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  • 12/04 15:35:44 Theodore: If you're coming (to the Tech Holiday Party) and are able please consider bring a pair of gloves, or a hat to be donated to Girls Inc! They do some incredible stuff for young girls in Omaha and we wanted to give back! (https://girlsincomaha.org/) Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
  • 12/04 20:58:51 Laci: Iowa Code Camp is Saturday in Des Moines: http://iowacodecamp.com
  • 12/05 11:34:17 Ed: The Omaha Mental Health User Group's having its monthly meeting this Friday! Come shed some of the holiday stress and talk about tips to survive that week with your family. 6:30 PM at the Omaha Maker Group, 8410 K St, #5 https://www.meetup.com/Omaha-Mental-Health-User...
  • 12/05 19:12:51 Kent: Hey, thanks for the reminder. I passed this along to my workplace (mostly in Ames/Ankeny area)
  • 12/07 08:21:06 Ed: Reminder! OMHUG meets TONIGHT - we'd love to see you there! https://www.meetup.com/Omaha-Mental-Health-User...
  • 12/07 09:27:34 Laci: Wish I lived closer.
  • 12/07 10:56:54 Ed: Hopefully someday you can drop by!
  • 12/07 10:57:24 Ed: We've considered figuring something out for more remote people, but our focus really has to be on in-person interaction at first.
  • 12/07 11:44:20 Laci: Understood. It's hard to cater to everybody.
  • 12/07 21:00:34 Theodore: Huge shout out to everyone who donated! Thank you! We were able to donate like 20+ pairs of gloves, 20+ hats, a bunch of scarves, and several coats as well as $230+ to Girls Inc to help get them winter gear! They were all sooooo excited when I dropped it off today - you're all awesome!
  • 12/10 10:08:16 Indira: December isn't slowing us down in Oklahoma! We have tons of meetups scheduled over the next couple of weeks: https://www.starspace46.com/calendar-1 These include talks on reactive programming, data visualization, databases, devops, hardware projects, analytics, JavaScript, user research, and Apple MapKit! Most of the talks will be streamed live to our Twitch channel and available later on our YouTube channel. If you have Amazon Prime, you can subscribe to our Twitch channel for free each month to get notifications when we're going live! http://twitch.tv/techlahoma http://youtube.com/techlahoma
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