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  • 07/31 15:40:03 Gail: I’m looking for a dev shop that’s interested in doing some short-term staff augmentation with my team. Anybody have suggestions?
  • 07/31 15:40:23 Gail: Start: in a couple weeks For: 2-2.5 months, probably Tech: PHP + JS Volume: 2 people
  • 07/31 15:43:18 Kena: @Alissa might be intrested?? Edit: let me check with them first!
  • 07/31 15:46:59 Gail: @Kena Too late, I already emailed via their website!
  • 07/31 15:47:10 Kena: Sweet! That works toooo!
  • 07/31 15:47:32 Gail: Anyone else? Availability’s always a challenge.
  • 07/31 16:17:18 Alissa: Hey Scott, I see your message via our website. I’ll follow up with you here shortly! Let me check with our project manager first and see what our availability looks like! Thanks for reaching out to us!
  • 07/31 17:20:44 Estella: https://303software.com/ fwiw
  • 07/31 17:21:38 Estella: They used to do primarily PHP, but looks like they've branched out. They did some work for the place I'm at now - I can't speak personally to the quality but from what I've heard it's decent
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