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  • 09/06 10:34:07 Ruth: my company is looking for a frontend dev if anyone is interested please let me know if you have any questions. https://www.gpsimpact.com/job/developer/
  • 09/07 16:48:15 Shelia: From a friend on FB:
    I don't have a full job description, but the task is to redesign http://www.trafficware.com, same content but updated design. It's a contract position. We'd like to have the website done this fall/winter, then we will likely keep the contract open for smaller tasks on an as-needed basis. The goal of the new website is 2 part. First, of course we would like a nicely designed website. Second, we need a content management system (Wix, Wordpress, etc) so that simple edits can be made by non-technical staff. Oh, and graphic design experience is a plus that may open additional contract opportunities. Sorry for the rambling 'job description'.
    http://www.trafficware.com I can put you in contact if interested. DM me.
  • 09/12 10:39:58 Machelle: Howdy, midwest developers! Looking for a freelance web developer in Milwaukee area... I live in Milwaukee and do design and dev, and I collaborate with lots of people remotely, but would really like to find a local companion to collaborate with. I would prefer to do less development work so I can focus more on design, project management, and client communication. Most work is PHP/SQL/JS/SASS sorta stuff. AWS experience is good too.
  • 09/13 13:25:40 Shelia: Aperiodic mention that my small, SF-based employer is basically always looking for experienced devops people. Full-time remote. DM me for deets. Don’t assume you’re not experienced enough either, though.
  • 09/13 13:36:07 Shelia: I should add that it is a consultancy, so we work on a lot of different clients’ platforms of all shapes and sizes.
  • 09/13 16:39:42 Rebbecca: I’m looking to add to my team: It’ll be a senior web dev role. Fun agency in KC’s Crossroads. Full stack - mostly PHP and a little .net. Great long term clients, complex projects and a high trust environment. The job isn’t posted yet, you guys have the inside track! If any of you are interested, DM me and I’ll buy you coffee.
  • 09/14 09:02:39 Ilana: We're looking to bring on 2 backend software engineers (mid- to senior-level) at EquipmentShare, pretty much everything is Python and Postgres. Good salaries and company equity. Flexible hours and work environment, lots of people tell us it's the best place they've ever worked (our Columbia office just won an award for this). Let me know if you have questions about anything. https://www.equipmentshare.com/careers/openings...
  • 09/18 22:04:58 Paul: ‪Met a Saleforce dev tonight whose contract will be up soon. She’s a transplant from Atlanta and wants to work for a Omaha company. Any tips I can pass on IE what shops use Sslesforce in Omaha?‬
  • 09/19 09:18:41 Emile: ACI is pretty salesforce heavy I have heard
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