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  • 07/19 10:38:12 Zelda: tbf, I have a Vive now, so basically better.
  • 07/19 10:38:31 Neta: man i STILL want to go to space camp
  • 07/19 10:38:57 Zelda: Get a Vive!
  • 07/19 10:39:02 Neta: and find that space shuttle lego set from the 90s (c'mon mom, it was only $66 and i asked for it for christmas EVERY YEAR)
  • 07/19 10:39:12 Zelda: I just wish Subnautica would fix their VR support.
  • 07/19 10:42:00 Rolando: My eyes weren’t bad enough but the Academy told me I’d have to wait a year to go and I was like fuck that
  • 07/19 11:59:05 Neta: speaking of which, the gophercon party next week is on an aircraft carrier
  • 07/19 11:59:08 Neta: i'm already geeking out
  • 07/19 12:01:50 Rolando: Which one?
  • 07/19 12:04:30 Neta: USS Midway Museum in San Diego
  • 07/19 12:06:17 Rolando: Ah nice
  • 07/19 15:02:33 Alene: It's a cool place! When I was there, a bunch of Japanese sailors were in port after some kind of joint exercises. They kept laughing as I bumped my head into all the tiny doorways.
  • 07/19 15:07:37 Zelda: I need to exercise my joints.
  • 07/19 15:51:28 Alene: Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • 07/19 15:51:36 Alene: But in Japanese
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