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  • 01/09 11:03:36 Mason: hi frontend, I have an SVG question
  • 01/09 11:04:36 Mason: long story short, are relative paths when using SVG sprites a security risk? If so, what’s dangerous about it?
  • 01/09 11:06:03 Mason: e.g.
      <use xmlns:xlink="http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink" xlink:href="/images/icons.svg#cat"></use>
  • 01/09 11:07:14 Mason: I’m using a framework that’s filtering out `xlink:href` attributes if they start with `/` and I don’t understand why
  • 01/09 11:12:53 Mason: Okay, I _think_ I found the answer? But I’m still a little confused https://github.com/cure53/DOMPurify/issues/233
  • 01/16 10:46:50 Nyla: Anyone have experience or thoughts on using https://www.cypress.io/? I don't have much testing experience, but I set up some simple tests for a web app and it seems pretty awesome. Way easier to get running than Selenium so far
  • 01/16 10:47:25 Kathryn: I love Cypress though I have mostly been using TestCafe now because Cypress doesn’t support anything other than Chrome (they are working on FF)
  • 01/16 10:47:57 Kathryn: TestCafe has the same (automatically wait for things to appear) and is all promise based so you can await everything
  • 01/16 10:50:33 Kathryn: Cypress’s tooling is more mature though imo, their test runner is really nice.
  • 01/16 10:58:11 Nyla: Yeah, and the docs are really thorough. I love this command log thing
  • 01/16 10:59:27 Kathryn: yep, if you are happy with chrome only, I’d say go Cypress, if you need more than that, TestCafe is still miles ahead of Selenium
  • 01/16 11:16:49 Nyla: Chrome only right now, just need to get some simple UI tests in place as this app grows
  • 01/17 07:29:44 Eloise: We use cypress pretty heavily on gatsby examples and e2e and have really liked it! https://github.com/gatsbyjs/gatsby/tree/master/...
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