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  • 10/05 09:05:43 Madonna:
  • 10/05 09:05:52 Madonna: Saw on Reddit and thought of y'all
  • 10/05 09:05:56 Madonna: hearts
  • 10/05 09:08:29 Morris: I’ve been really good for the last couple, but I also, instead of playing any of the games I haven’t played yet, recently went back to Diablo 3 instead, which I’m not sure is really progress.
  • 10/05 09:13:56 Charles: I keep putting time into https://store.steampowered.com/app/562230/Space... - getting closer and closer to finishing a run!
  • 10/05 09:50:35 Cassey: I’M GETTING MORE GAMES
  • 10/05 15:38:24 Royce: Diablo 3 is such a love hate relationship for me
  • 10/05 15:38:32 Royce: which they added more content between seasons
  • 10/05 15:39:50 Morris: I basically go back to it like once a year or maybe not even that, so it feels like everything is very novel right now, and I’ll probably wander off again in a few weeks.
  • 10/05 21:34:32 Terica: space tyrant looks fun!
  • 10/05 21:35:25 Terica: my problem with d3 is that when I allow bnet on my computer, I can’t just install one game, and my playtime increases geometrically with the number of installed blizzard games disappointed
  • 10/05 22:45:31 Morris: Knock on wood, I've avoided most of their other properties because I much prefer single-player.
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