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  • 09/25 11:01:18 Janyce: I’ve been using either a Logitech G5/G500 for years. they really nailed it with that mouse IMO
  • 09/25 11:01:50 Jacqualine: I was actually looking at the Razer version of that mouse.
  • 09/25 11:02:46 Jacqualine: @Elijah How effective are the buttons on the side?
  • 09/25 11:06:04 Elijah: Once you've developed the muscle memory for which button is where, they're very effective. I have mine mapped to 10-key inputs, since I'm comfortable on 10-key when I don't have my fancy mouse.
  • 09/25 11:07:03 Brant: I don't recommend the Razer gaming one. I love the size/comfort of it, but everyone I know who has owned it has gone through many of them. That being said, MMO mouses are great once you get used to them. Most of them are super customizable and you can map buttons for lots of different workflows outside of gaming too. (I know a lot of people will map various Photoshop tools to them)
  • 09/25 11:08:09 Elijah: I've heard similar anecdotes about Razer peripherals needing to be replaced, particularly mice.
  • 09/25 11:13:12 Brant: I didn't have an issue with mine (outside of I need to replace the battery because I have the wireless one) but literally everyone else I know who has had that mouse has gone through at least 2 of them. Logitech has better quality in my experience.
  • 09/25 14:31:02 Alethea: I have two razer nagas and wouldn’t recommend either of them
  • 09/25 14:31:31 Alethea: faulty wiring in both, driver issues, and weird pick-up-distance miscalculations on both mac and PC
  • 09/25 14:31:34 Alethea: thumbsdown
  • 09/25 14:32:41 Alethea: i had a G600 for years leading up to the Naga (linked above) and loved it. When the wiring finally fully goes out on my naga im probably gonna move away from MMO mice, but idk what’s hot these days
  • 09/25 14:33:36 Brant: I really like my Corsair mouse
  • 09/25 14:34:04 Brant: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/sabre-rgb-gaming-m...
  • 09/25 14:34:38 Alethea: oh yeah, heard good things about those
  • 09/25 14:35:17 Brant: yeah i've had good luck with all my corsair peripherals
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