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  • 05/28 13:41:25 Ronna: 1. TIL we have a <#CE21U7S2J|lisp> (but it’s mostly empty) 2. this article https://inconvergent.net/2019/a-tangle-of-webs-3d/ > The images you see here are rendered using a custom 3D engine written in Common Lisp
  • 05/28 13:42:59 Crystle: <#C04DZSGGU|clojure> looks empty, but it's reasonably full of people excited about lisp wink
  • 05/28 14:29:12 Ronna: fair
  • 06/14 09:05:28 Willa: I might have a problem. I was just looking to see if `org-mode` can integrate with Google Docs. sweat_smile
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