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  • 04/30 19:31:25 Raye: Anybody want to chat about a fun flexbox problem?
  • 04/30 19:49:54 Debi: It's too bad you aren't at this rn @Raye: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chris-coyier-how-t...
  • 04/30 19:53:43 Raye: I knowwww! I was going to go, but ended up not being able to travel to Omaha tonight :(( On the bright side, figured out my flexbox issue!
  • 04/30 20:01:07 Debi: Nice!
  • 05/01 08:54:13 Lynna: raised_hands
  • 05/03 14:05:57 Thuy: flexbox is awesome!
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