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  • 02/15 10:11:34 Rema: Anthem?
  • 02/15 10:13:59 Curtis: ?
  • 02/15 10:24:03 Rema: Anyone played it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthem_(video_game)
  • 02/15 10:24:48 Ty: If its not OpenRCT2 I don’t care
  • 02/15 10:36:13 Rema: haha
  • 02/15 10:54:07 Ena: I’m kind of interested because I’ve liked BioWare stuff previously, but I’m not sure about online multiplayer.
  • 02/15 10:55:42 Rema: A coworker tells me it’s squad-based, so you (can) team up with people you know (if only online :) ).
  • 02/15 10:58:37 Reynalda: i’ve heard it is pretty cool but the beta was pretty rough
  • 02/15 10:58:38 Ena: I think mostly I’m thinking, wait, the great thing about Mass Effect was never the combat, although it’s now been long enough--I didn’t play Andromeda--that I can’t remember if it was ever that _bad_ or if it was just not memorably good the way the stories were.
  • 02/15 10:58:48 Reynalda: so maybe not worth going out and buying on day 1
  • 02/15 11:00:40 Karol: bee tee dubs, if anyone else has been looking for a good Diabloish experience, I've been quite enjoying Victor Vran https://store.steampowered.com/app/345180/Victo...
  • 02/15 11:01:24 Karol: The most satisfying clicker I think I've played since Dungeon Siege 2 or Torchlight
  • 02/15 11:03:17 Ena: Ooooh. I went on another big Diablo 3 kick a bit back but it does get a bit same-y after awhile.
  • 02/15 11:07:24 Ena: I will grant, re: Anthem, that I played Fallout 76 for long enough to get my money’s worth just to hang out with friends, so I might do Anthem similarly if people I know pick it up and seem to like it.
  • 02/15 11:24:19 Jeffrey: I'll have to pick up Victor Vran just for the Motorhead expansion
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