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  • 10/03 12:32:36 Ardell: ugh… poor men … https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/tr...
  • 10/03 12:51:30 Mitsuko: And I could be the King of Spain, but I’m, you know, not.
  • 10/05 15:20:44 Mitsuko: Today was going to be a bad focus day anyway because of current events, combine that with it being Friday, my just getting over a bad cold, and a three hour grooming session, and I am so, so, so out of spoons.
  • 10/05 15:25:31 Mitsuko: I have a feeling once it’s a done deal I can go back to my standard levels of wanting to set everybody on fire and actually get back to being functional.
  • 10/05 20:24:17 Elisabeth: somehow this is actually making me laugh, esp the first reply
  • 10/05 20:24:18 Elisabeth: https://twitter.com/Brett_Kavanagh/status/10483...
  • 10/05 22:44:42 Mitsuko: If anybody wants to say this is also awful for men, I will concede them that guy, god.
  • 10/05 23:38:24 Ardell: If you believe in astrology or not, Chani Nicholas is a great writer. Today she shared this… “Your rage waits for you to call it by its name. Speak it. Translate it. Transcribe it. Plaster it up and down the halls that house abusers of power. In giant font. In wailing screams. In and through the vibrations true to you.” https://chaninicholas.com/2018/10/venus-retrogr...
  • 10/08 13:35:19 Kittie: As someone who has been doing a fair amount of selling on buy/sell/trade sites, this hits FAR too close to home. TW: sexual harassment, fear of sexual assault, lack of safety in your own home. https://twitter.com/tragedythyme/status/1049044...
  • 10/08 13:36:02 Kittie: I always wonder if I am saying too much that they will know that I am home alone -- or that they will be able to deduce when I will be home alone. Or when my house will be empty. Or any other information that puts my family into a less safe situation.
  • 10/08 14:02:04 Mitsuko: That made my chest tight just reading.
  • 10/08 14:06:45 Isidra: This hits home for me too. I also had a lot of safety rituals during my single life. Like leaving all the closets open when I left home so that I could quickly scan them when I returned.
  • 10/08 14:53:24 Carmelia: Wow.
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