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  • 03/22 00:09:20 Analisa: Interesting how reading up on bootstrap is giving me a deeper appreciation for vanilla css.
  • 03/22 07:25:50 Katelin: Using Bootstrap 2 and 3 deeply did give me a better sense of what global stylesheets could be
  • 03/22 11:28:27 Analisa: That's true, watching some breakdowns definitely gives me ideas to better organize my sheets as well. Keeping it dry and all that. So I guess I'm confused why that doesn't make me like bootstrap any more than usual. Not sure if it's a newbie thing and using libraries like that makes me worry I won't be internalizing the stuff going in the background. Hah when I first started using grid that felt like cheating... then I broke the grid so uhhh yeah I don't worry about that anymore. stuck_out_tongue
  • 03/22 11:32:50 Katelin: Bootstrap feels too big for me. When I'm working on a small-to-medium sized app, I can't justify pulling in that much CSS
  • 03/22 11:33:22 Katelin: However, I'm not good at scaling a coherent global stylesheet from small to medium to large in the way that I am good at scaling a JS framework that way
  • 03/22 11:34:53 Katelin: I love the idea of https://purecss.io/ but it's not maintained any more
  • 03/22 11:41:27 Barney: Try Foundation CLI build. You can pull their Zurb Template and be up and running with a starter site within minutes. They have it set up so you can comment out the components you don’t need in the sass, and only import the JS for the components you’re using so you can trim the weight of your site down quite a bit: https://foundation.zurb.com/sites/docs/installa...
  • 03/22 11:42:07 Barney: Obviously, this is for Foundation rather than Bootstrap. I personally am not a fan of Bootstrap
  • 03/22 11:52:58 Katelin: I've been eyeballing Tailwind – I like composable classes, and their custom build support is on point https://tailwindcss.com/docs/configuration#modules
  • 03/22 11:53:04 Katelin: Haven't taken the plunge on any project yet though
  • 03/22 11:53:57 Katelin: srsly check this out https://tailwindcss.com/docs/controlling-file-size
  • 03/22 12:02:38 Lana: I’m in the process of rewriting our webapp in tailwind and am loving it so far
  • 03/22 12:18:26 Amberly: I'm a fan of Tachyons myself, but Tailwind seems really cool
  • 03/22 12:48:31 Analisa: Found this kind of relevant to me as someone who's considering whether to just keep diving deeper into vanilla css for the sake of understanding, or looking at frameworks/libraries for the sake of bolstering the quantity I can show off to potential employers. I'd really love opinions, something backed up by actual experiences of maybe transitioning from one library to another. I'm sometimes surprised how little plain css talk I hear as opposed to bootstrap or tachyons. But I'm trying to broaden a very limited current perspective. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCDWzV9wzW4
  • 03/22 13:14:47 Katelin: While we're talking about sweet CSS stylesheets, I loved this (may have linked this in some MWDC room before) https://medium.com/@mwichary/dark-theme-in-a-da...
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