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  • 05/15 14:21:33 Sharita: Thinking of diving back into Unity myself.
  • 05/15 14:31:15 Louella: I keep meaning to, but the actual software dev job I have usually taps out my mental capacity.
  • 05/15 14:31:20 Louella: I have been slowly learning Unity though
  • 05/15 14:31:29 Louella: and I mean like glacial pace
  • 05/15 14:32:02 Sharita: haha, you and me both
  • 05/15 14:32:48 Louella: I’ll have a shitty indie game with “Mostly negative” on Steam sometime before, oh, 2050.
  • 05/15 14:33:10 Sharita: I just played Baba Is You on the switch and I'm like, dammit.. why didn't I make this!
  • 05/15 14:33:36 Louella: honestly, I have no illusions of making a full on game. But learning spatial data structures, real-time, network programming, and VR all seem like potentially useful things to know.
  • 05/15 14:34:54 Louella: It’s almost like modern Civics, to me. Given the state of VR/AR and mobile, I expect everyone to be using VR all the time in a few years. Like, when you see everyone everywhere staring at their phones all the time? Just replace all those instances with VR googles and flailing hands in the air.
  • 05/15 14:35:14 Sharita: haha, I sure hope you're wrong
  • 05/15 14:36:17 Louella: Me too, but I doubt it, and am serious about that prediction.
  • 05/15 14:44:28 Dannette: I watch a f-ton of GDC sessions and read a bunch on game design, but I made anything beyond a couple half-baked design docs. If nothing else, there’s a lot of information that I’m consuming that’s relevant to my day job.
  • 05/15 14:50:00 Dannette: Wireframe magazine is a fun read, and so far the digital editions have been free to download https://wireframe.raspberrypi.org/
  • 05/15 14:50:17 Sharita: ooh thanks!
  • 05/21 14:17:29 Dannette: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWSmZgL50vE
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