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  • 03/20 15:49:44 Daniele: https://github.com/ddneves/awesome-gcp-certific...
  • 03/20 20:02:38 Vanna: I am on the market now if anyone is looking for 4yrs Ops experience I can ship my resume. slightly_smiling_face tl;dr is strong on CI/CD weak on cloud.
  • 03/20 20:13:37 Madie: check out the devopskc slack if you haven't already: http://devopskc.herokuapp.com/
  • 03/20 21:01:57 Vanna: Thank you!
  • 03/21 09:05:06 Ashlee: Cloud demo accounts are free! In the Omaha market, you’re probably better off learning AWS or Azure, though I think Google Cloud is the superior offering if you’re deploying to “not windows”.
  • 03/21 09:06:06 Ashlee: TD Ameritrade was looking for a rotational Docker engineer (whatever that means, I think perhaps they loan you out to each of the teams to containerize their apps).
  • 03/21 09:06:26 Ashlee: Can recommend TDA, 7/10.
  • 03/21 09:06:37 Ashlee: Which is more like an Omaha 9.
  • 03/21 09:08:14 Ashlee: Flywheel is looking for a platform engineer, but our platform is GCP.
  • 03/21 09:13:44 Ashlee: Eh, nvm on the TDA job. It’s entry-level, which I gather is below your current experience level. https://jobs.tdameritrade.com/job/omaha/rotatio...
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