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  • 03/21 15:04:10 Shandra: I'm uh... learning to pull from an API for the first time >.>
  • 03/21 15:04:39 Bea: Hey man, everyone starts from somewhere haha I dont have too much experience with APIs yet either.
  • 03/21 15:04:54 Shandra: Hmm adding GSAP to my reading list
  • 03/21 15:05:21 Bea: Front end animation!
  • 03/21 15:05:54 Johnna: API: (1) Install PostgREST (2) beer
  • 03/21 15:06:17 Johnna: or, you know, pay me to dork around with stupid shit for *years*
  • 03/21 15:06:21 Shandra: Yeah, up till now I've just been using css for animating or drawing. So doing that on the js side is relevant to my interests.
  • 03/21 15:06:55 Palmer: oh, that’s neat. http://postgrest.org/en/v5.2/
  • 03/21 15:07:02 Bea: It’s definitely really easy to learn and is quite fun to tinker around with. I’m using a NobleDesktop guide book (around 170 pages) full of random exercises to learn it.
  • 03/21 15:10:33 Shandra: Nice, I'll look into it! Computational art can get very interesting on the wild side.
  • 03/21 15:12:58 Bea: It’s definitely pretty fun haha
  • 03/21 15:26:44 Palmer: Writing docstrings. To wit: https://english.stackexchange.com/a/257924
  • 03/22 14:00:27 Johnna: haha @Hattie @Otilia Image File [click to view]
  • 03/22 14:00:47 Johnna: oh @Gemma is VR too ya?
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