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  • 11/13 13:53:14 Larry: Oh snap, a new sushi joint I can walk to. I'm totes ready for this.
  • 11/13 13:54:06 Larry: I've never been to Jarocho, is it good?
  • 11/13 13:56:31 Camellia: It’s been on my list for years
  • 11/13 13:56:51 Camellia: I dunno why @Del and I haven’t made it there yet. Oh ya, cause my schedules a shitshow
  • 11/13 15:52:32 Suzette: @Camellia you just have to put that in your scheduler thing
  • 11/13 15:54:05 Suzette: My schedule is pretty bad too
  • 11/13 15:58:32 Daisy: I always thought my schedule was rough. Then I had a kid.
  • 11/13 15:58:38 Daisy: Man, I miss the old days.
  • 11/13 15:58:58 Taisha: My schedule will probably be better if I ever have kids
  • 11/13 15:59:15 Daisy: It's definitely easier.
  • 11/13 15:59:56 Daisy: Before kid... Friend: "Wanna hang out this weekend?" Me: "Oh man.. I'm already hanging out with other friend on Saturday... maybe Friday night or Sunday?" After kid... Friend: "Wanna hang out this weekend?" Me: "No."
  • 11/13 16:02:14 Veronique: it appears you are double-booked on "Shitshow" and "Trash", @Suzette
  • 11/13 16:02:34 Taisha: lol
  • 11/13 16:05:07 Angelo: Jarocho is right by my house and I haven't gone. Should I? We looked at the menu once and thought "meh"
  • 11/13 16:12:46 Suzette: I need to double-book some alcohol
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