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  • 09/21 12:55:31 Jama: Happy September 21, everyone! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG7YHFT4hjw
  • 09/21 12:58:49 Danyelle: wow that’s glorious
  • 09/21 13:13:57 Deandre: YESSSSSSSSSSS
  • 09/21 13:14:00 Deandre: the kids made it
  • 09/21 13:32:57 Anja: I was half expecting a marching band to start following him
  • 09/21 13:53:56 Katherin: Haha thank you!
  • 09/21 14:41:56 Teressa: psst @Delois still need a #poker date go/no-go from you slightly_smiling_face It wouldn't be the same w/o you taking my money
  • 09/21 16:03:12 Leonida: There was an extension for firefox called `DownThemAll!`. It allowed you to download files en masse from a website. Unfortunately, the api it used was deprecated. Do you guys know of an alternative to this plugin?
  • 09/21 16:49:11 Anja: there were scripts to do that kind of thing back when we paid by the minute for dial-up, but I don't know of anything modern
  • 09/21 16:52:21 Anja: there are a few Chrome extensions, or it looks like `wget` can do this also (https://superuser.com/a/849640)
  • 09/21 19:35:33 Delois: @Teressa what were we talking about, you were busy the 5th/6th, right? I’m busy the 12th, but the 13th should work for me
  • 09/21 23:22:48 Sang: Give me your recommendations for high-quality fidget spinners
  • 09/21 23:31:58 Ivey: i never pulled the trigger, but considered this one when i saw it on massdrop: https://www.clickeybits.com/
  • 09/21 23:57:47 Sang: That is indeed relevant to my interests
  • 09/21 23:59:02 Sang: For I have a child, a child who often seeks digital satisfaction in cases where analog attention would be preferable
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