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  • 09/13 09:45:16 Jeffrey: I think the issue is oversimplified thinking.
  • 09/13 09:45:55 Jeffrey: I talked to my parents the other day about poverty as a function not just of poor habits, but a lack of education about how to do well in the American economy.
  • 09/13 09:47:00 Jeffrey: Many who can't hold down a job were never given the skills to hold one down; and, many who finally learn those skills are in a situation where they can no longer climb the economic ladder. For example, the single parent who works two minimum wage jobs and doesn't have time to take college courses.
  • 09/13 09:50:56 Kara: plus the problem of starting behind. it’s *incredibly* hard to bootstrap from poverty to middle-class. having networks, monied family, etc. etc. etc. is a _huge_ head-start. There’s so much to say (and read) about this topic. Which goes to Abraham’s point: cursory conclusions are certainly going to be oversimplifications.
  • 09/14 09:58:47 Kathaleen: Was intrigued by this last night, might poke around in it more next week. https://www.kialo.com/tour
  • 09/14 10:34:26 Melynda: Whoah boy Manafort is cooperating
  • 09/14 10:34:59 Melynda: Plea deal is all counts dropped if he cooperates, pleads guilt to obstruction and conspiracy against the United States, I believe that is right below treason
  • 09/14 10:35:56 Melynda: Yeah this is pretty much how fed cases go
  • 09/14 10:36:05 Melynda: They show you their hand you decide to fold
  • 09/14 10:55:34 Jeffrey: It sounds like he may not have to cooperate, as long as he takes the plea bargain.
  • 09/14 10:56:30 Melynda: Nope the plea bargin only happens if he cooperates
  • 09/14 11:01:58 Jeffrey: Well now we're finally getting somewhere
  • 09/14 12:28:47 Lidia:
  • 09/14 12:37:03 Melynda: Eh I wouldn't go that far
  • 09/14 12:37:32 Melynda: But when the campaign manager of the current sitting president pleads guilty to conspiring against the United States I would say they might of known
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