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  • 10/19 10:31:02 Roberta: Unleeeeeessssss … your parenting strategy is to teach your children the myriad ways in which the universe is a terrifying and pointless place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • 10/19 10:31:24 Roberta: Parenting choices are deeply personal.
  • 10/19 10:32:00 Bonita: And some of them are metal AF
  • 10/19 10:43:14 Olin: https://twitter.com/l1quidcryst4l/status/921032...
  • 10/19 10:51:02 Monty: I feel like most people's reply to this is "nothing"; this is definitely how my code reviews used to go, now I am lucky and work somewhere everyone has weakly held strong opinions, and life is better
  • 10/19 10:55:07 Val: well, so far for the teams I've been on, it's been "the most senior devs have a good rapport with everyone and prefer to reach an agreeable position on video chat/in person"
  • 10/19 10:55:15 Noemi: reply with understanding, but also logic about the trade-off between time/effort and value. Just because a certain way is better for the code-base from a theoretical standpoint doesn’t mean it’s worth spending an extra day or two to make it so if there’s little value to the client/project. pick your battles and think about what’s worth the time and money
  • 10/19 10:59:35 Lahoma: https://mtlynch.io/human-code-reviews-1/
  • 10/19 11:35:05 Minh: I'm lucky enough to have a team lead who usually listens to reason at code review time. I think it's a psychological thing, though - I usually just do whatever he wants and pretend to agree with his feedback, so when I do argue, he's actually willing to listen.
  • 10/19 13:58:46 Alita: Does anyone have the Iphone 8 Plus?
  • 10/19 13:59:02 Alita: Can you share your thoughts and feelings?
  • 10/19 13:59:56 Kathi: I have a 7 Plus and I love it
  • 10/19 14:44:23 Kristopher: same (7 plus), love it
  • 10/19 14:44:30 Kristopher: waiting for the X myself though
  • 10/19 15:02:11 Kristopher: @Alita I played w/ my sister’s iphone 8 plus for a bit a couple weeks ago, quick thoughts: 1. feels higher quality/bit heavier (in a good way) than the iphone 7 plus. Also grippier 2. the portrait mode feature is *awesome* 3. obscenely fast 4. wireless charging is always a nice addon 5. since it’s glass the back wont scratch any easier than the front. Maybe you can even go caseless!!
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