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  • 01/18 11:09:51 Christiana: Zero geese?
  • 01/18 11:10:12 Earle: duck , duck , goose. You get an impeachment. YOU get an impeachment!
  • 01/18 11:10:28 Christiana:
  • 01/18 11:10:34 Earle: yasss
  • 01/18 11:10:45 Earle: `/oprah impeachment`
  • 01/18 13:09:05 Christiana: https://twitter.com/jaketapper/status/108633749...
  • 01/18 13:09:14 Christiana: Propping up the USPS one brick at a time
  • 01/18 13:09:21 Christiana: What a bunch of dumbasses
  • 01/18 13:27:35 Jamar: because bricks are what the wall should be built out of ??
  • 01/18 14:06:01 Brittani: he's been president for 2 years and he still has a campaign manager?
  • 01/18 19:22:00 Christiana: https://twitter.com/shimonpro/status/1086422663... Whoah Boy
  • 01/18 19:22:31 Christiana: https://twitter.com/shimonpro/status/1086425808... Interesting follow up
  • 01/20 09:46:40 Corine: https://youtu.be/cv_39LBMsYg
  • 01/20 09:47:39 Corine: Cory Doctorow's summary of the Atlantic article the video outlines is pretty interesting: > According to Appelbaum, history teaches us that impeaching a president has five major benefits even if they are not removed from office: it changes the way that the press covers the issue, switching from letting the president set a fearmongering agenda to piecing together a coherent narrative of the president's unfitness; it sidelines the president's agenda and forces them to focus on the impeachment; it moves away from the piecemeal Congressional committee investigations of individual scandals and puts the focus on the big picture of how they all fit together; it channels public and governmental anger with the government into a peaceful and lawful system of redressing grievances, forestalling potential political violence; and it permanently damages the impeached president's political prospects, putting them under a cloud for the rest of their political lives.
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