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  • 07/12 17:08:57 Sheila: When/where is this flock happening?
  • 07/12 17:13:54 Frederic: Are you referring to the birdie flock? (missed opportunity: what the flock are you referring to?)
  • 07/12 18:25:50 Clemmie: Long line to get into no other pub!
  • 07/12 18:33:28 Clemmie: And you have to tell half a dozen people where you are going
  • 07/13 15:28:11 Esmeralda: Full house for @Ching !
  • 07/13 16:19:12 Clemmie: I had planned to go to her talk, but it was too full for me. Learning a lot about mocking instead!
  • 07/13 16:44:20 Ofelia: Great stuff @Ching!
  • 07/13 16:55:05 Frederic: @Frederic uploaded a file: Private image uploaded, members only. Sorry. and commented: Love how much this is a family-led event!!
  • 07/13 17:36:16 Esmeralda: So where is the pre PubConf pub?
  • 07/14 10:59:29 Clemmie: Wish I could have checked out the kids conference today but I had to head back home to okc!
  • 07/16 10:27:13 Jeanine: Look at me joining this channel 3 days after it ends.
  • 07/16 10:27:26 Jeanine: What a great time though. It was my first time there and I put it on my can't miss list.
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