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  • 06/25 10:08:44 Ellyn: Been thinking about learning Gatsby recently. Already know React, and have used Gridsome, which is basically Gatsby for Vue. Any tutorial or resource recommendations?
  • 06/25 10:10:56 Hyun: Hi Josh! Glad to have ya here slightly_smiling_face I think our official tutorial is quite good: https://gatsbyjs.org/tutorial/
  • 06/25 10:27:44 Ellyn: Sweet, thanks!
  • 06/25 11:12:16 Robbie: https://jenniferwadella.com/blog/all-the-dumb-m...
  • 06/25 11:14:05 Ellyn: Thanks! This looks great!
  • 06/25 11:28:46 Robbie: thumbsup
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