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  • 09/20 10:44:03 Marylin: that looks awesome, they had a place like that in denver, so much fun
  • 09/20 10:46:30 Marylou: Yep Im going to let the hype die down a little before going
  • 09/20 10:46:49 Ute: (sez the guy hyping it troll )
  • 09/20 10:47:10 Ute: hype-flation?
  • 09/20 10:47:40 Marylou: Not hyping as so much letting the people know
  • 09/20 10:49:10 Renata: I appreciate the heads up. This channel is pretty much my source of foodie news.
  • 09/20 10:50:00 Renata: Because, well, I'm not a foodie.
  • 09/20 10:50:35 Marylou: I have not been yet but the people on twitter that have been during the soft opening say the food is delicious
  • 09/20 10:50:50 Marylou: Hopefully these spots change rapidly because there moving into their own spaces
  • 09/20 10:51:45 Marylou: Because their food is delicious
  • 09/20 11:14:23 Tammi: So it's like a tiny food mall. lol
  • 09/20 11:19:18 Marylou: Its a food court without the shitty fast food
  • 09/21 08:29:12 Viva: @Marylou just tell me when we're going
  • 09/21 08:33:22 Viva: Does ANYONE know a place that sells pierogies in KC? I've been trying to find somewhere for ages and no luck
  • 09/21 08:44:30 Tammi: I do not. If you find a place, let me know!
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