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  • 03/29 10:03:48 Merrill: Hey @Sixta my GoGame friend is developing a card game and wanted some development feedback. Does Spielbound have a Game Dev club or something? I found this from 2014 but one of the images is broken etc so I don't know if its still a thing? http://spielbound.org/article/game-design-program
  • 03/29 10:18:16 Lavonna: @Merrill http://spielbound.org/spielmasons
  • 03/29 10:19:03 Merrill: oooo NOICE thanks!!
  • 04/05 13:02:26 Antonia: https://youtu.be/pxoXrc8pwx0
  • 04/05 13:14:29 Janet: omg. it’s like the Mister Rogers of gaming
  • 04/05 13:14:32 Janet: heart_eyes
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