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  • 09/05 15:30:20 Greta: Destiny 2. Hope it's good. If you're on PS4, feel free to add me.
  • 09/06 11:48:03 Paris: Anyone here play Heroes of the Storm or StarCraft 2?
  • 09/06 11:48:34 Myesha: I played Heroes of the Storm a while back
  • 09/06 11:49:29 Chrystal: i play HotS occasionally, but it’s been a minute
  • 09/06 11:51:02 Chrystal: Also if anyone here still plays League of Legends shoot me a DM, I just got back from PAX West and they gave us an attendee-only Sivir skin and I’d rather donate it to someone in the community take it than sell it online somewhere thumbsup
  • 09/06 12:01:54 Emmy: niiiice, how was PAX?
  • 09/06 13:17:36 Chrystal: SUPER COOL
  • 09/06 13:18:22 Chrystal: so many people cold_sweat, but all the booths and playable demos were ok_hand I’m now super excited for Monster Hunter Worlds and a cute indie game called Ooblets
  • 09/06 13:18:34 Chrystal: https://ooblets.com/
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