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  • 10/11 16:13:25 Marylin: assuming you're able to throw composer into your project
  • 10/11 16:15:05 Gussie: PHP League usually has good libraries. https://github.com/thephpleague/oauth2-client
  • 10/11 16:15:10 Carin: We do use composer. That SO post recommends https://github.com/Lusitanian/PHPoAuthLib. I guess I'm trying to figure out if it would be easier to install the OAuth extension in my local environment/production server, or re-factor and use that library
  • 10/11 16:16:03 Marylin: hmm... refactor or get extension working... that's a tough decision. I think a refactor would be worth the effort just because you probably don't want to have to deal with that if you ever need to migrate servers or something
  • 10/11 16:16:19 Carin: Thanks @Gussie – I was looking at another of their packages but this looks closer to what I need. The other small issue is that the API I'm using isn't very widely used, so it's not included in any of the base services for these libraries
  • 10/11 16:16:58 Carin: So it looks like whichever one I choose I might have to write my own provider/service
  • 10/11 16:17:51 Carin: I hadn't considered the server migration aspect. That's definitely good to keep in mind. I think I'm leaning towards using one of these libraries...
  • 10/11 16:18:57 Marylin: Another point to add to that is other developers on your team. They too would have to deal with compiling it into their PHP versions as well
  • 10/11 16:19:50 Gussie: Out of curiosity what API are you using?
  • 10/11 16:20:25 Gussie: It sounds like you’re going to have to write your service as an interface to the api
  • 10/11 16:21:00 Marylin: Better yet, submit that service as a pull request to the project linked above slightly_smiling_face contribute back
  • 10/11 16:21:36 Gussie: Or at the very least fork the project to create an interface for the api you are working on
  • 10/11 16:22:11 Carin: https://developers.liveperson.com/engagement-hi...
  • 10/11 16:25:06 Carin: Thanks for the suggestions slightly_smiling_face I would definitely like to put something together that other people can benefit from if possible
  • 10/11 16:30:27 Carin: Aaaaand I just realized they use OAuth 1.0 not 2.0 disappointed
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