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  • 05/16 11:28:48 Antoine: Yes neat but trying to determine the value in using one other than "it's neat" "cool buzzword" "I want to say my employees use one"
  • 05/16 11:30:17 Eun: in real work I've implemented trees (not DAGs) in traditional RDBMS. If I really truly had a graph dataset I'd probably try a graph database and be filled with glory or regret a year later (coin flip?) slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/16 11:31:02 Eun: is your actual data REALLY graphy?
  • 05/16 11:31:13 Eun: connections flying around in all directions?
  • 05/16 11:31:26 Eun: with no obvious simple hierarchy?
  • 05/16 11:31:50 Eun: (or complex but definitely not TREE hierarchy?)
  • 05/16 11:32:25 Jane: we use RDF + Fuseki for one site
  • 05/16 11:32:28 Jane: if that counts?
  • 05/16 11:33:22 Eun: multiple not-pre-defined edge types probably another good argument for a graph database
  • 05/16 11:34:03 Eun: says the guy who's never used one for real, who shuts up now slightly_smiling_face
  • 05/16 11:39:15 Darnell: I started using Neo4j a long time ago for a project at What Cheer. In the end I did a relational DB with an `edges` table. It was simpler than committing 100% to the graph db or bridging the two.
  • 05/16 11:39:28 Darnell: Worked ok for me, but we had maybe 200 nodes and 400 edges.
  • 05/16 11:39:40 Darnell: And we didn’t do anything fancy.
  • 05/16 11:46:22 Antoine: We did this on the project I was on last year. It worked just fine.
  • 05/24 20:38:54 Delia: While I am not at UNMC any longer, I do know some folks using graph databases there, with some quite large graphs. Let me know I can forward along contact info.
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