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  • 07/18 16:04:21 Brian: (plus time zone info etc as necessary)
  • 07/18 16:04:23 Hermelinda: So I was instructed to create a popup when users initially reached the landing page (login page) to basically be used to convey information whether a change was coming, whether maintenance work was going to happen, etc. Some of the users that use this site in the past have thrown their hands up and caused issues for "not telling them" or something. Apparently many of them are very..... Hmm... My manager is surprised some of them can tie their shoes in the morning. So it's more just an if needed?
  • 07/18 16:05:32 Hermelinda: I suppose a reminder message would be the best description
  • 07/18 16:06:12 Brian: Just sticking an alert box on the login page itself would be more standard for that kind of thing, I think.
  • 07/18 16:06:26 Russel: I think you're hitting so many questions because someone somewhere jumped to implementation before thinking through the problem.
  • 07/18 16:06:39 Hermelinda: To give you a quick rundown of what I'm dealing with
  • 07/18 16:06:40 Russel: At the risk of being pedantic: 1) define the goal (2) determine the side effects you must mitigate. (3) determine the solution that best resolves 1 and 2 with the fewest downsides (4) figure out the technical implmentation. Never do these steps backward.
  • 07/18 16:08:13 Brian: I’d definitely at the very least clarify whether the instructions you were given mean “modal window where you need to store whether people have already seen it” or “some kind of text on the screen somewhere”.
  • 07/18 16:09:17 Hermelinda: There are 2 devs for this company, 1 of which taught himself everything he knows so it's in his own way of handling it (which is fine, I can work around it), then me who is still an entry level dev I'd say. At the moment I'm redoing the website to insert help desk tickets/health insurance forms and the person that did it before me... I'm basically starting from square 1. The instruction is pretty non-existent but yeah. I'm trying lol
  • 07/18 16:10:07 Hermelinda: And it was specifically requested a popup on the landing page that popped up often i.e 1-3 days
  • 07/18 16:11:31 Russel: I think additional communication is rarely a bad thing. If you think something can be better implemented than the original suggestion, then put together a proposal. Be sure to address the concerns that led to the original suggestion, and explain why you think the alternate idea is better. If they go for it, everyone wins. If they don't, at least you know you tried to do it better.
  • 07/18 16:12:08 Hermelinda: That's what I've generally been doing for everything so far, I just needed to get something functional to be able to show them what they were asking for I suppose
  • 07/18 16:12:51 Brian: Especially when you’re this new--and I’m only in my second year doing this!--and you get instructions like this that seem to be asking for something fairly complex for something low-value, I’ve found it’s frequently worth going back and asking stuff like, “Hey, you said a popup, do you mean it needs to be a modal window?”
  • 07/18 16:13:50 Hermelinda: Alright. I appreciate the help everyone
  • 07/18 16:16:13 Russel: Good luck!
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