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  • 04/19 09:39:41 Tyler: unfortunately i dont have any good advice on what to do about that, but you should look into google to figure out how to make the hdd bootable and to setup the partitions appropriately.
  • 04/19 09:40:21 Tyler: yes, booting from a usb3 device is a special thing
  • 04/19 09:40:59 Tyler: if its missing the controller function to be bootable then you're SOL for isntance
  • 04/19 09:41:30 Dong: I need to figure out what these external SATA ports on motherboards are, I guess. Like, what do I mount the HDD in to connect to that.
  • 04/19 09:44:50 Tyler: https://www.dionysopoulos.me/253-portable-ubunt... might be of some help, but it does mention windows specifically, but at least it covers some of what you need to look out for
  • 04/19 09:46:00 Dong: ok. will check the googs further. thanks.
  • 04/19 15:33:02 Dong: seems I needed to repartition from the live disc — from linux rather than using the partitions that Macos made. Go figure. Next question:
  • 04/19 15:33:51 Dong: Any Debian variants that have a tiling window manager out of the box? Or at least not the trainwreck that is Unity.
  • 04/19 15:35:25 Dong: hmmmMMMM. PureOS
  • 04/19 15:41:14 Dong: good chat!
  • 04/19 16:20:25 Tyler: Well, if you wanted to be pro, you could install Arch and then while you're setting it up install a tiling window manager
  • 04/19 16:20:36 Tyler: otherwise you're stuck with unity until you change it
  • 04/19 16:21:00 Tyler: btw, unity shouldn't be the default anymore. I think Ubuntu switched back to Gnome
  • 04/19 16:40:11 Tyler: > from linux rather than using the partitions that Macos made. Yep, that outta cause issues
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