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  • 10/10 14:39:49 Charlesetta: What might be a cause of my docker program from exiting without an error? My docker container was running for about 3 days, and it exited. When I checked the logs to see what made it exit, there were no error codes or anything. The last thing that occurred in the container was the output of a value. I don't have any points in my code that exit from the python code running in the container so I'm a little bit stumped.
  • 10/10 14:41:23 Elena: the host may have run out of resources. the process may have run out of resources. the process may have segfaulted. there could be an exit condition you didn’t know about in the app.
  • 10/10 14:41:38 Elena: In short, way too many possibilities.
  • 10/10 14:42:09 Elena: Better to gear your stack up to recover gracefully than to dig deep into how/why in the short term.
  • 10/10 15:57:59 Charlesetta: What do you mean by recover gracefully?
  • 10/10 15:58:37 Elena: like, AWS ECS detects when a “service” has failed, and launches a new container in its place.
  • 10/10 15:59:10 Elena: https://docs.docker.com/config/containers/start...
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