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  • 03/21 13:51:24 Fallon: or a shitty conspiracy theory video is taken down
  • 03/21 13:52:00 Gricelda: or a pyramid scheme on facebook collapses
  • 03/21 13:52:30 Fallon: or chain share on Linkedin stops
  • 03/21 14:09:25 Emma: haha
  • 03/21 14:10:48 Fallon: Or a group text leaves your phone
  • 03/21 14:24:53 Bertha: Hey man, shitty conspiracy theories are great! The newest one about Malaysian flight 370 was incredibly interesting to read through hah
  • 03/21 14:26:05 Fallon: I hope thats /sarcasm
  • 03/21 14:30:39 Bertha: Ehh not really. I don't ever really believe them; however, I do enjoy reading into them and seeing all the insane theories and seeing the logic and theory behind most of them
  • 03/21 14:34:03 Aliza: i have watched _so many_ flat earth videos on youtube
  • 03/21 14:34:21 Bertha: Now those are triggering
  • 03/21 14:34:33 Margherita: Star Wars conspiracy videos on YouTube are better than most of the actual movies. slightly_smiling_face
  • 03/21 14:35:26 Bertha: Jar Jar is the darkest Sith Lord. I'm thoroughly convinced. That's the only conspiracy theory I 100% believe. smile
  • 03/21 15:32:20 Fallon: I guess this is where the unicorn_face ends disappointed
  • 03/21 15:33:17 Bertha: Unicorns don't ever die though so...
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