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  • 07/18 09:12:50 Alina: no Elixir in the area that I'm aware but I live here and write Elixir full time for a startup in DC
  • 07/18 09:13:14 Alina: legit dream job - just started in May
  • 07/18 09:13:22 Alina: we make video games to help kids learn math/science
  • 07/18 09:13:28 Margit: Nice. Yeah, a number of the folks here in KC also work remote, there's folks working for DockYard, Bleacher Report, and Postmates who all come to the KC Elixir meetup, at least
  • 07/18 09:13:35 Alina: oh nice!
  • 07/18 09:14:02 Alina: I like to share stuff I wrote to help others and ask for help/ be a community to help others (speaking of how I use slack these days)
  • 07/18 09:14:25 Alina: example: recently I was doing my first text to speech integration w/ google cloud and found next to nothing about how to generate + sign JWT for the google oauth api
  • 07/18 09:14:34 Alina: https://toranbillups.com/blog/archive/2019/07/0...
  • 07/18 09:14:41 Alina: so I wrote this^ to share the story + the code
  • 07/18 09:14:52 Margit: very cool!
  • 07/18 09:15:26 Alina: anyone going to ElixirConf next month? I'm going 4 sure but can't get a firm "yes" from anyone at work (2 other SR guys + my CTO)
  • 07/18 09:17:10 Margit: I am not disappointed
  • 07/18 09:17:30 Margit: Though I guess while people are in here I should plug the KC meetup & slack group for anyone who doesn't know about it, https://kcelixir.com/
  • 07/18 09:30:09 Alina: excellent -they care if I don't _technically_ live in KC direct?
  • 07/18 09:43:24 Margit: ha, no
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