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  • 01/14 14:24:18 Raina: Credential gate keeping is a bummer but like Caleb alluded to, maybe it's a sign that the company isn't as awesome as you thought
  • 01/14 14:39:29 Christin: asking for...a friend's cousin, actually. Anyone know any good companies for internships in software dev around Lincoln/Oma/KC?
  • 01/14 14:47:40 Gabriel: Don't Panic Labs has the best internship program around, in my opinion. While she might earn a few bucks an hour more somewhere else, the amount she'll learn about being a good software engineer there is unparalleled. I feel I owe a lot of my success as a developer, and much of my high expectations around what a good workplace should be like, to an early internship with Don't Panic Labs.
  • 01/14 14:48:45 Onie: https://getflywheel.com/interns/
  • 01/14 14:51:30 Onie: Like many other internship programs, ours can be a pathway to part-time or full-time employment with Flywheel. Positions are not just limited to engineering. We take interns in sales, support, people ops, and finance.
  • 01/14 14:55:08 Avelina: Agape Red has (had?) an internship program. They went through a merger recently, so I don’t know if it’s something they still do, but it could be worth pursuing.
  • 01/14 14:57:39 Gabriel: I'd also add - while I was studying Computer Science in undergrad, I did software internships every summer and also had an internship at a venture capital firm (Invest Nebraska) as an analyst assistant. That experience really rounded out my education and helped me have a way more nuanced perspective on the industry as a whole.
  • 01/14 14:59:26 Christin: that's interesting!
  • 01/14 15:02:27 Melodi: We're considering starting an internship program here at aware3
  • 01/14 15:02:49 Melodi: but it's not at all present at the moment. open to starting a conversation
  • 01/17 09:37:52 Refugia: Deadline for applying is today! Software Developer at the Nebraska School Activities Association. Be in charge of the brackets, stats programs and team scores for each sport throughout the year! Pretty fun atmosphere and great benefits: https://nsaahome.org/nsaa-software-developer-jo...
  • 01/17 16:36:03 Jamey: VeriShip has more openings. We still have Software Engineer positions open, and now have a Data Scientist and IT Operations Specialist positions. Please DM with any questions. https://veriship.com/careers/
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