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  • 10/13 10:36:35 Sean: Everything. One of the maintainers of closure compiler npm is helping us makes the integration. Code motion, module resolution, etc. Everything.
  • 10/13 10:38:00 Reed: I am super excited about this
  • 10/13 11:09:41 Gladis: is that JS implementation usable yet?
  • 10/13 11:11:09 Gladis: looks like they're still calling it experimental
  • 10/13 11:12:21 Gladis: I'm going to start Vueing soon, anyone have any must-reads beyond the official docs?
  • 10/13 11:13:05 Jovan: just dive in. it’s easier to pick up than React and you build apps mostly the same way.
  • 10/13 11:17:06 Sean: Yes @Gladis check out awesome-vue
  • 10/13 11:17:18 Sean: And then the course Sarah Drasner just did for front end master's.
  • 10/13 11:17:33 Gladis: :+1:
  • 10/13 11:18:37 Jovan: I love those `awesome-*` compilations
  • 10/13 11:18:41 Sean: And then for code splitting watch my talk
  • 10/13 11:19:41 Sean: https://youtu.be/rn97hCNQsKI
  • 10/13 11:40:36 Charisse: I just started using vue. I allocated a small amt of time during a sprint to get a simple sign in page running with a rest api background. I've since completed that and am building out the page with time left over. I took the react course at nebraska code and tried the same thing with react but it ate several days of time. With vue I had the sign in part working after a couple hours of tutorial work and digging in.
  • 10/13 16:46:45 Yen: do you think having the react exposure helped with your vue project?
  • 10/15 08:21:26 Charisse: There may have been a little help with exposure to virtual DOM and 2 way data binding but they are not hard concepts to get. I ended up using axios for communication with my REST API which I learned about during the React class. Mostly though I picked up what I needed just from the very direct https://vuejs.org/v2/guide/ . I have set up node and npm but so far have only been using a cdn for what I need and running http-server to test.
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