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  • 10/03 13:48:53 Shante: Great meetup for those of you in <#C4U9ABLQ0|omaha> and interested in Swift! Additionally the some of the fastlane topic items can be applicable to projects outside of iOS! https://www.meetup.com/LearnSwiftOmaha/events/2...
  • 10/03 19:32:23 Bethany: This Sunday, if you like mentoring or getting mentored or want to rubber duck some issue, we're restarting Ask-A-Dev Omaha through December.
  • 10/03 19:32:25 Bethany: https://www.meetup.com/Ask-A-Dev/events/zphjhqy...
  • 10/04 09:19:42 Ehtel: That’s a sweet idea. I’d find it difficult to attend over the holiday months though.
  • 10/04 11:21:55 Dawn: ah bummer. My Sunday afternoons are all shot. If you ever happen to move it to a week night... slightly_smiling_face
  • 10/04 21:13:39 Kelsie: http://devopsdayskc.org/ only two short weeks away!!
  • 10/08 15:32:52 Lillie: Hey folks! I'm hosting a viewing of Inclusive Design 24 this Thursday at Don't Panic Labs's Barnyard space in Lincoln. Please feel free to drop by and learn about digital inclusion and accessibility. https://www.meetup.com/Nebraska-Digital-Accessi...
  • 10/09 11:15:36 Dona: If anyone's in the Des Moines area, come check out my Gatsby talk tonight at 6PM! https://twitter.com/desmoinesjs/status/10496585...
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