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  • 06/09 12:21:30 Terrell: @Terrell uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry.
  • 06/11 08:49:30 Carrie: I want to walk up to all these dudes and give them a flick on the nose, like you would a cat.
  • 06/11 09:02:43 Lona: I love what the internet has done with that picture: Image File [click to view]
  • 06/11 09:03:37 Kathaleen: omg
  • 06/11 09:03:43 Kathaleen: heart_eyes
  • 06/11 09:08:06 Terrell: I'm fine with the original. I've dubbed it image of the year. I want to see this happening in boardrooms all over the globe.
  • 06/11 09:10:35 Annice: It still says something about the state of the world that only one woman’s face is clearly visible in the picture.
  • 06/11 09:11:08 Terrell: I think she's the only woman in the room? I LOVE that she's the one in his face.
  • 06/11 09:13:45 Annice: There are three others in the pic, I think, but hard to tell what their actual roles are, etc.
  • 06/11 09:27:15 Carrie: oh wait, you can’t see them because men are standing in front of them expressionless
  • 06/11 13:21:27 Ghislaine: 1) I love/despise this picture … I’m guessing for all of the same reasons as the rest of you. 2) As a former journalist and in the interest of recognizing bias on all sides of the political coin, I’d be remiss to not also share this: https://petapixel.com/2018/06/11/trump-at-g7-ho...
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