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  • 01/04 14:49:55 Madalene: iOS devs: My brother has been a hobbyist iOS developer for a while and is hoping to make a career switch and become a full-time software developer. Any advice for someone wanting to get hired as an iOS dev? * Simple apps he should make for honing his skills or that would look good in his portfolio. * What an employer is looking for in an iOS developer * What tech he should know (besides Swift and its libraries)
  • 01/06 22:01:02 Loriann: @Madalene would be happy to give some more details / follow ups if he or you want to reach out. the depth & range of this stuff obviously depends on his experience and the level of the role (junior->senior). Should be a good start though… Advice: • Simple apps - MVVM has been trendy, a simple app utilizing that pattern might look good. Applications showing off things like: well written git commit messages, unit/UI testing, network requests / async code handling, using tableview/collection views, custom animations, using iOS “kits” (health, map, etc), working with extensions etc • Employers looking for - https://www.hackingwithswift.com/articles/157/t... < this is a very recent & comprehensive blog detailing majority of what would be good to know • Non-Swift/iOS things to know (not necessarily required, but often asked about): Git, Agile, maybe some form of CI tool, potentially some Obj-c knowledge, all the other “good-to-haves”. Check out job descs for ideal jobs and they’ll break this down nicely.
  • 01/07 08:32:52 Madalene: @Loriann Thank you so much!
  • 01/11 13:21:45 Laurice: Has anybody run into `EXC_BAD_ACCESS` crashes in `checker_c()` `trampoline_c()` or `handler_start()` during unit tests? I'm trying to troubleshoot something and finding no information...
  • 01/11 13:29:12 Shane: Haven't, sorry
  • 01/11 13:30:13 Shane: Have you already tried setting breakpoints like these? If so, any useful messages coming along with the exceptions?
  • 01/11 13:43:03 Laurice: Unfortunately, this is not my code to run stuck_out_tongue Our library is crashing someone else's unit tests
  • 01/11 13:43:49 Laurice: I've determined the last thing we do is
    UIViewController *root = [UIApplication sharedApplication].keyWindow.rootViewController;
  • 01/11 13:44:44 Laurice: and there's a chance the test behaves differently and something is nil in there that isn't when run normally
  • 01/11 13:44:50 Laurice: or we're just hitting some edge case
  • 01/11 13:50:35 Shane: If the Host Application is set to None here, they might try switching it to their app, then rerunning the tests
  • 01/11 13:50:58 Shane: if it's None I suspect `[UIApplication sharedApplication]` will be nil
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