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  • 09/28 12:06:04 Mollie: How Soundcloud thinks about the amount of work in progress: https://developers.soundcloud.com/blog/deliver-...
  • 09/28 12:50:34 Candance: Has anyone convinced management to start using these types of facts to change the behavior and culture of the organization?
  • 09/28 12:51:54 Tristan: @Candance I think success in that largely depends on management's willingness to foster change and be open to feedback
  • 09/28 12:53:37 Candance: I have been struggling with trying to show that agile-waterfall really doesn’t work, I have used books, whitepapers, analogies, and anything else I could think of to show the current process doesn’t work to create meaningful value in a timely manner and yet they still think the current process is better than the unknown.
  • 09/28 12:54:33 Tristan: can you pinpoint what's important to them or what they're currently frustrated by and use that to show how a new process could alleviate/improve?
  • 09/28 12:55:40 Candance: Thats an interesting point. In our development process as example, we currently use very little automated testing and our release cycles are in the months. I tried to show small batching aka shorter/smaller releases would actually be easier to test and deploy and it still just doesn’t register with them.
  • 09/28 12:56:26 Tristan: nah, that won't
  • 09/28 12:56:33 Tristan: break it down in $$$ terms
  • 09/28 12:57:28 Tristan: if you can say x hours were wasted or work was inefficiently done, that amounts to $$$ we could save and reallocate to {{carrot here}} via process improvement
  • 09/28 12:58:56 Candance: God damn I never thought of that and I’m a damn accountant
  • 09/28 12:59:00 Tristan: lollll
  • 09/28 12:59:28 Tristan: my management style tends to be attempting to understand others' motivations to be able to communicate mutually beneficial ideas = )
  • 09/30 13:37:04 Tristan: anyone have good online org chart tools?
  • 10/02 09:27:49 Candance: I have used lucidchart to build one but its not self managed per say
  • 10/05 13:17:22 Mollie: https://medium.com/swlh/your-app-is-an-onion-wh...
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