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  • 07/14 23:16:13 Sharleen: if we start doing meetups in conjunction with this group will do something additional
  • 07/16 11:06:20 Magdalene: @Oswaldo Forth was the first programming language I ever learned but hadn't heard about it in years. Why did you choose pForth?
  • 07/16 12:23:33 Oswaldo: @Magdalene I wanted a fairly simple sort of natural language interface and toyed around with logo, lisp, forth as ways of leveraging an existing system which was easy to build up and interpret "words" that might be easy for humans to remember like "delete" "search" "compose" "sleep"... Forth felt the most right. I started to design my own language which is a sort of delayed-interpretation forth so that RPN is not needed... aka "+" word wants two things on the stack so "1 + 1" will give "2" because the "+" will wait for the second number on the stack before evaluating.
  • 07/16 19:35:48 Sharleen: saw this in events, pretty cool https://www.twitch.tv/techlahoma
  • 07/16 19:36:21 Sharleen: looks like they stream and record a lot of events
  • 07/16 19:36:48 Sharleen: https://www.youtube.com/c/techlahoma
  • 07/16 20:23:18 Sharleen: https://www.techstars.com/content/accelerators/...
  • 07/16 20:23:57 Sharleen: includes Bellwethr, a company founded by Matt Moody in Wamego/Manhattan
  • 07/16 20:24:36 Sharleen: works at the iron clad coworking space there. shows you can build a startup anywhere
  • 07/16 20:24:48 Sharleen: https://www.bellwethr.com/
  • 07/17 18:12:23 Britany: I heard kotlin mentioned earlier in the channel.. anyone actually developing with it?
  • 07/17 21:42:55 Sharleen: from former lawrence coder http://www.rubytestingpodcast.com/aaron-sumner
  • 07/17 21:46:42 Sharleen: Im not but sounds like @Kathline is a proponent
  • 07/17 22:57:28 Kathline: I don't have anything production kotlin code, but lots of side projects. It feels like the future of native android development. Looks like the official android docs all default to kotlin now
  • 07/18 16:51:19 Carolann: Not dev related, but I'm curious if there are any homebrewers or individuals interested in brewing/beer in this area?
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