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  • 02/15 13:44:33 Oscar: freaking Square Enix
  • 02/15 13:45:11 Bryant: Squeenix gonna squeen
  • 02/15 13:45:46 Bryant: Doesn't surprise me at all though, for a HD remake of a classic JRPG
  • 02/15 13:46:10 Oscar: heh. I guess. I’m just dismayed.
  • 02/15 13:46:27 Oscar: erm. not dismayed. it’s great that a whole new generation will be exposed to such a seminal game
  • 02/15 13:46:36 Oscar: annoyed is prbably closer to what I am
  • 02/15 13:46:53 Oscar: also thanks Kotaku… “The Secret Of Mana Remake Makes A Great Game Worse”
  • 02/15 13:47:01 Oscar: sheesh
  • 02/15 13:48:58 Bryant: Also this game is on sale http://store.steampowered.com/app/283160/House_... and I just got it a couple days ago and it is greeeeeeat
  • 02/15 13:49:13 Oscar: I should probably pick up an actual original SNES before they’re unobtanium… all I see on local craigslist is “SNES classic brand new!”
  • 02/15 13:49:18 Oscar: facepalm
  • 02/15 13:49:22 Bryant: If it looks like anything you'd enjoy, you should check it out. It's exactly what I could have hoped for
  • 02/15 13:50:33 Oscar: looks like fun!
  • 02/16 12:56:56 Tandra: https://lifehacker.com/you-could-win-a-bitcoin-...
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