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  • 05/17 11:53:25 Raquel: > This position works within NU ITS and other University of Nebraska stakeholders to proactively and systemically address accessibility of University IT systems, infrastructure, and contracts to improve the compliance, usability and interoperability of IT resources and related services. https://employment.unl.edu/postings/64415
  • 05/19 20:08:16 Lida: Headway, in Green Bay, is hiring (Remote Friendly)! https://headway.io/careers/ hiring for Rails, React, Design, but we’re also getting more and more into Elixir/Phoenix, and as an agency we end up with other random work.
  • 05/20 09:33:15 Marlen: Saw this on facebook this morning; can't speak to that company personally but thought I'd share! https://www.facebook.com/job_opening/6019448603...
  • 05/20 09:50:59 Roland: `http://facebook.com/job_opening` of course that’s a thing
  • 05/20 09:52:31 Lida: I don’t typically see it for professional things like that; I’ve seen lots of them for restaurants, etc. who are already making heavy use of Facebook
  • 05/20 09:57:10 Marlen: It does seem pretty restrictive. A lot of developers don't have a facebook account and don't want one.
  • 05/20 09:58:24 Lida: looks like it’s on Indeed as well, so I don’t think they’re exclusively on FB
  • 05/22 13:25:56 Albina: Officially gave in and posted on Stack https://stackoverflow.com/jobs/268846/senior-so...
  • 05/23 13:55:45 Carita: A new full-stack web eng role at my company, *Box*. Must relocate to the Bay Area, CA — no remote. Total comp would probably fall somewhere between $250k-$290k/year (Don’t share that please — it’s just me trying to be helpful, since it’s an obvious question when considering a move to a new place). https://grnh.se/6644a1ef1
  • 05/23 14:22:13 Twila: you sure you don't want a telecommuting back-end <#C02RNRS8Y|perl> dev? wink
  • 05/23 14:23:34 Asha: you could almost afford an RV site with that, @Twila!
  • 05/23 14:24:13 Twila: signing bonus wink
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