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  • 08/17 10:04:30 Imogene: It's a brain-burner isn't it
  • 08/17 10:04:37 Amos: a tad unforgiving, but fun
  • 08/17 10:04:52 Amos: and it doesn’t kill my 2015 macbook pro, which is unusual
  • 08/17 10:05:21 Imogene: Like Tom Francis said on Twitter, there's often a feeling of "there's no way to survive this turn without a building taking damage", but if you think long and hard enough, there almost always is
  • 08/17 10:06:05 Amos: I assume there is, like any good puzzle game. But I haven’t hit that nirvana yet with it.
  • 08/17 10:07:09 Imogene: haha, I wouldn't call it nirvana, more like "I've been staring at this turn for ten minutes, but I'm going to keep staring"
  • 08/17 10:08:25 Amos: haha point_up
  • 08/17 10:08:53 Amos: I’m still on a HOLD MY BEER level of strategy.
  • 08/17 10:10:15 Imogene: I would recommend the acid-based team as your second team
  • 08/17 10:10:35 Imogene: Once you realize how different the strategies are that each team the game opens up a good bit
  • 08/17 10:14:48 Amos: right on. yeah, I haven’t even finished the first island yet. but this game is definitely my new obsession. Flame in the Flood, I haven’t forgotten you!
  • 08/17 12:13:43 Allison: I looooved Into the Breach
  • 08/17 12:15:00 Allison: Steel Judoka was my favorite team. "Stop hitting yourself, monsters, stop hitting yourself."
  • 08/18 17:40:30 Amos: Well, I've gotten as far as the second island now.
  • 08/18 17:41:38 Amos: Using the ranged mech to push enemies in strategic ways is better than hitting them directly. And blocking new spawns sure helps.
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