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  • 12/14 14:23:02 Kandice: Wouldn't they attack the protocol, like when comcast throttled bittorrent?
  • 12/14 14:24:05 Delores: Not 100% sure on that. It’s a good point though.
  • 12/14 14:25:22 Kandice: I'm not trying to tear it down before it's tried, but I think any successful nonregulatory net neutrality fix has to start with hardware
  • 12/14 14:27:17 Delores: I think there is currently a satellite that is streaming the whole Bitcoin blockchain. So if the internet went down it’d still be available… So something in the same ballpark as that would be needed.
  • 12/14 14:29:23 Kandice: oh man does that mean that you can make a GPS that, in addition to navigating highways, can buy and sell bitcoin?
  • 12/14 14:31:05 Delores: all_the_things
  • 12/14 15:28:38 William: SIGN ME UP
  • 12/14 15:49:55 William: https://orchidprotocol.com/
  • 12/15 09:21:16 Katheryn: The problem is in the "last mile" access to the consumers of the web. You can de-centralize the web all you want, but if Cox keeps me from accessing/de-prioritizes traffic to/from those decentralized bits it will be moot. If all traffic were encrypted and went through VPNs so that the ISPs couldn't tell what or from where that traffic was, that would certainly mitigate the issue but de-centralizing by itself won't.
  • 12/15 10:08:17 Delores: So essentially we just need someone to spend a lot of money on a internet infrastructure without expecting any profits from it and/or not let anyone have total control over it.
  • 12/15 10:09:00 Delores: *Elon Musk bat signal*
  • 12/15 10:34:48 Arianna: YES THANK YOU! I was too lazy to type all that into a Twitter response this morning. Would you do that for me please? wink
  • 12/15 10:48:34 Katheryn: Is Orchid significantly different in concept than Tor?
  • 12/15 10:50:20 Katheryn: Also isn't there a Tor client called Orchid?
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