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  • 10/10 09:11:48 Roy: that sounds like a nasty problem
  • 10/10 09:12:26 Roy: just on a whim, sounds like session is globally on app-start, and as people are logging in, the app just replacing sessions opposed to keeping track of who logged in when
  • 10/10 09:12:46 Roy: Are you using a MS library for managing this?
  • 10/10 09:13:05 Eugenio: Yeah that's what I'm thinking.. I'm not entirely sure what's being used - trying to fix old dev's code
  • 10/10 09:14:02 Eugenio: I don't think there's an MS Library but the way it's set up what's in production isn't the code I have and that code is gone
  • 10/10 09:14:20 Eugenio: So trying to reverse engineer it to a certain degree and it's a pain in the ass haha
  • 10/10 09:14:56 Roy: Yeah that does sound problematic. Have you tried decompiling the binaries on that are on the server to get a clue as to what's going on?
  • 10/10 09:15:17 Roy: if the code has a mis-match, that's where i'd start--decompiling things
  • 10/10 09:15:39 Eugenio: I don't know how to do that or what that entirely means.... I'm still a young-en in the tech world
  • 10/10 09:16:02 Roy: It's not so bad. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framewo...
  • 10/10 09:17:12 Roy: you _should_ have this tool, if not, go get it. It'll allow you to grab .dlls and then decompile them. The result is hard-to-read C# code in some cases, but if you're lucky and the developer didn't compile as Release, you may be able to get the exact variable names for things lol
  • 10/10 09:17:54 Roy: My favorite is when the .dll has a "Taco" namespace
  • 10/10 09:21:34 Roy: Hmm, that link i pasted is for the CLI, note that there is a GUI version of the tool
  • 10/10 09:24:32 Eugenio: Cheers I'll look into it when I have time. I appreciate it @Roy
  • 10/10 09:28:19 Roy: Maybe I'm giving bad information. I could be thinking of ILSpy opposed to ILDasm. either way, both tools are handy for these situations slightly_smiling_face
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