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  • 03/16 07:43:37 Gilberto: @Willena, that base keyboard looks almost identical to my CM Storm QuickFIre Rapid: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B007VDKLLM/
  • 03/16 07:44:13 Gilberto: I keep seeing keyboards that look just like it. Kind of surprised because I bought this keyboard because it was cheap, not because it was that good haha
  • 03/16 07:47:54 Debera: I'm super lame with my keyboard but the new magic keyboard by Apple is pretty slick and comes with number keys
  • 03/16 10:15:40 Rossie: @Rossie uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: Got a WASD with MX Clears and some DSA caps here.
  • 03/16 10:17:05 Rossie: and just bought this sillyness for home
  • 03/16 10:17:53 Gilberto: Page requires login. disappointed
  • 03/16 10:19:48 Rossie: Image File [click to view]
  • 03/16 10:20:37 Rossie: Really wanted another DSA set but couldn’t bring myself to spend another 100 bucks on keycaps
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