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  • 09/15 13:50:24 Donte: Anyone have good examples of a setup for a device testing lab? How do you store devices, manage (or prevent) updates, track device checkouts for bigger teams (or do you even bother with that), etc. I've read some interesting articles, but curious to hear about other's setups.
  • 09/15 14:00:58 Lonnie: Not quite answering your question, but I was really interested in what Microsoft was offering for a mobile device testing farm... was planning on revisiting that for an upcoming project.
  • 09/18 10:17:51 Julio: we use xamarin test cloud - can be a bit expensive but it works pretty well for us
  • 09/20 09:54:59 Mirella: Anyone use any website to manage your manual test cases? Does anyone know a decent free one?
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