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  • 12/05 12:33:49 Nelia: Didn't Apple effectively kill controllers a year or two ago?
  • 12/05 12:34:47 Nelia: I don't remember how, but I vaguely remember people noting that Apple was giving up on games for some reason...
  • 12/05 12:36:00 Piper: they still work. I bought a used Nimbus this weekend and there are a bunch of games that support it (not always perfectly though.) seems like it could be a great portable console if I could set it on a table and get Bomberman going, but it seems like zero developers support that kind of local MP
  • 12/05 12:36:31 Nelia: you're reminding me that I want a Switch
  • 12/05 12:36:32 Piper: i can see how controllers would have to be an option extra; obviously no way apple would let anything on the app store which primary purpose is local MP
  • 12/05 12:36:47 Piper: haha, yes, basically like that Switch trailer from a couple years ago
  • 12/05 12:37:53 Nelia: my son loves Shovel Knight on PC, so we bought a couple of these https://www.amazon.com/8bitdo-Wireless-Bluetoot... - would recommend
  • 12/05 12:38:23 Evan: They've not killed the MFi controller program as far as I know.
  • 12/05 12:40:19 Evan: https://mfigames.com/
  • 12/05 12:40:37 Piper: imagine if apple released a) easy multiple controller support (if not already possible), b) made a big deal of hiring some ex-nintendo people. just the halo effect would drive other developers to release some cool stuff. I really want the App Store and Play Store to get past this f2p morass and make something new popular, and since f2p can’t be beat financially, i think that changing users’ expectations of taste/fun/time invested is the only way
  • 12/08 13:51:38 Corrinne: https://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/Stell...
  • 12/08 14:23:27 Corrinne: https://store.steampowered.com/app/760060/Mutan...
  • 12/10 08:41:49 Evan: H-uh. That looks neat. The art direction reminds me of the aesthetic of Palladium's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: After the Bomb expansion – mutant animals and humans in a ruined post-apocalyptic landscape. https://tmnt-ninjaturtles.com/comics/palladium-...
  • 12/10 11:25:22 Corrinne: Didn’t realize until it landed on Steam that it is turn-based. I still think it looks really interesting. Metal Gear Acid was a great little game.
  • 12/10 11:33:53 Piper: I’ve played a few maps of this so far and it’s great. The IAP is, according to the developer, “only for people who want to play the game wrong.” Rebel Inc. by Ndemic Creations https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rebel-inc/id143...
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