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  • 11/13 12:29:25 Darrick: Anyone here using a CMS that works well with .NET? We looked at Cascade CMS, but we're not entirely sold on it.
  • 11/13 12:36:21 Chadwick: Umbraco and Kentico are the two I'd look at first. They both have free versions. https://umbraco.com/products/umbraco-cms/downlo... https://www.kentico.com/download-demo/free-cms-...
  • 11/13 12:39:26 Darrick: thanks, I'm looking at Umbraco now.
  • 11/13 12:39:54 Donna: I worked with cascade for 2-3 years. It is horrible. Don't use it.
  • 11/13 12:41:36 Alexa: episerver?
  • 11/13 12:42:02 Alexa: had a client looking at sitecore too…felt less friendly
  • 11/13 12:42:05 Alexa: not used either ‘in anger’
  • 11/13 12:42:43 Darrick: we've looked at sitecore, it's way too complicated for what it does.
  • 11/13 14:05:07 Hunter: Unless things have changed Kentico was super outdated. Umbraco is a good choice
  • 11/13 14:05:18 Hunter: Might have a look at Orchard CMS
  • 11/13 14:35:00 Chadwick: I'd say Kentico is right up there now. It's pretty popular for projects at the Nerdery. I've heard horrible things about Orchard, though haven't used it myself.
  • 11/14 00:33:09 Hunter: Is it still mainly webforms? Did a large site in kentico and it went well. Did feel very out of date even then to me like 4 years ago. Still looks very webform’ish from the docs. I’d recommend umbraco every time, purely from the dev perspective. I have done a lot of sitefinity development but it can be pretty painful.
  • 11/14 05:20:31 Darrick: thanks for all the feedback. I've been given a few days to "prove" that Umbraco is better than a $40k/year cms. Enterprise, I tell ya.
  • 11/14 08:28:46 Chadwick: It's still primarily webforms, yes, but you can use it headless and create your own MVC front-end. They also have true MVC support on the roadmap for v12 or v13 (hearsay).
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