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  • 03/05 14:14:20 Danita: EquipmentShare is continuing to expand, and we're looking to grow our engineering team: • mobile engineer (react native) • senior iOS developer • back end software engineer • product owner https://www.equipmentshare.com/careers/openings It's a really fun place to work with a great culture. Lots of trust, autonomy and ownership. We have development offices in Columbia and KC (Crossroads), but we're remote/work-from-home friendly (I'm typing this in New Zealand). Huge opportunity - we're a little over 4 years old and we were recently listed at #31 on Y Combinator's top 100 companies https://www.ycombinator.com/topcompanies/ Feel free to ask me any questions you might have!
  • 03/05 14:35:12 Darrin: Glitch is hiring another round of folks - this time a Dev Advocate, Developer Content Editor, Lead Editor, and Product Designer. (Product Designer currently says NYC-only, but I've been told it's actually open to remotes). https://glitch.com/about/careers/
  • 03/05 14:39:34 Dion: this looks cool: https://jobs.lever.co/glitch/a0560f80-fce4-4a6a...
  • 03/15 13:55:21 Tuan: beer BUMP
  • 03/15 14:05:17 Leeann: If i was more full-stack I'd love to apply! Happy Friday @Tuan!
  • 03/19 08:52:53 Michaele: Done!
  • 03/19 12:45:33 Damon: Deadline for applications Mar 22 100% remote, $2400/month for 3 months, 40 hours/week https://www.iinteractive.com/internship
  • 03/20 13:47:28 Alphonso: Its looking like I might have some job postings to put up soon. Stand by.
  • 03/21 20:19:17 Linh: My friend’s employer in Lincoln is looking for a graphic artist and content creators https://www.indeed.com/m/jobs?q=RKD&l=Linco...
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