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  • 09/14 16:58:35 Rema: https://redditblog.com/2018/09/12/evolving-mobi...
  • 09/17 13:26:45 Elden: Oooo interesting.
  • 09/17 13:29:18 Elden: I read about an article on something called Lotus MVC the other day and actually found it really interesting. That being said the full diagram feels like too much so not really something I’d advocate. I feel like getting back to “doing MVC right” or something like theyre doing with MVP feels closer.
  • 09/18 14:39:32 Elden: PSA to anyone here: If you are interested in speaking at the Learn Swift Omaha meetup about iOS or Swift or other Apple-y topics please reach out! We have openings in Oct/Nov or if thats too quick we can chat about setting something up for next year!
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