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  • 08/12 10:35:39 Vernie: If you identify as a woman and want to learn how to make websites, Techlahoma has good news for you. We are hosting a free one-day workshop for beginners! Join us at Django Girls Tulsa powered by Lobeck Taylor Family Foundation: *Friday and Saturday, September 13-14*, 2019 at *Central Library* in Tulsa, OK. We believe the IT industry will greatly benefit from bringing more women into technology. We want to give you an opportunity to learn how to program and become a woman coder! Workshops are free of charge. If you cannot afford coming to Tulsa but are motivated to learn and then share your knowledge with others, we may have some funds to help you out with your travel costs and accommodation. Don’t wait too long – you can only apply for the workshop until *August 25*! If you identify as a woman, know English and have a laptop, you can apply for our event! You don’t need to know any technical stuff – our workshop is for people who are new to programming. As a workshop attendee you will: • Attend a one-day Django workshop during which you will create your first website • Be fed by us: during our event, food is provided We have space only for 39 attendees, so make sure to fill out the form carefully! https://djangogirls.org/tulsa/
  • 08/13 12:27:14 Izetta: If you have a 4th-7th grader in Lincoln, NE who would like to take a super sweet code/art/storytelling class, go here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/create-your-own-in...
  • 08/13 12:48:27 Carley: This is such a cute idea!
  • 08/13 17:55:14 Henry: PostgresOpen, the US PostgreSQL community conference, is being held in Orlando this year! Last few days to get the hotel rate! https://2019.postgresopen.org
  • 08/16 08:41:34 Natalia: If you didn't make it to 200 OK in Tulsa in May, watch the talks on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdW0ayjz...
  • 08/17 10:34:31 Natalia: ThunderPlains tickets are available now and the schedule is up! https://2019.thunderplainsconf.com/
  • 08/17 11:47:57 Kory: This needs to be added to https://conferences.css-tricks.com/
  • 08/17 11:49:04 Natalia: great suggestion. thank you!
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