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  • 08/21 11:49:54 Serena: i've wanted to cut the fixed cable on my das 4 ultimate and add one of the aviator plugs for a while, but from what i understand, the cable is more like two cables in one or something like that, so i've never followed through
  • 08/21 11:50:32 Serena: my main motivation is to make it more portable so i dont have to fish the cable out of my desk to take the board to another desk/pairing station
  • 08/21 13:14:36 Kai: You can buy a ~$200 laser engraver from China; at least my cousin did. The software was really old though LOL
  • 08/21 13:15:36 Kai: Hmm, this one is only $169 - https://smile.amazon.com/Engraving-Machine-30x4...
  • 08/21 13:19:36 Melita: @Carina that looks so cool! where did you get those cables? or did you craft them yourself?
  • 08/21 13:29:10 Carina: Thanks! I got it from a company called Summit Cables. They have a small operation and do small group buys every week. You can customize the type of cable, color, measurement, etc. It’s pretty cool
  • 08/21 13:31:12 Melita: ah perfect. thank you!
  • 08/21 13:32:34 Carina: @Trinity it is the escape key in this layout. It’s referred to as an HHKB or Tsangan layout or split backspace layout. This keycap is actually made with resin using a custom hand sculpted mold. So each one is hand made. They are referred to as artisans and you get them through small group buys. I got mine from a subreddit called MechMarket https://old.reddit.com/r/mechmarket/
  • 08/21 13:35:44 Carina: That is definitely a main use case of the aviator connectors. The big thing is making the longer male (I think) end of the cable that goes to the computer in multiples so that every computer already has that end of the cable plugged in. Then you only need to take the short end of the cable with the keyboard to the other computer setup. You could also easily use a different keyboard with a different connected type if you have multiple
  • 08/21 13:42:59 Serena: yep, thats definitely my goal. just afraid to cut into this fixed cable and find out that it wouldnt work to hook it up to the connector, leaving the board not working.
  • 08/21 13:43:21 Serena: mainly need to find time to research more, but i havent done so yet
  • 08/21 13:44:09 Violet: Mmm back in highschool, I won a contest and allowed my 21st century program to buy a big ass laser engraver. I had so much fun with that thing omg
  • 08/21 13:44:18 Serena: i also got distracted by the fact that the fixed cable is actually micro usb inside the case, so need to find time to confirm if i could successfully plug in a different cable there
  • 08/21 13:44:43 Serena: something about the fact that the board has a usb hub and audio controls built in complicates the cable somehow
  • 08/21 14:28:33 Carina: Yea that sounds risky, also explains why I was willing to shell out decent money to have someone else build the cable so it would be right and I could send it back if it didn’t work. I made one cable that would get loose and my keyboard would stop working mid coding session and I swore off making me own haha
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