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  • 10/13 10:24:09 Carmelo: it’s good to know that Bulma meets such a rigorous criteria
  • 10/13 10:25:20 Michal: https://twitter.com/thrashr888?lang=en did most of the work smile I helped with criteria and gave input, but he did most of the data gathering and checking out each framework
  • 10/13 10:25:53 Michal: (there's a couple other people on the "team" as well)
  • 10/13 10:54:35 Jill: Thanks to everyone for their input. I'll try to dig into a few of these later today.
  • 10/14 11:07:06 Greg: anyone around who can help with a gulp q?
  • 10/14 13:12:43 Erin: Possibly, what’s up?
  • 10/14 13:17:05 Erin: Still having the problem, @Greg?
  • 10/14 13:27:40 Greg: finally figured out out; only took half a day. Was trying to figure out how to create a stream for each string an array of strings. then merge them at the end so they’d run parallel
  • 10/14 13:28:50 Greg: this is what i came up with
  • 10/14 13:29:12 Greg: @Greg uploaded a file: https://midwestdevchat.slack.com/files/U02HDC58...
  • 10/14 13:30:03 Greg: my google foo wasn’t working very well; i knew i saw how to do it, and it took a while to find the line on the docs that explained how `map` worked
  • 10/14 13:35:05 Erin: woohoo!!
  • 10/14 13:53:55 Greg: I am making the assumption i am doing it “correctly”. wtf knows if i’m right grin
  • 10/19 09:43:36 Erin: https://css-tricks.com/the-art-of-comments/ ok_hand
  • 10/19 09:44:29 Erin: >>> Code can describe how, but it cannot explain why. Good comments explain the why.
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