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  • 12/07 13:26:39 Ryan: Sorry, not a job opportunity per se, but does anyone here have experience developing around an ERP? Was contacted by a recruiter with the following position desc: "You would be placed on the web team and be responsible for getting Agility Viewers to the web which is all new. You would have an opportunity to be extremely creative as there is no web presence currently. You may have some overflow into the UX/UI side as well if you desire. Their Agility ERP helps their clients with the ability to manage inventory, distribution and accounting by providing integrated solutions."
  • 12/07 13:30:27 Marlys: https://agilityerp.com/
  • 12/07 13:45:59 Ryan: Thanks. Not a system I've ever worked with, but could be interesting...
  • 12/13 16:18:02 Mikki: Random reminder that the company I work for (based in SF, remote allowed, DevOps consulting) is hiring.
  • 12/13 16:25:07 Melodee: I’ve never worked with Agility, but I’ve worked with Syspro and Erply before. DM me if you’d like some more info.
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