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  • 09/05 18:14:48 Lashawna: Im use to oauth 2 with doorkeeper in ruby
  • 09/05 18:14:54 Nathanael: Nope. My side project is api only with a reasonml front-end
  • 09/05 18:15:01 Lashawna: nice
  • 09/05 18:15:37 Lashawna: now Im looking up reasonml
  • 09/05 18:16:12 Lashawna: not to change subject but is anybody here actually using graphql in production or still on REST endpoints
  • 09/05 18:17:17 Lashawna: I really want to figure out why I should use graphql just havent found a reason for my use cases. Im sure Im doing it wrong™
  • 09/05 18:17:45 Lashawna: Im worried about clients overloading the API endpoint with overly complex queries
  • 09/07 23:49:57 Nathanael: The popular elixir library (Absinthe) allows you to add cost values to fields in the query and then set a threshold. The cost of a query is calculated before the query executes, so you can reject clients that ask for too much
  • 09/07 23:50:05 Nathanael: Not sure about other language support for that
  • 09/07 23:50:42 Nathanael: I built a hobby app using it, very nice. We don’t use GraphQL in production though, sadly too far invested in JSON Api
  • 09/14 11:38:42 Nicky: Speaking of flooding, this is an interesting visualization of what the different colors on the flooding charts for Florence mean: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q01vSb_B1o0
  • 09/18 11:43:55 Nicky: https://twitter.com/ProPenComics/status/1039886...
  • 09/20 16:50:52 Lashawna: hows it going for everyone
  • 09/20 16:52:13 Lashawna: anybody planning any projects next month to hack on for hacktoberfest?
  • 09/20 16:52:30 Lashawna: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/
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