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  • 05/01 14:06:28 Kandice: borrowed from a coworker:
    terraform apply -auto-approve && say 'dunzo' || say 'failboat'
  • 05/01 14:15:31 Lincoln:
    terraform apply -auto-approve && docker run -it --rm jmhobbs/terminal-parrot:latest || say 'failboat'
  • 05/01 15:15:42 Flora: Y’all have terminal-parrots ??
  • 05/01 15:16:24 Flora: Oh jmhobbs ofcourse you have terminal parrots
  • 05/01 15:52:31 Lincoln: Someone made it even easier: `curl parrot.live`
  • 05/01 17:01:15 Flora: :o
  • 05/15 16:32:45 Flora: Curious if any of you OPs/infrastructure/networking folks use jira and if you have found an almost out of the box scheme that works for you. Our jira instance is very dev centric however it doesn’t jive the best with us. I’ve made some tweaks but ugh I’m not trying to create a custom scheme.
  • 05/22 17:25:10 Flora: It's cool I didn't expect an answer
  • 05/22 17:26:11 Flora: Side note getting the infrastructure dudes and Ops folks hyped on CICD tools, automation, infrastructure as code is pretty awesome and tough but mostly awesome
  • 05/22 17:33:19 Kandice: I use JIRA but know little about configuring it.
  • 05/22 18:25:48 Kandice: We’ve been having some discussions lately about BDD for IAC. Interesting stuff!
  • 05/22 19:04:03 Flora: Yes! I have been telling my buddy "we gotta get a grip on testing strategies if we are going to continue to promote ansible for automation throughout the backoffice" we are in good shape still as the hype is a slow trickle but better now than 'shit'
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