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  • 07/17 15:10:09 Tatyana: I’m sure it’s hard to control for quality from the RFC/only-have-an-abstract level, but there’s a real wide range in talk quality at KCDC
  • 07/17 15:10:41 Tatyana: which I suppose could be seen as a good thing, people giving their first conference talk ever have to start somewhere (I did at KCDC!)
  • 07/17 15:11:19 Tatyana: but looking at the session list for a given hour almost freezes me with the tyranny of choice some times
  • 07/17 15:12:41 Cherilyn: i thought the same thing, like maybe there would be a network of affiliated conferences that segment topics, but I think you lose a lot by doing that
  • 07/17 15:12:51 Cherilyn: devopsdays as a single track was great
  • 07/17 15:15:22 Karmen: I love the diversity of topics, diversity of skill levels (of content and presenters). The connections (interpersonally and technically) you can make with this kind of event is excellent.
  • 07/17 15:19:33 Cherilyn: yeah that's what I was alluding to
  • 07/17 15:26:39 Tatyana: actually yeah i take part of that back — i think what i’d like to see *most* at future KCDC’s would be all talks being recorded. I actually had a situation where I couldn’t decide between two talks, I went into one room, saw it was going to be recorded, so went to the other one, since I know I’ll be able to watch the first one online sometime
  • 07/17 21:10:11 Kent: Very late to this, and I can't contribute much about what I'd like from a conference (specifically KCDC since I didn't go this year), because every time I look at once, I struggle to see stuff that really interests me. But one thing I notice in this conversation that strikes me as... _interesting_ is the line between dev and "data science." I have a whole dissertation about the (perhaps very near) future of dev as a skilled profession which is only moderately relevant, but this question kind of gets to that. Which is to say a) I'm drunk, and b) I think drawing lines around what "dev" means is artificial and unhelpful. The really valuable thing we do isn't bang code on keyboards, but it's thinking about structure and how to put pieces together. I will almost certainly regret hitting enter. slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/17 21:16:49 Kent: If you want to talk more about this tomorrow or whenever, I can't promise I'll be able to speak to it intelligently. The more I try to think about it right now, the more confused I make myself. Alcohol! What's it good for? Everything!
  • 07/18 13:07:25 Tatyana: Do you mean you think there shouldn’t be a distinction between “dev” and “data science”? Or are you decrying the lack-of-“science” involved in what we think of as software development?
  • 07/18 13:07:48 Tatyana: Or something else?
  • 07/18 14:21:46 Jody: Tried to use Bird again over lunch. 1. network unreachable error 2. bum approaches me while I have my wallet and driver’s license out to scan it failboat
  • 07/18 14:26:24 Jody: Didn’t help that the DL scan either wasn’t working or wasn’t indicating whether it was working, or what.
  • 07/18 15:07:21 Chet: oh noooo
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