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  • 09/15 12:55:12 Jesse: I'm sure this is inside baseball but I assume the two front runners are preact and vue?
  • 09/15 12:55:57 Jesse: preact-compat solves the Calypso migration pretty easily
  • 09/15 13:03:46 Jeannine: If I had to choose a horse, I’d choose Vue.
  • 09/15 14:54:36 Ellamae: Preact and Vue are both prominent choices, for sure. There are good reasons for both.
  • 09/15 14:54:56 Ellamae: Preact = less work, and an easy way back when (if?) Facebook backs off the patent decision.
  • 09/15 14:56:06 Ellamae: Vue = more beginner friendly, good community, good license/maintainer, however, it would be a huge rewrite and also there are things about Vue that encourage bad development patterns (like 2-way bindings)
  • 09/15 17:12:17 Jesse: Yeah I like single file components, but not so much the directives / bindings
  • 09/15 17:14:44 Jesse: Let's write a vue-compat transpiler for react to Vue migration
  • 09/16 18:21:29 Ellamae: I wonder how difficult it would be to do that…
  • 09/20 22:46:29 Tena: WE. ARE. THE CHAMPYUNS
  • 09/21 08:45:03 Orval: soccer
  • 09/21 09:02:17 Ophelia: SPORTZBALL!
  • 09/22 09:50:08 Ned: Re. React/Preact, this is a neat write-up of an Indian hotel chain that rewrote their mobile site in React and then switched to Preact, including all the nifty optimizations they did along the way: https://medium.com/dev-channel/treebo-a-react-a...
  • 09/22 17:07:45 Jesse: React is MIT now
  • 09/22 17:07:49 Jesse: https://code.facebook.com/posts/300798627056246...
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