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  • 08/06 10:51:26 Romaine: Perl5: The Hobbit. Smaller. More plot holes. Not as extensive. Perl6: Lord of the Rings. (same story, idea, mindset, environment. A re-imagination.)
  • 08/06 10:52:04 Kristie: and the hobbit movies were dragged out way longer than they needed to be
  • 08/06 10:52:08 Kristie: Similar to perl 5
  • 08/06 10:52:12 Kristie: runs away
  • 08/06 10:53:11 Romaine: shrug:skin-tone-3: keeps funding my 401K, I'm happy with it
  • 08/06 10:53:41 Kristie: haha, true
  • 08/06 10:54:44 Romaine: > Perl6 has things that no other language has. That other languages should have. And I keep waiting for other languages to steal from it. Grammers, for example. OO parts other languages will eventually adopt.
  • 08/06 10:55:48 Kristie: when I heard that I made a note to go look at what grammars are
  • 08/06 10:56:12 Romaine: Perl5 compiler: huge balls of C, heavy with macros Perl6 compiler: A virtual machine, which was a fad at the time.
  • 08/06 10:59:09 Romaine: thumbsup:skin-tone-3: that's a good listen, thanks for the link
  • 08/06 11:18:06 Susana: @Rafaela once described the Vim movements as a grammar for telling the editor what you want to do.
  • 08/06 11:18:36 Rafaela: It’s true, they are
  • 08/06 11:21:41 Rafaela: Also, just because I enjoy it, PyPI is called “the CheeseShop” - context to Nick’s earlier statement
  • 08/08 10:11:09 Romaine: https://youtu.be/T2e0xSOHd-0
  • 08/09 21:12:46 Dino: Poor Larry. I hope his health improves. He’s an amazing guy, and that was a beautiful message. The Perl community is lucky.
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