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  • 09/06 14:24:08 Lorina: _indubitably_
  • 09/06 14:24:24 Elina: oh wait that was <#C04JD2N6U|sturm_und_drang>
  • 09/06 14:41:24 Emmitt: magit = heart
  • 09/06 14:43:25 Emmitt: it has so many operations that are perfectly doable with the commandline but are single-step in magit vs 100 steps on the command line. Like you can cherry-pick commits off a branch. I make a change on my branch that is unrelated to my current work, I can run a single command to create a new branch off of origin/master, apply that commit there without leaving my current branch
  • 09/06 14:48:24 Lorina: Exactly. Fine porcelain
  • 09/10 17:18:31 Kristian: https://blog.github.com/2018-09-10-highlights-f...
  • 09/13 12:00:49 Lorina: `git add -p` ftw
  • 09/14 13:12:20 Elina: haha nice just used `git stash -p` smile <3
  • 09/14 13:26:15 Tabitha: wat it do
  • 09/14 13:28:05 Elina: if you've got a several local changes and want to `stash` SOME of them it walks you through each change asking you if you want to stash it or not
  • 09/14 13:28:15 Tabitha: oh huh
  • 09/14 13:29:31 Elina: it's `git add -p` except instead of `p`artially choosing what to add to the index its choosing what to stash
  • 09/14 17:08:18 Clyde: V nice
  • 09/19 13:55:30 Elina: OMG heart git. I KNOW I changed that file recently, it's in some branch somewhere, which branch?
    ✗ git branch --contains a5f81046fed
  • 09/19 15:36:56 Devin: :+1:
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