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  • 03/13 16:06:11 Rana: However because Ruby gems handles the packaging of our code, people can easily pick and choose what they want/need.
  • 03/13 16:07:27 Pete: sure, actual consumption of packages still works fine with the monorepo. im js focused and npm is not really aware that the source came from a monorepo
  • 03/13 16:08:31 Pete: but interacting with maintainers of those packages through github is more difficult. even beyond release notes, things like searching existing issues, etc makes it harder as a consumer imho
  • 03/13 16:12:59 Rana: For sure
  • 03/13 16:20:12 Pete: even saw this come up in one project: > The notifications can be quite overwhelming! I don't think we have a good way of setting subject-based filters at the moment, I'd love for people to be able to subscribe to particular topics or certain plugins like this.
  • 03/13 16:21:28 Pete: github enabling some way to sub-divide could make things far more consumable, but short of that i dont know good alternatives other than separation of repos
  • 03/13 20:44:43 Renea: I find it easier to manage PRs/issues for narrowly-scoped repos, but tracking high-level versioning/project changes is a lot easier with a monorepo
  • 03/14 09:21:53 Rana: Yeah the best of both worlds for us was having a monorepo for the packages that everyone using the platform would use and having all the more specific packages in their own repo under the solidusio or solidusio-contrib org in GitHub.
  • 03/15 11:28:57 Rana: have you tried octobox?
  • 03/15 11:48:56 Pete: i did a while back, but i dont think it solves the problem for package consumers
  • 03/15 11:49:22 Pete: to me, it still comes mostly down to who the monorepo benefits
  • 03/15 11:49:37 Pete: often it seems to benefit the maintainers at the cost of consumers
  • 03/15 11:50:17 Pete: (which sometimes is the right decision to keep the project afloat, but it sometimes seems like the tradeoff wasnt fully understood before making the decision)
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