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  • 03/19 16:37:35 Noelia: There's so much to say about convincing corporations what is in their own best interests.
  • 03/19 16:38:08 Noelia: Focusing on quarterly earnings eventually drives almost every mega corporation into the ground. I think most big companies have a survival rate of about 100 years.
  • 03/19 16:39:17 Noelia: This is hard to fix because the individuals who work at those companies won't be around when the company finally disintegrates as a result of too many short-sight decisions - and, to make things worse, those who *are* still around can just go find employment elsewhere.
  • 03/19 16:40:04 Chong: fwiw, “what the average person can *easily* do to combat climate change” might be “vote”, say.
  • 03/19 16:40:32 Noelia: What we *really* need to do is persuade conservative political candidates to take up the mantle.
  • 03/19 16:40:52 Noelia: Find a way to make it seem consistent with smaller government, traditional values and deregulated markets.
  • 03/19 16:42:08 Noelia: Many high-profile conservative candidates now fully support gay rights, which was unimaginable 20 years ago. Global warming should be low-hanging fruit.
  • 03/19 16:42:49 Angelyn: we don’t have 20 years to convince them to change their minds.
  • 03/19 16:43:30 Noelia: Before my parents started listening to conservative talk radio, they used to tellme that taking care of the environment was part of my responsibility to God as a steward of the planet He created. I think that approach would track.
  • 03/19 16:44:37 Gaylord: As long as the Global South faces the brunt of the disasters caused by climate change, convincing conservatives that it matters isn't going to happen.
  • 03/22 17:01:25 Chong: alllrighty then. Is Attorney General William P. Barr partisan?
  • 03/22 17:02:43 Mac: No
  • 03/22 17:03:54 Chong: bullet_dodge:
  • 03/22 21:19:45 Ellena: The. Suspense.
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