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  • 08/14 17:02:15 Rutha: gotcha that makes more sense
  • 08/14 17:02:16 Henrietta: and PostgresOpen draws quite a bit of the PG community, including core team members and PG backend hackers
  • 08/14 17:02:34 Rutha: cool thanks for the clarification
  • 08/14 17:04:22 Henrietta: np
  • 08/15 11:30:34 Mildred: sfrost: dang, thanks for the reminder. I wanted to go to this but work has a trip in store for me instead. stuck_out_tongue Next time I hope.
  • 08/15 11:30:53 Henrietta: craig: get someone else on your team to go? :)
  • 08/15 11:31:10 Henrietta: It's gonna be a great conference. :)
  • 08/15 11:31:17 Mildred: well... my whole team will be on the work trip wink
  • 08/15 11:31:40 Henrietta: hah
  • 08/15 11:32:42 Mildred: I would go but I can't travel so much. slightly_smiling_face Cool that you are an organizer and on this here slack.
  • 08/15 11:33:01 Henrietta: seemed like a good place to mention it. :)
  • 08/15 11:33:30 Mildred: yup. and now I joined <#C06V4RPB9|postgres> for fun. slightly_smiling_face
  • 08/15 11:33:40 Henrietta: haha
  • 08/16 08:48:30 Teri: You guys have probably heard of this, but WordCamp Omaha is coming up soon. Just a small 2 day conference right here in Omaha on all things WordPress! https://2018.omaha.wordcamp.org/
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