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  • 05/01 16:40:34 Ara: no need if you're busy, but if you want to show off something cool, i would totally look.
  • 05/01 16:40:35 Ara: laughing
  • 05/01 16:40:50 Reggie: I haven’t gotten to do anything with it yet for real but every time Jen Simmons has said something about it on Twitter I’ve gone “eee”.
  • 05/01 16:41:28 Eliseo: I like showing off lmao cold_sweat
  • 05/01 16:41:30 Ara: i used a combo of flexbox and grid to do a news article layout with photos. It IS handy, but i feel like i haven't really flexed on it yet, lol
  • 05/01 17:08:18 Eliseo: ok, behold, grid magic https://codepen.io/anon/pen/dLBdNQ
  • 05/01 17:09:50 Ara: oh, that's delightful!
  • 05/01 17:13:13 Eliseo: also pardon the haml if you don’t know haml; you can toggle to the compiled HTML
  • 05/01 17:14:00 Eliseo: (and pardon the font icons; they were easy to toss into a pen cold_sweat)
  • 05/01 17:14:57 Lavera: I made this one a long time ago. Not super practical but kinda fun. https://codepen.io/joshuajcollinsworth/pen/aEJGvg
  • 05/01 17:16:26 Lavera: This is a really great use of grid.
  • 05/01 17:23:41 Ara: https://codepen.io/knoone/pen/PgvVmq Here's the flexbox issue i was working on last night. I had no control over the markup so each black box and corresponding scores have their own wrapper. took me a hot second to remember how to get those to take up the right amount of space. (excuse the rough styling, it's going to get more polish later slightly_smiling_face ) should be able to handle several more boxes being added
  • 05/01 17:24:17 Ara: also need to activate the first one on load, but i'm lazy and haven't done that yet slightly_smiling_face
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