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  • 02/05 16:08:18 Bee: https://twitter.com/deafferret/status/109290290...
  • 02/05 16:31:12 Beatrice: Image File [click to view]
  • 02/05 16:36:26 Beatrice: i haven’t uploaded anything yet though, got the ok to do so through work
  • 02/05 16:37:46 Beatrice: i wrote a `TestClassMooseLite` which i’m hoping to upload, it is compatible with `TestClassMoose` but works transparently with prove and a bajillion times lighter weight
  • 02/05 16:52:15 Bee: `<JOKE>` @Beatrice its up to YOU to save Perl5!! DO IT OR I'M MOVING IN WITH YOU (homeless) `</JOKE>`
  • 02/05 16:52:45 Beatrice:
  • 02/05 16:52:53 Beatrice: damn, giphy++
  • 02/06 08:53:49 Tyler: lol
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