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  • 06/05 10:54:38 Otha: any suggestions for good mental health tracking apps? Something to journal moods, mental clarity, bad brain days, etc. It’d be handy if it tied into iOS’s health tracking features too.
  • 06/05 10:55:57 Janett: I use daylio
  • 06/05 10:56:06 Janett: https://daylio.webflow.io/
  • 06/05 14:02:39 Otha: perhaps it’s my current headspace, but I’m finding the ’chevo’s full of confetti to be patronizing
  • 06/05 14:02:56 Otha: Otherwise, this looks to be a handy little app
  • 06/05 15:03:58 Janett: Yeah, I wish I could turn those off
  • 06/05 15:04:08 Janett: but it's been useful in at least making me think about how the day went
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