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  • 01/18 13:54:26 Astrid: not in my rolodex
  • 01/18 13:54:36 Astrid: card_index
  • 01/18 14:19:17 Mikki: We're looking for a front-end dev - if anybody knows of anybody.
  • 01/18 14:19:39 Otelia: I know an awful front-end dev!
  • 01/18 14:19:47 Otelia: /s
  • 01/18 14:19:56 Mikki: Sorry, don't want those. slightly_smiling_face
  • 01/18 14:28:37 Thelma: What all you guys use?
  • 01/18 14:35:35 Marjory: vaguely competent devs?
  • 01/18 14:36:25 Donette: lol
  • 01/18 14:36:35 Donette: not quite completely incompetent devs?
  • 01/18 15:27:10 Georgianna: I just started at packet (https://packet.com) this week, we're looking to add a few more people in KC, I'd also love to talk to anyone looking. Right now mostly rails/golang/some elixir, but non of those are a requirement
  • 01/18 15:27:41 Georgianna: (sorry idk if posting job stuff is copacetic in here but it seemed apropos given the above conversation)
  • 01/19 10:23:01 Cornelius: A friend of mine has a contract wrapping at the end of the month; he's been doing F# and would love to get into Elixir... perhaps you could give me more info?
  • 01/19 11:42:26 Georgianna: For anyone interested, Packet is mostly known as a "bare metal" cloud provider, but also work on edge computing as well as traditional data center management for enterprises. Based on NYC, but a lot of the engineering is remote. We're looking to build a software team here in KC, working on Packet's public API as well as a lot of the tools used for managing each data center.
  • 01/19 11:48:30 Georgianna: If you want to talk more or know someone who might be interested just DM me or email
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