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  • 09/10 12:11:48 Dante: I agree. I’d use it a ton more if fallbacks weren’t needed.
  • 09/10 12:15:55 Rubin: Yeah, I'm using it on this project because I had the go-ahead to just make it work in modern browsers.
  • 09/10 12:44:40 Shelley: The only big issues I've run into is grid-gap not being recognized on Internet Explorer (can generally manually fix with margins) and then just having to have specific syntax for Edge/IE.. But I found a pre-compiler that makes transferring to IE/Edge easier if anyone is interested
  • 09/10 13:08:47 Rubin: I don’t need to worry about IE but I should probably double check Edge. confounded
  • 09/10 13:09:42 Shelley: Generally speaking, Edge doesn't change too much, but I've run into some instances so I'd double check just to be safe.
  • 09/10 13:19:05 Phyliss: do tell about the pre-complier, @Shelley?
  • 09/10 13:19:54 Shelley: Autoprefixer********* but https://autoprefixer.github.io/ comes in handy when working in IE/Edge for Grid slightly_smiling_face
  • 09/10 13:20:26 Shelley: Can set it to work for all browsers, top 4 browsers, top 5% of browsers used by people, etc
  • 09/10 13:20:59 Shelley: Only time I ever really find a use where grid doesn't automatically work for the browser is IE//Edge though
  • 09/11 09:17:55 Shelley: Does anyone know of any good "Front End Challenge" websites? I was thinking about doing one of those 30 day challenges or something, but I'm not exactly sure where to start. Not sure if there's usually anything behind it or it's just do what's in your head
  • 09/11 10:23:15 Dannette: http://codeinthedark.com
  • 09/11 10:23:31 Dannette: https://100dayscss.com
  • 09/11 10:23:38 Dannette: those are mostly CSS / HTML though
  • 09/11 10:24:18 Dannette: I guess the second one is more a showcase now that I'm looking at it
  • 09/11 10:31:33 Shelley: Yeah I saw that 100 Days one as well, but all it is is just a portfolio site for his 100 projects. Will check out the Code in the Dark though! Thank yous ir
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