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  • 04/11 13:57:19 Numbers: Hey @Elanor I shared this in another slack, and I had a question about what sort of help you might give to a first time speaker. The question was "What kind of help could a new speaker expect if they reached out?"
  • 04/11 14:03:47 Elanor: Hey Christine! We definitely offer help with crafting your CFP submission and helping to make sure the best qualities of the talk are expressed
  • 04/11 14:19:11 Numbers: Thanks Nick, I'll pass that on
  • 04/11 15:25:51 Concetta: Don't forget that tonight, our own @Daren and @Numbers are presenting down the street at OpsCompass at the Omaha Ruby Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/Omaha-Ruby-Meetup/events...
  • 04/15 21:07:45 Leandra: Lightning talks are up to 15 minute talks on any Topic(Can be just a couple minutes). Can be Google, Android or any other topic that is development related. We are asking anyone if you have some existing knowledge you want to share. Or if you have an interest to learn about a topic that you want to share. We do not expect you to be an expert or have even intermediate knowledge on a topic. This is a great opportunity to share your passion or learn something new. https://www.meetup.com/GDGOmaha/events/hhbdppyz...
  • 04/16 10:15:56 Idell: Google Cloud?
  • 04/16 10:16:11 Idell: I might be able to pull something together.
  • 04/16 10:17:31 Leandra: Yes would love to hear about google cloud. Want me to mark you down @Idell ?
  • 04/16 10:18:01 Idell: I’ll need to check with my family schedule.
  • 04/16 10:18:09 Idell: If I’m available, I’m in.
  • 04/16 10:20:00 Leandra: K DM me if you are
  • 04/16 10:25:42 Idell: Nuts, my oldest has a little league game that night. I’m unable.
  • 04/18 14:46:22 Madelene: 200 OK early bird ticket sales close tomorrow! Be sure to get yours (and enough for your whole team) before they’re gone! http://200ok.us
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