We’re in uncharted political territory, but only Ford, Carter, and Bush Sr. were defeated as incumbents
  • 07/19 17:48:41 Mendy: (recently)
  • 07/19 17:50:01 Halina: I think the Democratic party’s arrogance is uncharted territory, yeah.
  • 07/19 17:50:47 Halina: Or maybe it’s hubris.
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