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  • 09/11 09:21:50 Judie: quality scroll here
  • 09/11 09:22:07 Judie: who’s some wordpress folks that can lend me a thought for a minute
  • 09/11 10:02:31 Odelia: I am some wordpress folk smile There's also a <#C0HR95T1A|wordpress> channel
  • 09/11 10:02:37 Odelia: but... it's not very active disappointed
  • 09/11 10:04:10 Odelia: Feel free to shoot me some questions and I'll try to be helpful!
  • 09/11 10:06:50 Judie: cool. talking in there then. slightly_smiling_face
  • 09/18 14:15:25 Breanna: HHVM announced that they aren’t aiming for compatibility with PHP any more. That has me wondering what HHVM and Hack is really like. Has anybody in here used HHVM for a project?
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