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  • 03/13 15:30:43 Natisha: https://careerlink.com/
  • 03/13 18:18:49 Roxanne: repost: still looking for an iOS/Android dev.
  • 03/14 12:21:39 Denna: Might be a long shot...but my company in Denver is looking for a PM https://bokkagroup.com/jobs/project-manager/
  • 03/14 12:23:27 Lonnie: Denver is in the midwest? troll
  • 03/14 12:27:35 Denna: No one's kicked me out, yet...
  • 03/14 14:12:29 Keesha: Kansas City Women in Technology is finally implementing a job board! If your employers would be interested in donating to KCWiT in exchange for job listings(and you actually like your employer) please let me know, and I'll send you information to pass along to them!
  • 03/14 14:32:05 Marina: I've donated at least 6 unicorns, how many listings will that get me?
  • 03/14 15:08:02 Keesha: bwahahaha
  • 03/14 15:08:11 Keesha: unicorncurrency ftw
  • 03/14 15:25:10 Roxanne: cryptounicorniconandonandoncoin
  • 03/15 09:34:38 Elvina: Hey everyone! My company, DEG, is holding a recruiting open house on March 21st. We currently have openings for UI Engineers, Commerce Cloud Engineers, Marketing Cloud Engineers, and Technical Consultants. You can register on this eventbrite or feel free to hit me up with any questions. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/deg-recruiting-ope...
  • 03/15 15:48:38 Jamie: @Keesha There is a local job board specifically for startups in nebraska https://www.facebook.com/groups/1007991662583772/
  • 03/20 14:36:11 Shu: Would that be a Unicoin? wink
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