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  • 10/03 15:42:50 Molly: … oh my goodness you might be my favorite human right now …
  • 10/03 15:43:05 Molly: Andy, do you have a reference to the change you made?
  • 10/03 16:20:49 Horace: @Molly one second, yes
  • 10/03 16:21:03 Horace: actually, i think the magit folks were working on a backward-compat fixer
  • 10/03 16:21:16 Horace: so simply installing magit would backport the fix
  • 10/03 16:22:25 Horace: the two commits you need from upstream emacs are cb55ccae8be946f1562d74718086a4c8c8308ee5 and fd369be7ebf08414f4c517c7c2e854ccb9d520bc
  • 10/03 16:23:29 Horace: I expressed my extreme disappointment that they stripped my author name and actual commit message from the commit anguished
  • 10/03 16:24:13 Horace: but michael albinus was very apologetic about it
  • 10/03 16:24:58 Horace: https://github.com/magit/magit/commit/1a3671c68...
  • 10/03 16:26:21 Horace: also if you install a very recent magit, it will use lisp define-advice magic to wrap the emacs functions with the correct code ^
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