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  • 03/20 18:26:56 Kaycee: One sec, wsl just crashed
  • 03/20 18:27:44 Kaycee:
    bundling: dist/collection/components/my-component/my-component.js, line: 1
               'NewtonObjects' is not exported by ../newton-js-sdk/lib/index.js
  • 03/20 18:28:02 Kaycee: Rest of it's going to pm
  • 03/20 19:31:16 Fletcher: Yeah stencil thought it would be a good idea to say: "oh we aren't going to use webpack again"
  • 03/20 19:31:34 Fletcher: But what they didn't realize is that webpack is a platform, its not just a bundler smirk
  • 03/20 19:31:55 Fletcher: So no one uses Stencil because they can't really webpack it (besides their webpack plugin they had an intern make and not really support)
  • 03/20 19:32:44 Fletcher: It's cool as an idea, silly to think you are going to "zero config code split" which is ironic given they also have a config file that you have to manually declare those splits. anyways, rant over
  • 03/20 19:34:04 Fletcher: Vue is so hot, because it builds on the _platform_ smirk
  • 03/20 19:37:57 Cecelia: I webpack with it just fine lol
  • 03/20 22:00:39 Fletcher: Gooooooooooooooood heart_eyesheart
  • 03/21 02:02:58 Cecelia: https://alistapart.com/article/diy-web-accessib...
  • 03/21 02:58:59 Cecelia: https://twitter.com/mgechev/status/976120561070...
  • 03/21 12:01:18 Fletcher: slightly_smiling_face It is a very interesting article. I won't tell Minko this but I'm not 100% sold on this practice yet.
  • 03/21 12:47:41 Kaycee: I too remember the Ionic attempt to switch to rollup and failing to do so
  • 03/21 20:58:02 Cecelia: I adore the new npm site
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