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  • 06/28 13:11:13 Herman: What do you prefer over ansible out of curiosity? You too @Nicola
  • 06/28 13:27:59 Nicola: I don’t have personal experience with a CM tool that I know to be better. I hear nice things about CFengine. My main problem with Ansible is that it doesn’t perform graph analysis (or whatever the term is) to determine the final state it should create. As a result, you can have a playbook with a series of roles or tasks, which, for example, add a line to a file and then remove that line later, in the same playbook run. It’s possible to end up with large playbooks consisting of many roles, with subtle interrelationships like that (multiple roles modify `/etc/hosts`, say), and maintenance of that really sucks. The elaborate variable precendence hierarchy doesn’t help with that (do I put vars in role meta, or role vars, or group vars? etc.).
  • 06/28 14:00:54 Herman: Yeah I totally get that and we struggle with the same exact thing here. It's really nice but the rules around it are almost too loose, too many ways to skin a cat. If you don't determine a standard and pass that standard along to others to follow it can get messy. Trying to help debug or determine wtf someone was trying to do later when they created this huge elaborate workflow that's all in the same repo sprawled across a bazillion roles/var directories/etc yep. That part does drive me nuts. We were trying to create a standard around it but then the use took off so fast around here that everyone is doing it their own way but still coming to us for help when their playbooks fail. It's fun.
  • 06/28 14:03:58 Nicola: Totally. My best recommendation with Ansible is just to impose additional constraints on the team’s use of it. Exactly what you’re describing. I actually really like Ansible’s adhoc capability as just a parallel SSH runner. And we’ve had the most success (@Celeste) with playbooks that are very limited in scope and not combined (“add ssh users” or whatever). But it’s more a policy or workflow than anything Ansible helps or inhibits.
  • 07/02 14:15:09 Nicola: Nerd trolling (first comment). https://www.reddit.com/r/Terraform/comments/9fc...
  • 07/02 14:53:08 Herman: That’s so cute
  • 07/02 14:55:04 Nicola: It was good
  • 07/02 14:55:19 Nicola: though I’m still trying to answer the actual question for myself.
  • 07/11 19:55:06 Ada: Thought I'd see some new people in here but it's just @Nicola and @Celeste again wink
  • 07/11 20:01:23 Herman: I mean there are 111 inactive members too
  • 07/11 22:16:38 Celeste: I’m here
  • 07/11 22:17:47 Nicola: I'm here all week
  • 07/11 22:19:59 Trinh:
  • 07/11 23:19:46 Nicola:
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