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  • 04/16 09:59:14 Marchelle: Drupal meetup in Omaha, Wednesday April 25! https://groups.drupal.org/node/519026
  • 04/16 10:58:17 Lazaro: GDG Kansas City is presenting the first of two meetups on the Google Assistant tomorrow http://meetu.ps/e/F0kyT/cxtw8/d
  • 04/16 14:53:02 Carly: NebraskaJS May featuring @Heidi presenting on GraphQL: The Good Parts! https://www.meetup.com/nebraskajs/events/dxndfd...
  • 04/16 14:59:01 Gerardo: Looks interesting...will it be streamed?
  • 04/16 15:02:10 Carly: No, but it will be recorded!
  • 04/16 15:15:39 Gerardo: where would I view it?
  • 04/16 15:30:56 Carly: https://nebraskajs.com
  • 04/16 15:41:53 Gerardo: Thanks! That looks like an awesome repository of knowledge!
  • 04/16 18:18:15 Starla: Thank you for that, I didn’t realize they were posted and I’ve had other Tuesday night plans for awhile that’ve made it hard to make it!
  • 04/17 22:12:48 Loris: If you're looking for something a little different, check out creative tech kc. I'll be presenting! https://www.aafkc.com/events/creative-tech-kc
  • 04/18 10:46:56 Dewey: I'll be there. Got my ticket already. thumbsup:skin-tone-2:
  • 04/18 13:51:35 Brianna: I’ll be presenting too. It’s gonna be a great event.
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