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  • 07/11 16:27:39 Nestor: Also I need to listen to tool goddam
  • 07/11 16:27:58 Nestor: to be clear I’ve listened to tool heavily, it’s just been a while
  • 07/11 16:30:11 Kendra: Die Eier sind von Satan
  • 07/11 16:32:20 Danyelle: I wish it were easier to listen to Tool, they still won’t release their music digitally, at least last I checked
  • 07/11 16:38:55 Danyelle: jeez, even A Perfect Circle has digital releases, wtf Tool
  • 07/11 17:05:08 Vernon: Tools says, "We put a lot of work into the album artwork and we want people to enjoy that." disappointed
  • 07/12 08:51:51 Nelle: I mean have you _seen_ that lenticular album art?!?
  • 07/12 10:46:06 Vernon: while I love Spotify, anyone use another service that they like better? I'd hate to miss a better servie just because I didn't look once in a while.
  • 07/12 10:55:34 Nelle: No, but if you listen to Sirius XM satellite radio you can hear the same three Tool songs played in constant rotation across the classic alt- and hard-rock channels.
  • 07/12 11:10:26 Cruz: I love Google Music, mainly because of how they manange your library. It drives me crazy that Spotify makes you manage artists/albums/songs separately. If you add a song in GMusic, that Artist and Album (with only the one song) are added to your library too
  • 07/12 11:10:58 Cruz: it’s not as great for playlists & social aspects though, and there’s also the looming threat of it going away/turning into Youtube Music
  • 07/12 11:12:59 Cruz: My library has 20k songs, and Spotify is just a headache for managing that
  • 07/15 08:43:54 Marcene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jL2DcWB994s
  • 07/15 08:44:02 Marcene: So Jeremy Renner can sing and it’s actually pretty good
  • 07/15 08:44:06 Marcene: Mind blown
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