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  • 11/20 12:53:51 Lashon: even with a partial set though I was able to complete GR30 solo without too much trouble
  • 11/20 12:53:52 Lashon: so that’s nice
  • 11/20 12:56:02 Teressa: there’s no good ‘one way’ to grind for gear any more, so i recommend blowing Death Breaths on upgrading one-handed fist weapons in the cube until you get the parts you need while running rifts disappointed
  • 11/20 12:56:39 Teressa: same goes for ancients, it’s basically just using all your Death Breaths while also re-rerolling duplicate items of the same type which had bad stats
  • 11/20 12:57:22 Teressa: Incense Torch has a decently high drop rate, i’ve gotten like 8 or so this season so that should drop relatively quickly for you
  • 11/20 12:57:45 Teressa: are you using Bracers in the cube or planning to use a Cindercoat?
  • 11/20 13:22:51 Lashon: bracers
  • 11/20 13:22:57 Lashon: though I have a cindercoat already I could throw in there
  • 11/20 13:23:05 Lashon: and yeah, that’s basically the strategy my buddy recommended to me…
  • 11/20 13:23:13 Lashon: I’m out of death breath already, naturally….
  • 11/20 13:23:18 Lashon: need to run more regs
  • 11/20 13:23:33 Lashon: just glad I don’t have to grind Act 1 like a bajillion times to get that stupid RRG
  • 11/20 13:23:40 Lashon: having the six piece sunwoku is badass
  • 11/21 13:20:31 Teressa: it’s so silly joy as soon as you get: Kyoshiro’s Soul (`Sweeping Wind gains 2 stacks every second it does not deal damage to any enemies.`) + Vengeful Wind (`Increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Wind by 7`) you’re pretty much at end-game.
  • 11/21 13:21:33 Teressa: as soon as i got my Vengeful Wind i shot from being able to barely do T6 to being able to clear T13 no problem skull
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