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  • 03/19 10:37:12 Jadwiga: sure.
  • 03/19 10:37:48 Elvira: if you want to open up the first part of your hiring pipeline better, copy Auth0
  • 03/19 10:38:35 Elvira: https://auth0.com/blog/how-we-hire-engineers/
  • 03/19 10:38:57 Elvira: let me find one of their job listings, it impressed me
  • 03/19 10:41:42 Elvira: mm I can't find the other post I was thinking of. Anyways, I appreciated how log-BS the listing I read was, and that "how we hire engineers" post really impressed me with it's up-frontness about the process
  • 03/19 10:50:22 Derrick: Re: extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation… Does that critique apply categorically? I.e. would you argue against a company’s sales team getting commissions?
  • 03/19 10:50:26 Inga: If the company is saving lots of money by going with a referral, I think it's nice for them to share it with the referring employee.
  • 03/19 10:55:04 Loria: @Derrick: I would, not from personal experience but from the studies Pink references
  • 03/19 10:55:32 Loria: Alfie Kohn goes further with it in _Punished by Rewards_
  • 03/19 10:56:07 Elvira: I don't think so. It feels like there's a mismatch in company and employee priority when it comes to hiring that doesn't exist to the same extent in sales. The company wants to hire people who will create lots of value for it over the next 5 years - the employee is incentivized to get anyone hired. Compared to: the company wants to sell product (and some other things, like maintain a good brand in order to sell more product), and the salesperson is incentivized to sell product.
  • 03/19 11:50:11 Inga: If one employee can unilaterally get someone hired then imo you have bigger problems
  • 03/19 11:51:29 Inga: I follow Alfie on twitter!
  • 03/19 12:03:49 Elvira: I used the language "get anyone hired" because referral bonuses are usually paid out when the referral is hired, not at the point of referral.
  • 03/19 12:12:59 Inga: I think some of the differences here are appropriate based on perspective. Say, small companies who want to hire 1-10 this quarter and do minimal tech screening vs large companies who want to hire 1000 who all can code advanced data structures and algorithms on demand. In the latter case you can spam referrals all day long and they'll all get vetted pretty aggressively
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