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  • 01/08 15:25:40 Fernande: In my opinion, using drupal only makes sense with some combination of having a lot of actual content that needs to be managed in complicated ways, and having dev resources who already have some drupal knowledge or experience.
  • 01/08 15:26:08 Fernande: If it is more along the lines of a marketing website with not a ton of content data that you want non-developers to edit, there are probably better options.
  • 01/08 15:30:01 Nereida: We have a ton of content (40k pages give or take) that needs to be trimmed/restructured, and we have a small web team—depending on the day's fires—design (me), frontend, and backend.
  • 01/08 15:30:45 Nereida: My thought is that Drupal is fairly dev intensive to utilize to it's fullest, but I could be mistaken on that.
  • 01/08 15:31:19 Fernande: i agree with that statement. and moving from 7 to 8 is not at all trivial on the dev side, a lot will need to be relearned.
  • 01/08 15:32:46 Nereida: yeah, from what I've gathered the transition to the new templating system is what's kept us from moving ahead
  • 01/08 15:33:18 Fernande: If you have devs that work effectively with D7 there may also be other ways to update your front end to make it seem more modern. I’ve worked on projects where we’ve used drupal as an admin/editing tool while serving content to users through an API endpoint that could be called from a separate front-end app.
  • 01/08 15:35:15 Nereida: we've toyed with the idea of going headless on Drupal, but that goes back to the same issue of dev resources :man-shrugging:
  • 01/08 15:37:02 Nereida: Have you had any luck working with vendors to get the ball rolling and then _successfully_ handing the keys over to the internal team to continue to grow? I've been involved in a few of these projects—not on Drupal—and it never seems to go smoothly.
  • 01/08 15:38:57 Fernande: I’ve been on the agency side of building drupal sites for clients and what ends up happening is the client keeps sending all the changes and management tasks to the agency. There weren’t effective dev resources on the client side in most of those cases, or they didn’t have the additional time to take it on.
  • 01/08 15:39:36 Fernande: I’ve only ever seen wordpress transition smoothly to a client managing it.
  • 01/08 15:41:04 Fernande: But 40k pages in wordpress is also going to be a bad time slightly_smiling_face
  • 01/08 15:50:37 Nereida: ditto on both fronts. Thanks for commiserating with me wink
  • 01/09 14:58:27 Nereida: Soooo... Outside of the universities, are there many devs in the area with experience developing Drupal themes.
  • 01/09 15:01:20 Michal: my work uses it pretty regularly. I'm still kind of getting used to it though. _edit to add: not a university, using it for client sites_
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