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  • 07/05 14:05:50 Annett: My team at DEG has an upcoming need for a Senior UI Engineer who has experience with ES6+ and React. Full-time position. Hit me up if interested, or apply here: https://careers-deg.icims.com/jobs/1665/senior-...
  • 07/05 14:56:13 September: My team at Aware3 is hiring an iOS/Android developer: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Aware3/jobs/Senior-M...
  • 07/05 14:56:41 September: I’m happy to answer any questions
  • 07/11 10:19:22 Christopher: Hey all! I work at Veterans United in Columbia Missouri and we're hiring devs for our KC office for the first time ever (all our software ops have been in COMO). We don't have a strong presence in KC because of our newness in the tech sector in KC (we're a lending company, and we have a significant group of Loan Officers and Underwriters in KC). I thought I'd put it out there that if anyone had seen these openings, I'd be happy to answer any questions about the company culture and give insight. Job listing: https://www.veteransunited.com/careers/job/o8oW...
  • 07/11 10:22:18 Nakesha: I worked for VU (in Columbia) several years ago - there's a lot of good people there
  • 07/11 10:22:49 Christopher: The people are absolutely the best part.
  • 07/11 10:23:57 Nakesha: +1 to that, some of my closest friends are people I worked with at VU
  • 07/11 10:25:33 Christopher: Oh, you're at Equipment share now! My old trainer is a sales person there, and I briefly worked with one of the Schlacks bros on something a few years ago.
  • 07/11 10:27:32 Nakesha: Haha, small world slightly_smiling_face
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