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  • 01/29 18:06:47 Bobette: my emacs configs are pretty simple, there’s a little bit of infrastructure around the `use-package` stuff, but i like how easy it is to install packages and setup a fresh install of emacs on a new machine (and auto-install packages), and still able to point packages at a git repo if i fix a bug or whatever
  • 01/29 18:09:51 Bobette: and then like 80% of it is evil crud
  • 01/29 18:10:16 Bobette: part of me wishes i didn’t have to use evil, part of me is so hopelessly used to modal editing than i can’t imagine anything different
  • 01/29 18:17:01 Rebecka: yeah, that’s the thing. I learned emacs first and modal editing alwyas bugged me. I’m ok getting around in vi(m), but I’ve never used the Evil/Spacemacs stuff because _I don’t want modal editing_. (ps: can people please stop voluntolding that I _should_ want that, kthnxbai)
  • 01/29 20:41:51 Johnathon: I use spacemacs in holy mode (which pops up the spacemacs menu with M-m). F’rinstance, find text in project is `M-m s a p`. The holy spacemacs inputs feel pretty similar to the window management commands (like `C-x 2`)
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