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  • 07/17 11:41:09 Richard: they are usually easy conflicts to resolve, but can be surprising if you arent expecting it
  • 07/17 11:45:02 Lu: ya. the trick I used was to add the stuff I wanted to keep (x, y) and stash the rest. `git add x y; git stash --keep-index`
  • 07/17 11:48:40 Richard: yep. im just saying that if you change `a` after that and then commit, when you unstash, `a` will conflict
  • 07/17 12:30:20 Lu: change `a`? Did you mean `x`?
  • 07/17 13:06:24 Richard: oops, sorry yeah
  • 07/17 14:19:28 Lu: ya, if you change the same lines. I use stash only for extremely short term storage. If something is going to live for more than a couple hours that's what branches are for slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/17 15:01:25 Richard: i often run into this for lint issues. i stage what i want to commit, stash the rest, then run the build, fix lint issues, commit. unstash and those lint fixes conflict with the unfixed stashed version
  • 07/17 15:25:20 Lu: ah. linter runs are usually messy, ime. I usually run the linter and commit everything "linter run". Later I might move that linter commit around in time with rebase.
  • 07/17 15:25:44 Lu: If it conflicts I just don't move it. slightly_smiling_face
  • 07/17 15:26:42 Lu: I always keep formatting commits separate from logic changes
  • 07/17 15:27:16 Lu: I don't use stash for format stuff
  • 07/17 15:28:01 Lu: my boss insists stash is always evil. I think its handy under very brief, simple cases
  • 07/17 15:33:42 Dione: I've heard that opinion. If I feel a need to stash, I usually do a work-in-process commit and squash before PR instead
  • 07/17 15:35:52 Lu: I never do WIP commits, I take my work very seriously.
      * f9f1c5894 2019-06-06 | yakkity sax [Jay Hannah]
      * 0372f6289 2019-06-06 | clown shoes find / #2 [Jay Hannah]
      * 56e68bec3 2019-06-06 | wut? [Jay Hannah]
  • 07/17 15:36:20 Lu: I'm a professional.
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