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  • 09/08 18:19:10 Keith: Anyone who knows more about Xcode and Swift than me be willing to Skype or Google Hangout on a Fri,Sat, or Sun for like 5 minutes on one of those days that I could ask a question or two
  • 09/10 01:24:53 Anglea: @Keith I’d be happy to answer some questions. PM me
  • 09/10 06:38:27 Keith: thanks Jonny slightly_smiling_face
  • 09/10 06:56:53 Keith:
    var Age = 15
    var canDrive = Age >= 16 ? true : false
    print("Are they old enough to drive? \(canDrive)") 
    If I want to be able to have canDrive print Yes or No how might I modify this code?
  • 09/10 14:01:57 Anglea: `var canDrive = Age >= 16 ? "yes" : "no"` Just incase someone else reads this and is curious
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