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  • 03/21 09:12:15 Daren: Listened to it on the commute in
  • 03/21 09:14:11 Karla: A few years ago, I worked on an app that used the Facebook SDK and I had a minor freakout about the amount of power Facebook handed over to third parties. Then I went kinda numb. I am not having the right/normal reaction to this story
  • 03/21 09:28:01 Inocencia: It sounds like you’re having a proportional reaction, though. I’ve been off of Facebook as a daily user for a while and now I just want to reach out to my friends circle to wave goodbye and delete my account.
  • 03/21 09:29:20 Daren: https://www.thebalance.com/easily-unlike-multip...
  • 03/21 09:29:46 Daren: TL;DR: https://www.facebook.com/[your-facebook-slug]/a...
  • 03/21 10:19:18 Joanie: I made a search engine that used data from multiple platforms - facebook, twitter, instagram, github - but I didn’t pull any data that I didn’t need. Anything I kept was intended to be used and seen by the user/customer. This data was collected and used totally different than how I used it, and how the Obama campaign used it in ’12. The campaign used it to help share content with your friends only through user action and involvement, not just pointless farming and collection for micro-targeting. this whole this is a complex issue that needs an investigation so I’m glad they’re moving forward. I’ve stopped using facebook, but I intend to delete it shortly. I want to see that tower fall lol.
  • 03/21 10:50:09 Mamie: I want to delete my FB account, but I have so many other accounts connected to it using "log in with Facebook"
  • 03/21 10:50:33 Mamie: I can't stomach the tedium of setting up passwords for all of them.
  • 03/21 10:50:38 Mamie: At least there's LastPass
  • 03/21 10:54:18 Daren: Un-liking pages, turning off all notifications, and locking down profile/post visibility is my “I want to delete Facebook but can’t” approach
  • 03/21 11:00:12 Thomas: I use https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/news-...
  • 03/21 11:00:51 Thomas: It helps me from getting sucked into the newsfeed and lets me send messages and use other more useful features
  • 03/21 12:24:17 Ryan: i deleted my FB account last year after a trial run of disabling it, disabling it was a pain because other people could still send me messages and feel like i received it (almost missed getting a wedding invitation) deleting your FB account is fantastic, only pain is i need an account to manage developer console stuff for work and they keep (a) disabling any account i create claiming it as fake (i guess) and (b) ignoring my support tickets which is further evidence that you should dump FB
  • 03/21 12:24:40 Ryan: i wish i could convince myself to quit using Twitter and Imgur too
  • 03/21 12:28:23 Audrea: ( I mainly use Mastodon nowadays https://octodon.social/@deafferret )
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