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  • 10/17 11:24:17 Winona: I wish they would have just made that green-squares view private, and introduce some sensible UI for browsing someone's public repos
  • 10/17 11:24:43 Nadine: ha
  • 10/17 11:24:59 Nadine: can’t un-pack pandora’s box wink
  • 10/17 11:25:49 Winona: I dunno, changing the meaning of the green squares sort of smashed it up anyway
  • 10/17 11:26:10 Winona: I'm mostly just bitter about how shitty the user's-public-repos interface is though
  • 10/17 11:26:32 Nadine: yeah, it kind of always has been though
  • 10/17 11:26:40 Winona: well sure, but that's no excuse!
  • 10/17 11:27:01 Winona: Their horrible UI made those green squares the first thing people looked at
  • 10/17 11:27:07 Nadine: yeah…
  • 10/17 11:27:11 Winona: And rather than fix anything else, they made the green squares a participation trophy
  • 10/17 11:27:26 Nadine: I really dig the simplicity and explorability (is that a thing?) of NPM’s user page
  • 10/17 11:27:41 Winona: Yeah, npm's user page is very cmd+f friendly, which I dig
  • 10/17 11:27:51 Winona: I wish it defaulted to showing the full list though
  • 10/17 11:27:54 Nadine: at a glance you see exactly how many packages they have, what ver they’re at, a link to them… and then there are many bits of information as you dig down, including related packages
  • 10/19 14:59:30 Edyth: Well fun. I changed 2 lines of an existing file. Somehow a QA guy rebased my change and now it's the addition of the entire file (269 lines). Which 2 lines did I actually change? No record of that. Yet I'm the Author. Same date. I don't know how this happens but it's scary that I'm the Author of a commit which was not at all what I actually did. `git blame`? All ME. sigh
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