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  • 06/11 16:18:21 Dimple: maybe i'll start putting a paperback book into my switch dock so I pick that up instead
  • 06/11 16:20:01 Delila: Shh, don’t make me feel like I should be doing something more edifying. slightly_smiling_face
  • 06/11 16:21:02 Devorah: @Dimple *borrowed comics from Hoopla wink
  • 06/12 10:02:32 Kareen: from the people who brought you The Stanley Parable, "Everything" is a very cool game https://www.twitch.tv/videos/437791696
  • 06/12 13:44:42 Kareen: https://twitter.com/TwitchOmaha/status/11367553...
  • 06/19 15:23:52 Venetta: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTN1c1j6V1s
  • 06/19 15:26:51 Damien: mmmMM system76
  • 06/20 09:57:55 Jaime: In all fairness, the $1K premium for a custom case/mobo/distro design is a smaller ask than the $2.5K premium for getting those things in the new Mac Pro. Plus you've got US manufacturing and an open design to boot. The review unit was around ~$2400, and I'd wager you'll get better performance than the same spend in Apple hardware.
  • 06/20 10:28:27 Delila: I am waiting for my Sandbenders, still.
  • 06/20 10:47:41 Delila: For something that you use all the time for work, like, our tools are pretty cheap, it seems like not a terrible thing to try to get something you really like and will enjoy using.
  • 06/20 15:53:46 Venetta: If the LTT video on Macs are any indication, you almost definitely will as Apple (apparently) throttles their CPUs to keep fan noise down (not sure if this will be the case on the new desktop Mac Pros)
  • 06/20 19:49:54 Mindi: I think that's normal – decreasing CPU levels to maintain safe heat levels
  • 06/20 19:52:34 Mindi: Different hardware lets you get away with more. Some computers have to throttle down frequently to stay cool, some can run under high load without throttling in most circumstances.
  • 06/21 10:59:03 Venetta: @Mindi The throttling of CPU to reduce the heat levels does happen on most laptops I've used, but throttling to try and keep the fan from turning on is kind of annoying.
  • 06/25 15:06:35 Damien: Mutant Year Zero is fun so far.
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