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  • 05/14 18:08:31 Palma: when registering for KCDC and doing the workshop, is there a way to specify which workshop? Does anyone know this? I have a feeling I am setting myself up to look silly here. lol.
  • 05/16 23:53:13 Randy: greetings from KC for 2 nights. slightly_smiling_face Hope to see you at the live show Fri night https://www.lastpodcastontheleft.com/
  • 05/18 10:29:43 Lonny: [looks left, looks right]
  • 05/20 10:15:07 Randy: > rejoined oh damn, Slack be tracking your historic comings and goings, yo
  • 05/20 10:38:51 Palma: <#C0FLXERU6|kansas_city> is @Lonny's Hotel California... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 05/20 10:39:59 Lonny: ha
  • 05/20 10:41:17 Keren: LOL
  • 05/20 11:09:07 Lucio: @Palma the workshops are first-come first-served
  • 05/20 11:09:36 Lucio: sorry for the delay, just got back from vacation
  • 05/20 11:10:05 Palma: aha! a game of getting up early to get the worm. understood.
  • 05/20 11:11:08 Lucio: it also means that if you _don't_ like the one you're in, you can find another and go (if there's room)
  • 05/20 11:12:07 Palma: please don't apologize. I hope you had an excellent vacation! I posted in an asynchronis forum without expectation of an immediate answer. your answer and timing were exactly perfect because they were the only way they could be. thank you.
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