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  • 03/18 14:35:59 Kasandra: I remember a blog post someone wrote about how it was actually cheaper to live in Las Vegas, and fly into SF every day
  • 03/18 17:50:42 Maryanne: Yeah, but then you have to live in Las Vegas.
  • 03/18 19:48:34 Derick: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2019/03/nebra...
  • 03/18 19:49:33 Derick: Woah.
  • 03/18 19:49:42 Derick:
  • 03/19 14:10:40 Breann: @Maryanne What’s wrong with living in Las Vegas? I’ve actually been looking at moving out there. lol
  • 03/19 14:11:48 Maryanne: Meh, it was mostly a smartass comment. I just wasn't a fan of Vegas.
  • 03/19 14:16:29 Breann: Oh ok. ha ha
  • 03/19 14:18:58 Dee: I have several friends that live there. Its split between being the scum of the earth and a great place to live
  • 03/20 13:38:34 Alix: Just a shout out to @Wilford for starting his first day at MMGY Global. Brendan was recommended to me from a few people on this board and it has worked out well. I'm hiring another position on my team immediately for a kick-ass project manager managing travel and tourism focused web sites. If you, or someone you know, wants more information, hit me up via DM or at .
  • 03/20 13:39:19 Alix: Also, will likely be hiring another front-end dev soon (too much work, not enough devs). Let me know if that's your cuppa tea.
  • 03/20 13:40:54 Sanda: CONGRATS @Wilford!!!
  • 03/20 13:41:18 Sanda: paging @Son
  • 03/20 14:45:08 Wilford: Hey thanks! I appreciate it!
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