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  • 05/18 12:43:57 Spring: If its sticky notes I'm your man
  • 05/18 12:45:00 Louise: @Letha, can you elaborate a bit?
  • 05/18 12:46:48 Letha: Sure. We have a jira instance here in Omaha, and one in an overseas location. We'd like to merge them.
  • 05/18 12:47:43 Letha: The projects in the two instances would likely remain separate, they are used by different departments now. But we'd like to have everyone on one instance.
  • 05/21 08:50:55 Eric: Is anyone aware of any open entry level positions for their companies? I've got a certificate in Full Stack Web Developing (in 2 weeks) that focuses on .NET Entity Framework, but I'm looking forward to learn as much as possible. If anyone knows of any openings, I'd love to hear about them.
  • 05/21 08:52:15 Leslee: https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?t=software+teste... this is still an open position at my company
  • 05/21 09:02:05 Eric: Ahh forgot to say, preferred to be in the KC area (my lease isn't up until february), sorry!
  • 05/21 09:43:56 Lupe: @Leslee Is that only on site?
  • 05/21 09:44:18 Leslee: @Lupe yep, it is
  • 05/21 09:44:47 Leslee: integrated into the dev team, but with both dev/qa and customer service facets
  • 05/21 09:45:04 Leslee: like, customer service test engineer
  • 05/23 09:44:15 Kallie: @Eric I don't know of any specifics, but maybe check out https://www.launchcode.org/ I know VML has several Launch Coders.
  • 05/23 13:00:43 Janae: We're an early-stage startup looking for another backend engineer (Python experience nice but not a must). http://gaincompliance.com/senior-software-engin...
  • 05/24 15:04:57 Irwin: Looking for an amazing UI/UX developer to help with design and application flow of some mobile and web based applications. Part time remote/ nights and weekends type of work (1099). If your interested PM me.
  • 05/25 15:00:06 Patricia: Looking for a C# .NET developer to join our team in Omaha. Building some super cool stuff for startups in the area. Only four of us in this big ol' office. Helps us grow! https://www.indeed.com/job/senior-c-application...
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