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  • 12/14 11:47:29 Reba: and then there are days where i realize at home i have a huge monitor, nice keyboard+mouse, and i hate working on my laptop directly slightly_smiling_face
  • 12/14 11:54:13 Jewel: ha, same - spent a few years making work from home more pleasant so it ends up being nicer
  • 12/14 11:54:52 Jewel: I'm excited for Quay Coffee at the Nelson though - might be a nice place to escape to and do some working
  • 12/14 11:55:20 Estell: I saw that, so amazing!
  • 12/14 11:56:10 Jewel: maybe I'm just getting to be an old man, but I feel like the Nelson just keeps getting better
  • 12/14 11:56:26 Jewel: haven't gotten out to the Picasso exhibit yet though
  • 12/14 11:58:59 Reba: quay coffee at the nelson?
  • 12/14 11:59:42 Reba: 2nd location i hope?
  • 12/14 11:59:58 Reba: ah, found it on their facebook, that's cool
  • 12/14 12:07:57 Andrew: I like to go work on the bench in front of Water Lilies @ the Nelson.
  • 12/14 12:08:46 Andrew: Just sit. Code. Look up and get an infusion of Peace. Code some more.
  • 12/14 12:09:51 Jewel: https://twitter.com/nelson_atkins/status/940660... is how I saw it, but yeah second location raised_hands
  • 12/14 12:20:45 Andrew: https://nelson-atkins.org/monets-water-lilies/
  • 12/14 16:38:40 Dolly: anyone doing the co-work thing tomorrow? If so, where?
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