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  • 05/16 11:00:31 Rayford: `git commit --yay --verily`
  • 05/16 11:02:17 Yuk: holy shit `--no-no-verify` actually exists
  • 05/16 11:03:05 Yuk: wtaf
  • 05/16 11:03:08 Michale: It does? It's not in my --help
  • 05/16 11:03:13 Yuk: exactly
  • 05/16 11:03:46 Rayford: `--con-gusto`
  • 05/16 11:04:06 Dorsey: am I being trolled?
  • 05/16 11:04:35 Michale: Always
  • 05/16 11:04:44 Rayford: Not all trolls wear capes. No, wait, that’s not quite right.
  • 05/16 11:05:03 Yuk: seriously:
    error: unknown option `no-no-no-verify'
    doesn't error
  • 05/16 11:05:22 Yuk: undocumented, afaict
  • 05/16 11:06:16 Michale: I mean I can see it being a useful argument to be able to pass if you for some reason wanted to ban --no-verify, like because you don't trust yourself in the future/from an alternate dimension of darkness/under the effects of intoxicants, assuming its behavior is to override --no-verify.
  • 05/16 11:08:07 Rayford: Have been working on a client repo for a while with a teammate where we have to constantly use `--no-verify` to ignore the commit hooks we set up for ourselves. This was just a joke that it’s refreshing to _not_ have to supply `--no-verify` for once, finally. I know nothing about why `--no-no` would not error, though. that’s curious.
  • 05/16 11:08:34 Rayford: `--big-no-no`
  • 05/16 11:27:16 Michel: I still just hide my git-shame behind aliases.
      bunnies = "!git commit --amend --no-edit && git push --force ryan"
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