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  • 07/17 08:19:57 Kenny: Anyone know the WiFi password?
  • 07/17 08:21:07 Margaret: KCDCR0cks!
  • 07/17 08:25:19 Patria: Is there a mobile app for KCDC?
  • 07/17 08:25:43 Margaret: If you count a PWA, yes
  • 07/17 08:27:17 Patria: Sir Tim and his merry band of fruit-themed technologists haven’t approved full PWA support on phones that Just Work so I don’t count PWA. slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/17 08:28:07 Patria: But that reminds me… we had a presentation at KCMD about PWA with the payoff at the end of “Oh, if you’ve made a proper PWA then with ten minutes more work you’ve got a hybrid app that passes muster with the iOS App Store…”
  • 07/17 08:31:27 Patria: I wonder if @Jacquelynn knows Devin Kelly-Collins? https://www.meetup.com/KCMobileDevs/events/2589...
  • 07/17 09:55:03 Ophelia: ugh, I hate the workshop day when they don't crank the AC properly :c
  • 07/17 09:56:00 Margaret: Haha true. Forgot my jacket persevere
  • 07/17 09:56:14 Ophelia: neutral_face neutral_face neutral_face neutral_face neutral_face
  • 07/17 13:22:27 Cathey: some rooms are definitely worse than others
  • 07/17 14:08:11 Kenny: any one have ethernet to usb adapter by chance?
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