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  • 04/05 08:02:21 Eleanora: (ruby)
  • 04/05 09:17:28 Ernie: Hi. My name is Jay. I haven't used perl for... 8 hours. https://github.com/opennebraska/pri-tif/commit/...
  • 04/05 10:35:37 Ernie: @Golden re: paint above: my coworker quipped: > aka "Do algorithms designed to produce character strings in response to an almost infinite variety of inputted shapes produce character strings when given random shapes as input?"
  • 04/05 10:35:41 Ernie: slightly_smiling_face
  • 04/05 11:36:46 Golden: Yep and no matter what they produce it'll probably run in Perl joy
  • 04/05 13:47:53 Eleanora: they'd also probably be valid vim input. lol
  • 04/05 13:49:07 Eleanora: now that i think of it, I suppose that's not very impressive. lol nearly all keys are mapped in vim
  • 04/05 13:49:37 Eleanora: could be fun to watch though
  • 04/10 10:15:43 Ernie: Oh, interesting. I can't remember ever seeing a list like this where Perl wasn't on it at all https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2019?...
  • 04/10 10:16:19 Ernie: I don't think I've ever heard of Kotlin
  • 04/10 16:58:03 Eleanora: Kotlin — making Java bearable troll
  • 04/10 17:04:29 Eleanora: >Perl is not listed as one of the Programming and Scripting Languages, but fortunately there's Other where you can fill in the name. If there's enough of us, maybe they'll put Perl back where it belongs?
  • 04/10 17:04:35 Eleanora: https://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=1228986
  • 04/10 17:04:37 Eleanora: sadness
  • 04/10 17:50:22 Ernie: oh? I thought that was Scala's job slightly_smiling_face
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