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  • 12/12 09:07:02 Markus: `diff` !== `diff-tree`
  • 12/12 09:07:52 Markus: `git diff --name-only HEAD~1` is the same thing as `git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r HEAD`
  • 12/12 09:08:04 Markus: well, will give you roughly the same output
  • 12/12 09:09:53 Markus: but `diff` starts from the ish you give it and works its way to your current HEAD
  • 12/12 09:10:14 Markus: and `diff-tree` starts with the ish you give it and works towards its parent, if only one is provided
  • 12/12 09:10:43 Markus: if two are provided, presumably you can get them to function in the same way in that case as well
  • 12/12 16:39:20 Melynda: are there any git consultants out there who would come to, say, downtown KCMO and tell us what the h3ll we're doing wrong?
  • 12/12 16:39:28 Melynda: maybe a few hours...
  • 12/12 17:18:27 Clarence: @Melynda my firm does training. http://iinteractive.com. There are 3 of us in Omaha that do git all day, every day
  • 12/12 17:21:24 Clarence: There's a contact form on there that goes to one of the NYC guys or our CTO in Oregon, not sure who. Happy to answer any questions you might have, but pricing / availability is above my pay grade slightly_smiling_face
  • 12/12 18:44:38 Melynda: thumbsup_all
  • 12/14 07:25:47 Lonny: Image File [click to view]
  • 12/14 08:45:48 Markus: lol those poor kids. don’t be like `git push --force`
  • 12/14 08:45:54 Markus: unless you rebase and it’s your own branch, duh.
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