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  • 03/06 13:54:27 Aleen: Oh, I love the Flag Parrots section on https://cultofthepartyparrot.com/ ! The slight delays between animation in each row is just so satisfying smile
  • 03/06 13:55:15 Aleen: So wiggly!!!!!
  • 03/06 13:56:22 Sheena: you made me look at that site again and realize that there's a COOLER shirt than the one I already have smile
  • 03/06 13:56:23 Sheena: https://cottonbureau.com/products/parrot-style#...
  • 03/06 13:59:20 Aleen: Hah, people come out of the woodwork to talk to me about my shirt when I wear that...
  • 03/08 12:20:59 Gerard: That is, like, the best shirt.
  • 03/08 12:21:20 Gerard: Almost all the flags are being made by the same user, pumping them out like crazy.
  • 03/08 12:28:51 Aleen: It's a nice addition... have you considered laying them out in the shape of a waving flag? There should be an animated gif time offset so you could make the flag part wave distinctly from the pole part, etc.... alas
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